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Released in 2006, You Are Empty takes place in Russia where homocidial mutants roam free. You need to go around through several places as listen to the backstory before you end up getting a choice on whether you want to rule the future or go back in time before all of this happened. The best part is one of these choices doesn't even exist in the game.


Best time on Easy difficulty: 0:50:11 by Nikita 'Tezur0' Buriak on 2014-02-06, done in 8 segments appended to one file.

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Author's comments:

This is my first speedrunning project that I decided to send to SDA. I'm new at speedrunning, so I decided to start with some low title game, where everything is still possible (well, in this one pretty much nothing more is possible :D ). Also I use Russian version of a game, because I don't have any other and was unable to find one. So I will translate all the NPC speeches further on.

I was grinding it for months, searching for glitches, because it is a game, made by some unknown Ukrainian studio, which got bad reviews. But the game itself is really good for speedrunning, because it is really broken. Also game doesn't have sprint button and sometimes it lags (drops frames). I don't know what causes it, but not my PC for sure.

The run is not that long, so the question is, why segmented run? Answer: game freaking loves to crash in a middle of a run, or even worse - on last stage; also there is some stupid randomness that kills you. Instantly. So I decided to do it in segments. First run of this game was made 3 years ago and now it can't be found anywhere, which made my work a lot harder, though I had time for each stage. The previous runner time was 56:22 in-game time. Mine is 48:35 with my timing (the one I use for a SS on stream: start when gaining control, finish when you struck by lightning in the Finale stage).

Run made on easy difficulty, because just look at that damage! I don't want to run this on Normal or High, 100% death.

Now to segments!


Segment 1

Hospital 1:

Nothing special, straight-forward stage. Easy jump over the wall of garbage after pistol pick-up. Also: MASHA!!


Hospital 2:

Hardest part of 1st segment. Very tricky damage boost. You need him to stay in certain position and he should do his vertical strike, then you have not to bump your head into the wall and then either survive fall damage or land on a wall. Rest of a stage is straight-forward.


Kolhoz 1:

First stage that I spend completely out of bounds. The thing about OOB in this game: in some places there is no floor, so you will fall underground and will be unable to move. For sake of next stage I end this one without falling off the fence.

Also: nice car twitching at start :D


Kolhoz 2:

So, yeah. By ending previous stage on a fence you can now go OOB and skip huge fighting/walking section. I was trying to be as close to a wall as possible, so I wouldn't fall off, because there is now floor there, only a texture.
In a place where I meet first enemy in stage I supposed to talk to NPC, but I skip that part by using a box and jumping on a wall (messed it a little).

Rats are annoying.

Next jump is quite hard to get, first I did a wall climb, then I have to be on certain spot, so that I could be pushed up after jump (always had 4 tries for that jump, got from 2nd = nice).

Next trick I call a dog jump. Name explains itself.

Ending trigger is quite tricky, that's why I was walking back and forward.



Segment 2

Plant 1:

One of hardest skips in the entire game, because it is very precise, I jump off the train as soon as I hear brake sound, that means that the ceiling is gone, then I have to land on a side and make sure that game won't throw me in some crazy direction and then jump on the last wagon.

Rest of stage is OOB. I pick up molotov in the end for one of next stages.


Plant 2:

This stage was really hard, before a skip in the beginning of it was discovered.

I jump of the roof, but I need to be careful, because I could die of such a height, but by landing on a slope you can survive; that trick would be used few more times later on.


Old Town:

One of the easiest stages in a game. I need to make sure that I won't die because of the thing that falls down. Then easy jump that skips half of the stage. By shooting 2 planks you wouldn't trigger engineer (flying guy), but I shot 3, however he does nothing.



Segment 3

Basically that was also a part of segment 2, but I split that one in two, because of the first stage.


Totalitarianism 1:

Here goes molotov (OOPS I missed).

Death in this stage happens frequently than end of it.


Totalitarianism 2:

Another shooter-style stage. I skip a lot of enemy triggers by jumping over a trolleybus.


City Council:

This stage is split in 2. The only trick here - skip 5 enemies and 25 seconds of walking by jumping on a stair rails. Left one is solid; however the right one isn't, because there is a gap under it, that's why there is no invisible wall.

Second part can't be fasten up.

NPC Speech: "Who?..Who are you? Ah well, it doesn't matter anymore. The whole world collapsed, and so did we , and so did I. Nightmare... They didn't know... The world was supposed to become better. Better... But it is probably too late anyways... Although if you were able to break to here then you probably can get to the...Here, take this, it doesn't matter anymore. Here...It...It will explain everything. Don't ask me why I'm doing this. Watch this. Everything is in there. Here is a cinema theatre nearby, this is where you can watch this. You must hurry, you don't have much time left, before it is too late...late... "



Segment 4


Hardest stage of segment. Machinegunners do a lot of damage (something from 3 to 20, and this is on easy) and sometimes they could kill you in a matter of seconds, so I was grinding first part a lot.

Had to pick up health at a gate, lost like 1 second, so not much of a problem.

Engineers can also instant-kill me by landing on me so I had to be careful about exiting the level.

I skipped the tram trigger, so I have to use a fence. It is very thin and if you fall down you will either die because of electricity on a rails or of a falling.



By jumping of a dog I don't have to go for a key and fight lots of enemies. This strategy is not optimal, there is a bunch of boxes I could have pushed, but they fall down 99 times out of 100; that would have saved 3 seconds, but not more.


