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Originally released in May 1992, Wolfenstein 3D was the original World War 2 themed FPS. The original release featured one episode with ten levels, but over time five more episodes have been released. Wolfenstein 3D has been ported to numerous other consoles and has been credited with starting the First-Person Shooter genre.


Best Episode 1 time on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty: 0:03:38 by Karim 'Kimo Xvirus' El-Sheikh on 2013-01-07, done in 9 segments.

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Best Episode 2 time on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty: 0:04:42 by Karim 'Kimo Xvirus' El-Sheikh on 2013-01-07, done in 9 segments.

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Best Episode 3 time on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty: 0:04:48 by Karim 'Kimo Xvirus' El-Sheikh on 2013-01-07, done in 9 segments.

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Best Episode 4 time on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty: 0:03:58 by Karim 'Kimo Xvirus' El-Sheikh on 2013-01-07, done in 9 segments.

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Best Episode 5 time on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty: 0:02:28 by Karim 'Kimo Xvirus' El-Sheikh on 2013-01-07, done in 9 segments.

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Best Episode 6 time on I Am Death Incarnate difficulty: 0:07:40 by Karim 'Kimo Xvirus' El-Sheikh on 2013-01-07, done in 9 segments.

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Author's comments:

Thanks to Ricardo Barreira for making wolfdem which made recording demos in Wolf3D possible
and to rus-robot for bringing attention to Wolfdem in the SDA forum which led to me doing this run.
And thanks to the SDA crew for running this awesome site and to all the people who gave feedback during the making of the run thank you.
Unlike most other FPS speedruns, in Wolf3D you had to really watch your primary (and only) ammo because it depletes so fast, and ammo
pickups were usually out of the way, in a lot of places I could sacrifice ammo to have better chance of survival, but then I'd need
more ammo in the next place so this game proved to be quite a fun challenge to speedrun :)
Finally here it is the much awaited speedrun for the legendary Wolf3D, I hope you have as much fun watching the run as I had while running it!

The run is done on "I am Death Incarnate" Difficulty
Here is the time table for the episodes
Episode 1: 3:38
Episode 2: 4:42
Episode 3: 4:48
Episode 4: 3:58
Episode 5: 2:28
Episode 6: 7:40
Total: 27:14
Note that in Wolfdem the Score system is bugged, it doesn't carry on from map to map.

A brief talk about the movement in the game
Straferunning is what I use to refer to when I run diagonally which is faster than normal running forward/backward or strafing.
Running forward/backward or strafing with the mouse is faster than with keyboard, so during the run I sometimes utilize a
tactic to run forward with keyboard and strafe with mouse to gain even faster straferunning speed than normal straferunning,
you do achieve the same speed if you run forward with mouse and strafe with keyboard but I didn't do that, you could achieve
an even faster speed if you run forward and strafe both with mouse, but its control is extremely difficult, I don't know if
anyone can manage to do it well and consistently to get its full benefit, so I just don't do it cause I doubt I can get it
to save time on any map. Would be awesome to see it done in a TAS though ;)

Individual Levels commentary
Episode 1
E1L1 (0:20)
Simple, I bumped into a wall early on, but it was remedied by a good long distance straferun in the portion where I run
to the exit room and 1shotting every guard at the exit room which is quite rare from such a distance.
E1L2 (0:29)
What affects time usually was the first SS that could take a lot of pistol hits to die from that distance.
E1L3 (0:25)
E1L4 (0:30)
First instance of a door trick, where I open the room, wake up the guards than lean towards the wall so that the guards
open the door that needs a key. This trick occurs a lot throughout the run, and I doubt I missed any possible ones except
for E4L3 which I do talk about in that level's commentary and others which would take a long time to do that the trick
doesn't save time, in some places luring an enemy to open a certain key door is just impossible.
E1L5 (0:34)
I clear the room to do the door trick with a lone guard easily, and I end the map with 1% health :)
E1L6 (0:14)
Features a door trick.
In the exit room I literally cannot enter the room right away with 2 SSes on the side because 2 enemies on both sides positioned like
this are enough to make an invisible barrier and they wake up when I touch that barrier, every Wolf3D veteran knows about this :)
E1L7 (0:16)
At first I had real trouble to make the guard open the key door because it seemed the guard was always tending to lean against the
wall of the room that I hide in and refuses to ever move in the middle tile row to open the key door, so I thought about something
that made the door trick much more consistent, that is I lean to the right wall immediately when I wake up the guard, so that he
moves to the right, and thus when I go hide, I expect that he would go towards both the key door and the wall of the room I hide in,
since he starts doing so from the position where I lured him to the right, he would much more likely be in the middle row when he
reaches the key door and thus he would open it. I hope I made this clear enough :)
E1L8 (0:33)
with 1% Health I needed some luck to survive the room containing 3 SS because I am exposed to them for a while when I'm shooting
them, and in Wolf3D the enemies' shots do go through the enemies themselves to damage you.
E1L9 (0:17)
Simple, Grab chaingun and enough ammo and hope for good damage output from myself, low Damage output from Hans Grösse.

