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Released in May of 1998, Unreal tried to be a "Quake killer" with its intense graphics and unnerving AI. Marooned on an unknown planet, you must survive long enough to escape merciless alien warriors and find your way home. Battle your way through lush environments such as temples, spaceships, canyons, and fortresses on your quest for ultimate freedom.


Best time, easy skill: 0:49:18 by Mark 'Allantois' Freyenberger on 2005-04-04 in 38 segments.

Author's comments:

Thanks goes to the runner at for tricks on Isvkran4, 3&3 and also Na Pali Haven. Also credit to the guy who did the stroll through unreal found at: I acquired the tactic from sunspire from what he did. Everything else I came up with on my own. This run is much better the first run I submitted for unreal. Much of this is due to new routes and killing the bosses faster. This time around I paid a lot more attention to my health and there are several times I'm in the Red because no health goes to waste. I'd be happy to answer any questions about my tactics. Times for individual levels listed below.

I redid the sunspire when I heard about the ending trick, I replayed the gateway and napali haven to get everything to match up with what I had done previously. I'm pretty sure everything matches up and is legal.


1) Vortex Rikers1:26
2) NyLeve's Falls0:53
3) Rrajigar Mine2:14
4) Depths of Rrajigar1:14
5) Sacred Passage0:30
6) Chizra - Nali Water God2:40
7) The Ceremonial Chambers2:28
8) Dark Arena1:55
9) Harobed Village0:40
10) Terraniux Underground1:18
11) Terraniux1:35
12) Noork's Elbow0:45
13) Temple of Vandora1:03
14) The Trench0:48
15) ISV-Kran Deck 41:06
16) ISV-Kran Decks 3 and 20:28
17) ISV-Kran Deck 1 (ISVDeck1)1:33
18) Spire Village1:00
19) The Sunspire2:47
20) Gateway to Na Pali0:39
21) Na Pali Haven1:30
22) Outpost 3J2:37
23) Velora Pass1:34
24) Bluff Eversmoking1:31
25) Dasa Mountain Pass0:44
26) Cellars at Dasa Pass4:36
27) Serpent Canyon1:29
28) Nali Castle1:44
29) Demonlord's Lair0:15
30) Demon Crater0:49
31) MotherShip Basement0:18
32) MotherShip Lab1:01
33) MotherShip Core0:47
34) Skaarj Generator0:42
35) Illumination0:19
36) The Darkening0:44
37) The Source Antechamber0:23
38) The Source0:56

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