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Released in October 2003, Viewtiful Joe is a stylish beat 'em up with movie-inspired moves and pop culture references. Joe is just a regular guy who has always wanted to do exciting movie things. While on a date at the movies, he gets his chance when his girlfriend Silvia is kidnapped and taken into Movieland by the movie's antagonist.


Best Kids mode time: Single-segment 0:29:46 by Tom 'tminator64' Parr on 2013-03-15.

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Author's comments:

Hi, everyone!  I'm tminator64 and the game you see above is the stylish and action-oriented Viewtiful Joe for the Nintendo Gamecube. This run is on Any% on Kids with Joe.

First, I'd like to start off by thanking Owen Traeholt, who found many of the tricks in this run back in 2007 which also led to the inspiration for finding new tricks.

And second, I'd also like to thank Nyo_ro and Philberto2 for support from the beginning on picking this game up and for helping find new tricks along the way as well.

The game is relatively straightforward in regards to what needs to be accomplished. It defines "linear" and if I'm not sprinting from point A to point B, then I'm taking out enemies in required I can go back to sprinting from point A to point B.

While the in-game objectives are simple, the game is a little more in-depth than you may believe when it comes to time saving tricks, which I will explain below.

  1. Joe the Hero (Part 1)
    1. One of the more basic starting tricks is that an enemy will immediately attack if you face them, stand directly next to them, and dodge in the correct direction. This is why you see me crouch when I walk up to them to force an attack. I really only use this in the beginning until I get the VFX abilities.
    2. Captain Blue 1 is interesting. If you punch him 3 times in a row quickly, he regains his barrier and you cannot touch him. If you punch him twice, then pause, he does not gain his barrier; however, he gets his barrier back after the third set of punches regardless. That said, I punch him three times on the third set, wait for him to teleport, and then finish him off.
    3. For Joker, it takes 5 slow punches/kicks to take him down. I place myself on the right hand side of him and punch him 4 times. After 4 punches he automatically rolls to my opposite end, which places him next to the slot machine for me. I finish him off and start the slots immediately (which also go relatively well).
    4. In the chandelier room, with the first Bianco Billy (cowboy guy), if you hit slow the moment his guns turn pink, he will fire, so I am able to force him to shoot earlier for a quicker stun. Then I finish the standard biankies off with a well placed chandelier hit.
    5. For the switch near the vines, I double jump under the platform, hit the lever, and take a hit from the spiked vines. This seems faster than hitting slow, waiting for the platform to fall and hitting the lever, so I'd rather lose the HP.
    6. For Black Thunder, I hit slow right before it fires, so I can kick the first bullet back quickly. I punch the second bullet, so it does not hit BT right away. If I am too quick, the second bullet will not connect because the chopper has invincibility frames after the first hit. I follow up with 5 punch/kicks, and then finish BT off with another reflected bullet.
    7. At the end of the fight, I punch and kick a lot because for some reason, it speeds the cutscene up. From what I can see, this only works in one other area in the game, which would be the sewers in Chapter 2-1.
  2. Joe the Hero (Part 2)
    1. I hit the store for the first time to buy 10 Voomerangs and Sliding, which will be my most commonly used method of travelling in the game.
    2. The first section is straightforward. Enlarge the drop of water and make sure it hits the switch while slowed down. Puzzle solved and slide on.
    3. Captain Blue 2 is silly because voomerangs destroy him in seconds. I get to his right, throw a voomerang, and make sure it connects three times: one to remove his shield, one to hit him, and then one to finish him off after his invincibility frames wear off.
    4. After this fight, I get mach speed and combine it with sliding to move around at a significantly faster pace. I just mach slide for the remainder of the level until I reach the torches, where I light myself on fire with the mach speed aura, and finish the level off.
    5. Charles the Third is easy. I mean really, there is nothing to say about this boss. Start the fight, throw a voomerang to knock him down, and throw another voomerang while slowed to finish him. Done.
  3. Some Like it Red Hot (Part 1)
    1. The beginning of this chapter is straightforward, so I'll just skip to Captain Blue 3.
    2. Cap 3 is the most difficult of the three fights to deal with because letting him get away at any point will cause excessive time loss. At the very start, I immediately take a few steps back because I do not want him to teleport to the left of me. I throw a voomerang to knock out his barrier and hit him. I follow up with a few slowed punches and then immediately turn to pull out a voomerang. I hit him with that voomerang then knock him out.
    3. The sewers are pretty straight forward. I do think it is funny that a massive lightning bolt does not hurt you when you run through it, but hey, I'll take it. I take out Joker, knock out the slot machines, and then punch/kick to end the cutscene quickly.
    4. There's really nothing to this section either besides the bus. I need the bus to make it across, so I can retrieve 40 voomerangs and 20 shocking pinks (I don't need the other 20) which are located under the bus. Note that my movement is intentionally slow. If you move too quickly, you will slide right through the items without picking them up.