E2L1 (0:09)
At first I found rus-robot's 0:10 run on this map impressive, but then I found out that I could push it even more to get 9
seconds, it was all about doing so and ending with good health and 16 ammo. 24 ammo would've been prefered though :)
E2L2 (0:48)
Great run pretty much everywhere except for the little bumps when trying to get infront of doors to open them.
Features an SS that dies from 2 shots :)
E2L3 (0:37)
My best time (this run) with the door trick is only 1 second faster than without, but this route saves ammo over the route
without the door trick
E2L4 (0:33)
E2L5 (0:53)
Mutants at the silver key were so annoying, rarely does that fight go well.
E2L6 (0:47)
E2L7 (0:04)
I do this ingenious move to grab the key while in a position so that I get to open the key door immediately when I get to it.
Also a tactic to do at the elevator door, is to push forward when you open it and you have a chance to get sucked in
right away into the enemy before the door fully opens, this works for any door if there's an enemy right behind the door.
Both of these were required to hit 4 seconds on this map.
E2L8 (0:18)
I start by going to grab ammo with the purpose of making the guards open the key door, once inside
I grab another key and head to the exit room where I need to be very lucky to survive standing in
the midst of 6 guards, you can hear their shots missing all over the place :)
E2L9 (0:33)
On I Am Death Incarnate Difficulty Schabbs has more health than any other boss, more so even than the combined forms of
Adolf Hitler. Not much else to say about this one, I just kept trying till I got my best fight :)

E3L1 (0:14)
I am mega satisfied with this one, first SS dies from 3 hits, and I receive relatively low damage from enemies
E3L2 (0:15)
a Door trick
E3L3 (0:20)
The second key door isn't actually opened with the gold key, the officier inside opens the door for me, what determines
whether the enemies hear the shots or not when all walls and doors are closed off is floor codes which you see in a map Editor
Credits to Chris Chokan for telling me about floor codes.
E3L4 (0:26)
A door trick, as you can see I had to be fast to catch the key door before it closes off :)
E3L5 (0:32)
E3L6 (0:35)
Also features a door trick when I shoot that one shot then back off.
E3L7 (0:38)
A door trick
E3L8 (1:14)
Pretty tough fight at the end, rushing in with only the Machine Gun would
take away the enemies at the barrels slowly that it's suicidal, so I had to
fight them a bit, still it's really difficult to survive using the method I used here.
Bad mistake at the end when I missed the switch.
E3L9 (0:34)

E4L1 (0:20)
E4L2 (0:08)
Obvious Door trick, time is optimal
E4L3 (0:22)
For some reason I could never do the door trick like in zzzKOTzzz's NewWolf run, and I tried hard. Could it only work in NewWolf,
or is it a very lucky trick like the one I do in E6L3? I suspect that in original Wolf at least the enemies are so keen to lean to
the wall when I hide and thus very unlikely to go in middle tile row to open the key door, either way my run in that portion up to
opening the key door is faster than zzzKOTzzz by about 6 seconds and I didn't use the trick, but zzzKOTzzz was too late to the key
door that the officier got inside and then opened the door from inside for him, thus he lost much of the trick's time saving potential.
This trick if possible and done well maybe could save 1-2 seconds and make you get ammo + health. There is no ammo problem
on this episode anyway, and I didn't want to try this trick for eternity so there you have it.
E4L4 (0:21)
The chaingun helps speeds up fights in next map and makes the survival much easier in the 5 SS room in next map.
E4L5 (1:09)
I love the ending scene when you're hearing all the shots :)
E4L6 (0:28)
I actually died sometimes in the corridor with the many officiers doing nothing different then holding forward and shoot
and yes I was aiming in the middle correctly, that's how much luck can affect your play in Wolf3D.
E4L7 (0:12)
Enemies can hear me through the wall because of floor codes, so I shoot at the beginning to make them open the key door.
E4L8 (0:47)
The elevator room has 8 SSs in a 3x3 square where the middle square is the only one emptry, it might look like I could just rush
in and exit after killing the first 2 SSs in the middle row as soon as I open the door, but I can't because the 2 SSs on the
side are blocking the entrance just like the 2 SSs on E1L6.
E4L9 (0:07)
Again I needed really good damage output.

