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With a May 2001 simultaneous release, Oracle of Seasons and Ages function as a two part game, with either game being playable as the first or second in the sequence. Link finds himself in the land of Holodrum and is awakened by Din, a dancer. Din is kidnapped by Onox and seals her up, which causes the seasons to become chaotic, since Din is the Oracle of Seasons. It's up to Link to save her. In a linked game, Twinrova attempt to revive Ganon.


Best time: 2:06:40 by Tomas 'Tompa' Abrahamsson on 2005-11-19.

Timing note: should probably be 10+ seconds less but some saves were cut off and had to be over estimated.

Author's comments:

This is the first Speedrun I ever made. I had planned to do a run of Link's Awakening 100% first. But when so many wanted to see a run of this game I did this one before. I would like to thank Radix and Nate for their wonderful work with the site and that they had time to take care of my run. And to all those people who said lots of good stuff on the forum, to Ego Buff on the Bisqwit for his good use of the Pegasus Seeds, and last to my friend Jakob who helped me copy the tape. Thx ;).

Segment 1: It went on pretty good. I dislike the mini boss, they are neverwalking the path that I want. But the final boss got owned! Not much to say about the second dungeon... An annoying thing when I saved was that I pressed the wrong buttons at first. Looks a little bit weird but whatever...

Segment 2: I took Ricky as my animal. I haven't tested if one of the other is faster, but I don't think they are... Nothing to say about the third dungeon... When I started to record the next Segment I rewind too much. So I missed the Save & Quit menu on the tape. So I put 2 seconds on the time instead.

Segments 3: Time for one of the most boring things in the game: When your feather is stolen. I spend the time making some T's (As in Tompa) and digging to the music =P. A bit useless, but funny. The way to the 4:th dungeon went well. The mini boss could have been made better. I got a little panic with only ¼ heart left. Bad luck on Gohma...

Segment 4: Not much to say. The mini boss went on good. The room right before the dungeon boss was badly made. It is not a hard jump to do, I just failed with it. The dungeon boss could have been made a little better.

Segment 5: There is a lot of "go around" in the beginning of this dungeon, which takes some time. I hate the bosses... They are so random!

Segment 6: Another annoying random thing is where the Bell lies. It took me some tries to found it on the right place. I did this extra Segment because the next dungeon is hard. And I don't want to do this part of the segment again and again... So I split them up.

Segment 7: The 7th dungeon has a lot of "trickjumps". Jumping over three holes with the Feather and the Pegasus Seeds. It's hard to success with all the jumps. But I did it pretty well. The bosses are rather easy. But the dungeon boss can be annoying. After this segments I rewind to much again...

Segment 8: It's time for the last dungeon. I dislike the ice. Think you can see that on some rooms. The room with the iceblocks is the worst one! Did a "big" mistake in the room with the statue that walks on some floor squares; I took the wrong path. It doesn't look so good but I didn't lose so many seconds on it so I let it be. Nothing to say about the bosses really. As always I have rewind too much...

Segment 9: The Face Boss made the wrong attack so I lost some seconds. But I didn't bother. Maybe it was a little bit stupid of me. First part of Onox went fine. But I fell down from his hand the first time. I could have improved that one too. But that will be next run I presume.

Hope you enjoy the run!

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