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Despite following faithfully in its direct forerunner's, Wolfenstein: The New Order's, footsteps - or perhaps because of it - with The Old Blood most reviewers shifted their praising voices down a few semitones. Though fighting was seen as equally satisfying and stealthing perfectly competent, the story and pacing were felt lackluster. The evocation of B-movies was on purpose and part of a ragtag effort at converting two pieces of DLC into one standalone prequel, released in May of 2015.


Best time on Easy difficulty: 0:49:43 by Tim 'Judgy' Kedge on 2015-06-16, done in 20 segments appended to 3 files.

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Author's comments:

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Rules: Segmented, New Game(no unlocks), Easy, Glitches.

[Introduction Mission]

Segment 1:
There is basically nothing to see for the first 6:17 of this video except forced interactions where no time can be lost unless you happen to be a fool and mis-click something.

After getting of the cable car it's a short walk to the elevator and a short ride up to the first enemy of the game who is shot quickly and ran past to the door which has a quick save that we reload to save time.

Segment 2:
The segment is a long fight with numerous enemies, after grabbing loads of items I shoot out the wood from the upper catwalk to prevent later shots damage being eaten by the wood.

The fight itself goes really well most of the enemies spawned in sight or were good enough to jump down quickly and get shot from there. Having only 1 enemy alive when BJ shouts out "How's that exit coming along Wesley?" is a good sign you have done this area quickly, after everything is dead it's standard waiting for stuff.

[Part 1: Rudi Jager and the den of wolves]

Segment 3:
Use the bars and climb up the wall then reload the quick save at the top.

Segment 4:
Reloading the quicksave makes the Super Soldier stand further back than he was before reloading which allows me to run around him and makes stand in the right position so he shoots either near me or into the wall behind me (but not actually hitting me)allowing me to use the door release very quickly.
After passing through the door I run past one Super Soldier and slide beside the other who gets confused and loses track of me also (after hiding for a second) and walks the other direction allowing me to open another door.
Next section can be tricky the two dogs need to die and manipulations on the 3 Super Soldiers means I can open the door with only a single hit interupting me for maybe half a second, Checkpoint reloaded past the door.

Segment 5:
one of the longest segments in the game a lot needs to go right and it does, the first two super soldiers die quickly, the dog grab is unavoidable (unless you kill it which leaves you being shot at by the super soldier), the minigun storages work perfectly for the next two Super Soldiers, dog area is just ran through, Pipe switching is done pre-emptively to save time, The super soldier on the bridge {who I hit into) is a manipulation so when I run around him he doesn't kill me going through the door. the rest is pretty standard, checkpoint is reloaded in the vent after the Mechahound.

Segment 6:
Kill the first guy then run to the back staircase armour is grabbed here in preperation for later, jump into the column shown and then swimming time (and a sneaky button press).

[Chapter 2]

Segment 7:
This mission would (when speedrun without glitches normally) take around 6 minutes until I found the Barrel glitch which for some strange reason confuses your X/Y position in the game and allows you to pass through walls after humping them for a while, after finding this out I found that if you do it in the right place you could clip into the floor and pass under the main gate and complete the mission. set up time take a liitle while as the clip depends on jumping off of the barrel while it is spinning which is random so it's a waiting game.

[Chapter 3]
[Wolfenstein Keep]

Segment 8:
This starts out with another skip I found "The Handrail Skip" AKA "The Banister Skip" quite simply stand where I do and jump to the upper section while spamming the jump button if you get it the game will vault you over the handrail skipping around 1 minute of fighting people and opening a gate. nothing out of the ordinary after that really opening the vent upstairs was lucky because I didn't get shot much, and the rest of the mission is run through as normal until the final room. Bl00d_Thunder found the battle skip in this Mission which is known as the "Wesley Skip" which skips a cutscene and an entire 'Arena' fight saving around 4 minutes by jumping into the wall as I do or sliding in to the door above it the player can use the end of mission trigger button before you are suppose to. Shout-out to 'TehSplatt' for the improved method shown in the video.

[Chapter 4]

Segment 9:
This segment is played pretty standard just run to the control room and use the hatch in the roof then press the button, you have some time to waste before the main doors open so I kill the Super Soldier while waiting then use the controls in the cable car to start my journey ending up with me using the roof hatch and sliding down the cable, checkpoint reload

Segment 10:
This is a short segment that has a tempremental skip found by Playerw3 (but it left you in the air until I figured out which way to swim) which involves using the roof hatch of the cable car before it has moved into place, after killing everyone I vault out of the window and sprint forward as I fall down the 'Use' function of the hatch shows long enough for me to activate it and skip a 40 second long cable car ride, HOWEVER! the glitch isn't over yet! after the cutscene ends I appear underwater flying in the sky, by just knowing which direction I have to swim I can reach the next checkpoint and reload the quicksave.