E5L1 (0:20)
This is an amazing run of this map, I got 20 seconds several times, but in this one I had 100% health and lots of ammo
When I checked I found out it's a really high 20s, how lucky :) Features a door trick
E5L2 (0:17)
Pretty good
E5L3 (0:06)
I couldn't do the door trick with the SS, I think when I move away he starts shooting his 3 volleys all at air which delays him
so much, so I had to do the trick with the officier, I only managed to break 7s and get 6 seconds in this run when I let the
officer open the elevator door by staying a little more on the opposite side picking up ammo, had I opted to open the door
myself it would've been slightly slower, and when I kill the officer here I get pulled into him and get past the elevator
door a little before it's fully open.
E5L4 (0:10)
Door trick
E5L5 (0:16)
I can't do the door trick with the guard that's nearest to the key door right away from the start, because if from the start
I immediately go hide in that room and lean against the wall he would be coming towards the room towards me and be past the
door and he would never ever go back just 1 or 2 steps to open the door, so I had to do this little turn around and use a
guard from inside that room instead. This was the fastest I ever got the trick on this map and it was the first time I saw
the elevator door open and as you can see it started closing just when I arrived ;)
E5L6 (0:40)
E5L7 (0:14)
Takes guts to stand infront of a SS waiting for him to open a key door :)
This is the only level where I reenabled forward/backward mouse movement intentionally,
you might notice my forward speed is faster here because of this.
E5L8 (0:10)
Door trick hmm.. again
E5L9 (0:15)
Door trick AGAIN this episode got demolished :)
For some reason leaning against the wall wasn't enough to make the SS open the door here, I HAD to go hide in the secret
The 2 BJs celebrating happens sometimes here when I straferun into the exit, also a ghost of BJ behind the celebrating BJ
sometimes happened here like the one in E1L9, but in E1L9 I never had 2 BJs celebrating maybe it's because
there's not enough space for 2 BJs there :)

E6L1 (1:08)
Arghhhh! The dark blue corridors were hell, I planned every little thing here.
First in some places there's 2 enemies on both sides, they form an invisible barrier like in E1L6, you can't get past without
waking them up. This happens once in the beginning short corridor, once in the second long corridor and twice in the last
corridor that's before the room containing barrels.
And in other places there's only 1 enemy on 1 side, he makes like half an invisible barrier, you'd get blocked if you move in
the tile in his side, but you can get past normally if you move in in the opposite side, a good example of this is the very first
officier that's in the right side in the 1st long corridor, notice how I move in in the left to avoid that half invisible barrier,
and just before him at end of the short corridor, I tried to avoid an officier by moving in in the left but I wasn't quite
precise there so I bumped into his half invisible barrier.
In that 1st long corridor I do this 2 more times to avoid another 2 such cases, After I was moving in the left position I move in
in the right and then on the left again. This stuff prevented me from straferunning in the corridors :)
So overall I experimented a lot with this area to arrive to this plan and I memorized all the first aid and food locations to help
survive the onslaught behind my back. Just listen to the sound of missed shots, the survival chance was pretty damn low :) The
rest of the map is considerably easier.
E6L2 (0:51)
E6L3 (0:40)
The Door trick is soooooo rare, I might have considered it may be only possible in NewWolf like in zzzKOTzzz's run if I haven't
had it work so early in my tries. But I wouldn't have gaven up so easily on this because it saves a lot of time on this map.
I think what made the door trick so rare is what I talked about before in E1L7 and E4L3 before, about the key door being in
the middle tile row, and the enemies' tendency to lean on a side tile row. I think the barrel and 2 trees made this trick
more likely than in E4L3 because the enemies would have a shorter distance to get in between the barrel and the trees
before leaning against the wall. In E1L7 the guard was close to the door anyway.
E6L4 (0:52)
Lots of run enders in this one, like receiving a lot of damage from officiers or from the 3 SS when I was opening the key
door, or the SS not opening the second key door, so this was a difficult run.'
E6L5 (0:52)
E6L6 (0:20)
It is rare to get the enemy to open key door so fast, this map had really great execution, so I like this one
E6L7 (0:39)
This door trick required me to run to that position really fast after I wake up the SS as you see here.
I wasted some ammo shooting where I expected at least one SS will be and wasted some more ammo with the officiers at the end
but I wasn't ready to retry this all again after finally getting 39 seconds and with good health, especially with ammo
immediately available in the next map that doesn't waste time picking it up.
E6L8 (1:28)
Door Trick with the officier.
This was definitely the hardest map for me, so much fighting going on and not enough ammo on the way.
This is one map that takes more luck than skill.
E6L9 (0:50)
The run overall is pretty good, only mistakes are like when I expected the SS in the small corridor to have died but he didn't,
and maybe to speedup the rush to the second secret area a bit. you don't want General Fettgesicht to move away too much, or you'll wake
up more enemies like the SS at the end of this run. The second secret area may seem unnecessary if you get to General Fettgesicht with
good health and ammo, but while you get the items in the secret it helps align the rest of the enemies, so once you get out you can
easily and quickly dispose of them, and you really need to have the enemies dead, it's virtually impossible to go rambo at the boss
immediately because there's enemies everywhere and wolf3d doesn't allow you to flick fast with the mouse to target whatever enemy comes
your way, so you'd be dead in no time. In this run I didn't expect myself to be able to kill General Fettgesicht with the little ammo
I had left so I was surprised when killed him, apparently I had high damage output. A shame I had to hide from the SS in the finale.
Oh well I hope you enjoyed the run :D

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