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Help Speed Up Trinca's Death

Time for a new round of the most extreme form of quake speedrunning - a contest in The Stairs of Death by Trinca made by Rui Neto. Your job is clear, run fast or destroy everything. Make monsters feel that you are a great warrior. Eat them as a breakfast. Now go and make sure that you are the best!

  1. This contest will end Midnight CET, Monday, August 17th, 2009.
  2. Send your demos to
  3. Name your demo and the accompanying textfile in the format 155t_er/nh_playername.dem/txt. Someone named Rosalie may send in 155t_er_rosalie.dem, for example.
  4. QdQstats must be used to get the exact time.
  5. Two categories are contested this time - Easy Run and Nightmare 100%.

Results : Easy Run

01. Flavio Quadros 5.83
02. Basil de Vries 5.88
03. Mathias Thore 5.89
04. Connor Fitzgerald 6.13
05. Jozsef Szalontai 6.61
06. Adam Lewandowski 6.70
07. Thomas Stubgaard 8.08
08. Thomas Bergendorff 8.30
09. Paul Davies 8.33
10. Mattias Íman 8.94
11. Damian Kulot 9.16
12. Jaakko Alakopsa 9.44
13. Philip Chute 10.03
14. Marek Bartozsek 10.15
15. Nathan Egan 10.95

Results : Nightmare 100%

01. Flavio Quadros 17.46
02. Basil de Vries 18.25
03. Mathias Thore 18.65
04. Connor Fitzgerald 18.74
05. Adam Lewandowski 18.88
06. Thomas Bergendorff 19.12
07. Damian Kulot 20.00
08. Jaakko Alakopsa 26.30
09. Marek Bartozsek 28.62

24 demos, nice bananas. Congratulations Flavio Quadros for winning both categories. He is the king of the hill. Actually the top3 is the same in both ER and NH. Basil de Vries was 2nd and Mathias Thore was 3rd. Good work all of you! In the Easy Run triple grenadejump turned out to be the key to the victory. In the Nightmare 100% there was a wide variety of routes - which is always good in contests.

Some demos were corrupted so they had to be left out of the results.

Now the best part of the contest - demos! Available in dz (799KB) and zip (2.25MB).

For those without ready access to Quake we provide video files of winning demos - Easy Run (5.67MB) and Nightmare 100% (12.5MB).