    5. Beyond that, I take down the two choppers and move on.
  4. Some Like it Red Hot (Part 2)
    1. The beginning of the hotel is pretty simple, but there is one new trick that I'd like to bring up. After I retrieve the first key, I hit zoom and break the ceiling above me. Normally, you need to take out the enemies in this section, pick up a set of books, and bring the book case forward, so you can jump to the next area. There is no longer a need to do that in this run. Now, if you double jump in the air normally, you barely reach the top of the tub, but you cannot make it out.
    2. For some reason though, if you use slow at the top of your second jump, you actually gain some height and you are able to make it out of the tub into the next section. That is exactly what I do. At the very least, this saves about 12 seconds.
    3. After this section, I use a trick where I simply hit slow at the same time as zoom while punching. If you do this successfully, you get the speed of Red Hot One Hundred (the zoom punch) and the power of slow/zoom. I am able to take out enemies at a slightly faster pace than usual by doing this.
    4. When I take the elevator up to the next area (while using mach speed because it speeds the elevators up), I pull out a shocking pink before the door completely opens and slide into it to blow up the first wall. This is a little faster than waiting for the bomb to fall into the area.
    5. After this, I immediately jump into the air and take out the ceiling by using a technique dubbed Fast Fuse, which I use quite a bit throughout the run. For an explanation on this trick, normally, when you pull out a shocking pink, it takes about 3 seconds for the bomb to explode. You cannot speed the fuse up by using mach speed. It just has a set time. For fast fuse though, if you pull a shocking pink out and quickly mach speed in the middle of the animation, the bomb will explode at your feet, so you do not have to wait. I use this blow up the remaining walls.
    6. From here on out, there really wasn't anything special, so I finish the level off like normal.
    7. For the area before Hulk Davidson, there is an oddball trick that only works on the wall that you need to blow up before fighting him. If you pull out a shocking pink or use the bomb given to you and allow it to slide against the destructible wall, the bomb will explode automatically when you hit slow. You do not have to wait for the fuse to time out. Why?  I'm not sure, but I'm not complaining.
    8. For Hulk, I immediately step back in the beginning of the fight and start spamming slow/zoom voomerangs. The reason I step back is due to Hulk's overhead big swing, which is the only way he can interrupt your combo. If you are far away enough, he will not actually swing at you, so he goes down easily. I do make a minor mistake by not slowing/zooming enough for one of the throws, which means I needed to throw an extra voomerang, but it wasn't a big deal overall.
  5. 2 Million Leagues Under the Sea
    1. Normally, I hit the store to buy the VFX Turbo Charger, but I was a bit short (need 30,000). This really isn't a big deal seeing as 3-1 has way too much red juice anyway (infinite VFX).
    2. 3-1 is pretty straightforward though. Just take the enemies out. Unfortunately, I allowed the Verdies to get away from me more than I should have let them, so that cost me some time. Otherwise though, it was what it was.
    3. After 3-1, I bought the turbo charger and flew through 3-2. No real tricks here, but I will say that I really do not like that underwater slot machine. It went pretty well though, so I can't complain too much. I will also mention that since I have the VFX charger, I'm not too concerned about buying items/moves at this point, so I do not use the slots for Viewtifuls from here on out.
    4. Gran Bruce is an interesting fight. I wait for him to jump over me and immediately start punching him when he's directly above me. After 7 punches, I move away from him while he attacks with the rotor on his back. I pull out a voomerang, rush back in when he is done, and repeat the process until he is down.
    5. As an extra note for general fighting, you need to punch Bruce 5-7 times to force him into this loop. If you punch him 4 times or less, he may not turn around and raise the water on you. If you punch him more than 7 times, you will have a very difficult time getting away before he attacks. 8 hits are very risky and 9 hits are a guaranteed slow dodge from his rotor. You also do not need voomerangs for this loop, but they are used here to speed the fight up.
  6. The Viewtiful Escape
    1. This level is interesting because normally, you need to turn the submarine upside down and disable the torpedo launcher. That is not required in this run.
    2. The video will hopefully speak for itself, but mach sliding and jumping allow me to skip through the torpedo launchers. Once I fall near the gears, I intentionally take a hit from the first gear and use the invincibility frames to mach jump over all three gears.
    3. Another Joe is the only boss fight in this game where I do not use voomerangs as I do not find them particularly effective for this run. The key is to stay close to him and slow/zoom RHOH when you can. Another Joe's teleports worked out for me too, so this fight went relatively well overall.
    4. For the actual escape, I used mach speed as much as I can, but took it a bit safe on the vertical ascent to the end. As a fun fact, if you are fast enough, you can move through the lasers where they are synchronized to the point of dodging perfection. It took about 23 seconds to knock this section out, so it is respectable for a safe route.
  7. The Midnight Thunder Boy
