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Oh God my head

Very long time has passed since the last contest at SDA. Now we offer you a challenge that will turn you upside down! Err, only the map, not you. This time the fate of getting turned around came to e4m7, now known as ynogA eruzA, made by Jaakko Alakopsa. Four categories are being contested:

  1. The rune is mandatory in 100%, optional in others.
  2. This contest will end in two weeks, Midnight CET, Sunday January 25th 2007.
  3. Send your demos to our contest email address.
  4. Name the demos and eventual textfiles in the format e4m7u_er/eh/nr/nh_player.dem/txt. Someone named Lordi may send in e4m7u_er_lordi.dem and e4m7u_eh_lordi.dem, for example.
  5. Good luck and happy running!

Results : Easy Run

01. Jaakko Alakopsa 45.95
02. Basil de Vries 49.95
03. Pif de Mestre 50.13
04. Philip Chute 55.04
05. Dmitry Dementjev 55.06
06. Marek Bartoszek 59.94

Whee, a total of 6 demos in the Easy Run category! The pentagram route proved to be faster than non-penta, although the winning demo doesn't look even close to optimal either. :)

Results : Easy 100%

01. Jaakko Alakopsa 1:58.96
02. Basil de Vries 2:20.75
03. Pif de Mestre 2:48.88
04. Philip Chute 3:12.35

Nice routes everyone.

Results : Nightmare Run

01. Basil de Vries 49.25
02. Jaakko Alakopsa 51.55
03. Pif de Mestre 55.10
04. Philip Chute 1:04.01
05. Marek Bartoszek 1:11.38

Skill 3, monsters in greater number and much much more evil than on Easy. That made everyone choose to get penta before entering the rune room. Basil turned out to be the fastest quaker here.

Results : Nightmare 100%

01. Jaakko Alakopsa 2:37.13
02. Basil de Vries 3:37.89

Only two entries here. Well, much more wasn't expected anyway. The Easy 100% route worked well on the Nightmare skill too. Both demos end with a nice voreball jump. :)

As a cherry on the cake, David Spickermann submitted a drunk demo which could be dedicated to all those who found the map too hard and couldn't finish it. :) It's included in the bag full of demos! Enjoy!