Cinema 1:

You can softlock the game in here if you press lift button before entering it.

Movie can't be fasten up, so I triggered one of firemen and killed him, so that I don't have to do it later.

Movie: "Comrades! We are proud to announce that the hard work of Soviet scientists succeed! The task of the artificial simulation of human nature was finally resolved. With this complex we will be able to carry out aimed psychological and physiological correction. We created the technology that will fundamentally change the social image of the country. The new Soviet man will open the door to an era of revolutionary renewal of the world of the Communist era triumph of the new civilization.           For the purposes of secrecy, it was decided to place the object outside the city. Most of the complex is under the ground, which provides additional protection and secrecy. To ensure fast communication between the object and the city, the secret railway was built. The train departs from the depot Station. The main element of the complex is the wave repeater. Unfortunately we were unable to achieve the necessary stability of psychedelic field. Since the amplitude of the radiation power increasing withdrawal reactions in a critical phase, was developed an emergency system of suppression of field structure. Alarm system must be activated in the event of loss of control over the repeater." (WAT?!)

When doors explode firemen could die due to an explosion, sadly this didn't happen.


Cinema 2:

This is pretty long and hard stage if you do it legit way.

You can't kill old guy, before he shots the fireman, so I went for rifle. Normally I would have to go all the way around the stage to pick up a key, but the door is solid and the wall is solid, however the space between them is not. So I simply picked up the key through there.



Segment 5

Metro 1:

Normally I am not supposed to sneak under that door, the trigger is really big and the door will be closed, however, by going to the left and staying as close to the wall as possible I won't hit the trigger.

Also riflemen are able to shoot 3 times while I am only able to shoot once, they are insane!


Metro 2:

Massive shoot-out. 2 skips are very easy to see, they skip 10 machinegunners.

I split this segment, because next stage is insane X_X.



Segment 6


Literally hardest stage to speedrun. Lots of enemies, long stage, RATS!!!, 2 hard jumps.

Psychos in this stage are tougher than in hospital, so I don't use wrench.

After first 3 psychos comes first hard jump, skips 30 seconds of walking and bunch of enemies.

Right after it I have to jump into window, so I could skip a trigger which spawns engineer and 3 pistol guys. I am trying to stay as close to the wall as possible so that I wouldn't trigger 4 psychos to appear. The same on the way back.

Dancer:"Oh thank you, thank you. I'm so sorry. You risked your life for me so I do not even know how to thank you. This passage leads to the hall; there you would get to the roof of the building. But be careful, they are everywhere. I must go now. Goodbye."(BEST NPC EVER, LOOK AT HIM *_*)

I jump on a rail in room above, so the psychos would spawn later, when pistol guy will hit the trigger.

Hall jump is the hardest in whole stage.

I tried to kill big guy but I failed.

I tried to shoot electro but I failed.

Still almost perfect stage.



Yeah, roofs.

When I jump down I'm hitting the slope, so I received non-lethal damage.

It doesn't matter how much health I have. If I'm alive then I'm fine.

Stage ending trigger is quite large as you can see, I can hit it from below, and the game will just put me back in bounds, when next stage is loaded.



Segment 7

Depot 1:

Wall climb can be replaced by a damage boost, but it is quite hard to get.
Second jump is also very hard, so I was giving myself 3 tries. 2nd this time, that's completely fine, lost 1-2 seconds.

By jumping over that fence I put myself into Depot 2 stage, so I just need to reach the ending trigger from the other side.

I fall down, so I could skip 3 seconds of walking and instantly spawn a fireman in next stage.


Depot 2:

One of longest stages on game(was).

By jumping on a back of train from a rail I skip entire stage, just few more jumps and I'm at the exit.


Depot 3:

Hardest dog jump. You need dog to do an attack when it stands on 2 paws, then you would be able to reach roof thingy. Got it really fast, spot is also special.

I went to a gate to activate a train trigger, otherwise there would have been an invisible wall near it, and I would have to go around for 10 seconds.

Train can start moving before the platform is turned and it will crush you.



Segment 8

This segment is pretty straightforward and almost nothing depends on you.



The one and only skip in entire last segment. You can get to that place only through a window, that's why I'm going inside first.



There are 2 triggers in this stage which you have to activate as fast as possible. To open the door after a cart part I have to kill only the right nailgunner, engineers are in a way, so I also kill them.

Next trigger triggers last lift, it requires both nailgunners dead.



Can't be fasten up.

Scientist speech:" I've been waiting for you, but did not think you'd show up so soon. I must admit that you are obstinate. Now you know what happened to this world, you saw what my great transformation led to. Many probably will consider that what happened is a collapse of our dreams, but in fact the goal is achieve: a new identity, a new man, an independent, self-sufficient, able to fight, to survive, to resist. And all this - you. You can act differently, because you are a perfect piece of humanity and has the right to determine its own destiny. You can go back in time and stop the birth of a great transformation. It is your choice, your decision. Control center right in front of you. But know that the energy of this complex enough only for a single pulse, and you won't be able to change your mind. Space and time in your hands. Decide to determine the future."



Like this story seems pretty strange but with all cutscenes it is not that bad.


So this is it. Thanks for watching. Additionally I want to thank all the guys, who were with me in chat, while I was grinding that game, especially thanks to yobastream, Stopfilopl, monker9.

I hope you liked the run.

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