    1. I hit the store to buy Red Hot Kick and Mach Speed Level 2. RHK gives me the extra move and mobility option and Mach Speed Level 2 is used to reach the infinite red juice in 5-1. Also, I need Level 2 so I can reach Level 3 later on.
    2. I'd like to point out that the tanks on this level can give you a hard time if the enemy spawns do not work in your favor. As far as I have seen, the spawns are luck based in that regard. For your damage options, you can take out the tanks with 3 slow/zoom bullets, 1 slow/zoom bullet and 1 rock-on slow/zoomed enemy, or 2 rock-on slow/zoomed enemies (rock-on meaning the pink crosshair on an enemy after you dodge an attack of course). Fortunately, I received favorable spawns on the first tank and managed to take it down quickly.
    3. When I drop down into the section with the rising lava, I mach speed and just take the hit in the lava, so I can jump into the next section.
    4. After that, I land and throw out a shocking pink. I mach punch the bomb, so I can gain my fire aura and mach slide through the lava without taking damage. The flames that shoot from the wall can hit me though, so I just make sure that I reach the rising platform in time so they are not a threat.
    5. For Joker, I skip the entire fight by throwing a shocking pink into the piping on the right hand side instead of using the bombs from the slot machine.
    6. After this, I get some good luck on the two jets and second tank and move on to the train.
    7. For 5-2, my personal favorite level in the game, the route I take prevents spawning in other areas of the map. For example, in the third train car, if I go up and hit the safe to get another infinite juice, two Rosettas spawn (the pink women) and they can cause some trouble for picking up the key into the next area. I just do not go up there because there is no reason to cause problems for myself. Also, note that I use fast fuse against the Gelby (big, yellow guys), so I do not have to wait for them to attack. 
    8. For Alastor, I use my own methods to take him down. It's a little flashier than it needs to be I'd say, but it gets the job done effectively. Really nothing to comment on here.
  8. The Magnificent Five
    1. Good ol' boss rush mode. The only real changes are some minor level design tweaks, initial placements when the bosses spawn, and the increased boss health. Otherwise, the same strategies apply.
    2. Fire Leo is the tricky one in this chapter. In fact, I would say that taking him down in one cycle is the most difficult trick in this run because it has some luck associated with it and you need to take him down with limited VFX.
    3. I start off by hitting him with a slow/zoom RHK, which knocks off about 90% of a bar. I take out his shield and hit him 4 times before he starts spinning. Once he starts spinning, you immediately need to evaluate your options based on Leo's attacking pattern.
    4. I immediately start attacking with slow/zoom RHOH. Since my hits are connecting with Leo, as soon as he attacks high, I am able to cancel that attack into slow/zoom uppercut, which counts as a crouch, so I will dodge Leo and still damage him. I continue to uppercut Leo until he attacks low. Similar to the slow/zoom RHOH, I can cancel the infinite uppercut into a slide since the attack is connecting. Once the slow slide connects with Leo, I can immediately dodge high and reset my attack strings based on Leo's movements.
    5. When Leo's health is low enough (about to the point where you see yellow), I dodge his attacks until he becomes dizzy, turn around, and throw a voomerang. As the voomerang turns back to hit him, I jump into the air and slow/zoom RHK. This attack must hit him twice for enough damage. Then while the slow/zoom voomerang hits him, I finish him off with three slow/zoom RHOH punches.
  9. Joe and Silvia
    1. I hit the store for the final time and buy two sets of voomerangs for safety (not entirely necessary, but whatever), and Mach Speed Level 3.
    2. For the first section, I add an intentional delay to my fall on the second switch because if you move too quickly, the die fighters do not show up for some reason.
    3. For the tanks, like chapter 5, I receive some very good luck on enemy spawns and manage to take out both of them pretty quickly.
    4. In the mini-tower with the metal Leos, I take them down pretty easily, but I'd like to note a pretty cool trick with the zoom kick. If you are consistently zoomed and kicking, you are actually invincible to bullets and some elemental attacks like fire. When you see me mach/zoom kick to raise the platform, I am actually doing it to make sure the platform rises while remaining invincible to the flames.
    5. For the moving platforms in 7-2, you want to hold mach speed on them consistently because they will accelerate after a certain period of time. I get the infinite juice in a back and then move through the level like normal.
    6. When I reach the section with the 9 ships, if you go to the position where I stand and throw shocking pinks, you can mach punch them and use your images to take the ships out in the background hence the use of Mach Speed Level 3. After that the section, the level is straightforward. The 4-level tower went pretty well, so no complaints there. A minor mistake or two, but nothing extraordinary.
    7. For King Blue, I punch him 14 times then drop down. If I punch him less, I would need to throw another voomerang and punching him more is pointless because he gets his aura back after 16 punches.
    8. And finally, once again, voomerangs control Captain Blue. This fight could have been smoother admittedly; however, the voomerangs put him in his place. Not bad overall.

Otherwise, that is about it for this run, so I hope you enjoyed it.

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