Segment 11:
a short section with not much happening, there is a short skip found by Bl00d_Thunder which saves 2-3 seconds however I needed ammo for my Schockhammer (shotgun) so I had to skip the skip and run around the ground floor, everything else is avoided except the commander before the elevator because he's an ass, checkpoint reload places you further along than where the save happens.

Segment 12:
Bridge goes fine and every one who can be ran past is ran past, some people died, the 'Arena' battle on the top of the bridge went really well and the Super soldier dropped like a sack of the brown stuff. Throwing a grenade after the mechahound section breaks the wall before I get to it saving about half a second, checkpoint reload.

Segment 13:
Arena fight goes quickly with the Minigun, The Jager fight used to take 4 cycles of getting him to his knees before he died until I found out that exposing his arm and shooting it would directly effect his HP meaning only one piece of armour needs to be removed instead of all three, stabby time, then waiting BS.

[Part Two]
[Chapter 5]

Segment 14:
Cutscenes, nothing else.

Segment 15:
After finding out that you could climb onto the boats I found out that you could kind of get onto the roof and then I found out if you fell from the roof through the wall you could sink through the floor and get under the level, I then found that the end of the level was right next to the start and what you see is the result. Shout out to 'TehSplatt' who found the climbing method using the hooks instead of my longer route jumping up the other side of the boat house.
*Walkathon + unskippable dialogue* ResidentSleeper

[Chapter 6]
Segment 16:
Run to the wall, hit the wall, run through the attic and kill the flaming zombie on the lower level, Run past things, slide under a fallen shelf and run past more things, Time to meet Pippa who we should have met in the previous mission but we skipped everything in that mission so here she is, she dies or gets zombiefied and I have to kill her so that the door opens for me :(, anyway after the door opens I smack the zombie and then the other 2, ok now what happens next is unbelievably difficult to make happen a flaming dog jumps out in front of you and 100% of the time will catch you UNLESS! you can run through the first room without hitting into anything jumping around a zombie and then hope that the zombie gets in the way long enough for the dog to never catch you up as you run through the rest of the rooms whilst not loosing more than about a second of time in slowdowns excluding the final hallway in the house at that point the dog loses interest if your far enough ahead. after the building its a quick shot from the Kampfpistol to clear the zombies behind the gate then a short run past everything and then a jump into the water hitting the next checkpoint.

Segment 17:
Use the boat get the gun, ignore the Zombie, run past everything, get to the wall and climb it, head to the left grab health and run through the room, at the end of the room I do the Locker Clip which is as simple as climbing on the bench and jumping into the corner where the lockers are which makes you fall through them, after that it's a short swim to where I can climb onto the ground from below and then it's a short run to the end of level trigger (using the robot) I con't remember who originally found the Locker Clip so .... shout out to everyone!!!

[Chapter 7]
[Old Town]
Segment 18:
Robot section is done quickly with very little slow downs, I get out of the Mech because it is quicker to leave it and run on foot than to stay inside it upon using the trigger the checkpoint is reloaded (this mission was done in a single go and this is still the same segment) getting back into the Mech the door is broken and I walk through to the gate where the 'Gate Clip' Is done (Shout out to Bl00d_Thunder for finding it) method is the same as the reversing clip in The New Order with the Sewer Scuba stand forward of what you want to clip through then move backwards and leave the Mech to be forced through thin objects like gates, thin walls etc etc. I use the lever then get back in the Mech which is needed to not only break down the last door but you CANNOT finish this mission if you are not inside the Mech itself.

[Chapter 8]
[Dig Site]
Segment 19:
Run through the camp and use the door control, kill the first guy then grab some armour and shoot the Super Soldiers cable free to kill it while it dies (and is unpassable) I store the minigun for the final fight then run past to the elevator then once at the bottom I reload the Checkpoint (for various reasons)

Segment 20:
The main reason for reloading the checkpoint was so that I could attempt the final wall clip numerous times to get it as clean as possible (reloading also places the Super Soldier in a better position) and what you see is the cleanest Clip I've ever done, I found that by vaulting over an object in the right place the game would force you up and (should anything get in the way) through objects then when testing things in this area I decided to try it on the fence shown in the video and I clipped through. now after getting into the water I have to swim over to where a lower tunnel passes by and drop down into it, the game does something strange because it knows where the top of the water is but also knows you have not gone back above that level, due to this the game keeps the foggy water filter on your screen until you are back above the water line which happens part way through the sealed room section. onto the final fight (and stupid long cutscene) the final fight is basically too easy I shoot the Big-ass-monster-thing in the mouth with my MP40 then swap to my Minigun (it's quicker that way) then commence to kill him very quickly by unloading rounds into his mouth, once he is dead helga dies next and the documents are picked up,

Game over!

More Shout-outs, Some have been mentioned before but here we go anyway, Bl00d_Thunder, TehSplatt, ForgivenDeath32 each gave improvements or clips and deserve recognition!!.

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