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Shub's Lost End

You thought you'd killed the hideous pile o' jelly enough times already. Well, this time you go way back in time to find her before the game was even released. That's right. Some of you may recognise this map...

Two challenges await you. The first is to engage the BunnyTron™ 5000 and exit as fast as any self-respecting leporine can. That would be the Easy Run. For people of more of a violent nature, we also want plenty of demos where you make like the rabbit from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and horribly slaughter everything in sight. Yes, that's the Nightmare 100% category.

The one who wins most points in the contest will win a prize, graciously donated by Spirit: THIS! Who wouldn't want to win a decoration as pretty as that? Oh, and don't miss the secret exit which you can use for the easy run: it's located in Shub's box, in the top right corner. Just walk around there and you'll find it. But remember, it won't kill Shub if you use it, so it's no good for 100% demos. Thanks to Bengt "AguirRe" Jardrup for helping us fix the map!

You have until July 27th to send your demos; name them in the format endp_xxx_player_category. Here's an example: In a shock move, Samus Aran sends in a 29 second Nightmare 100%. She helpfully names it endp_029_samus_nh.dem. Also, because she's a nice person, she includes a text file with comments. Follow her example!

All our usual rules apply. Use the latest QdQstats (version 1.8) and record your demo on any of ID's game engines or JoeQuake. And be fast!

Results : Easy Run

01. Mathias Thore 9.16 10
02. Jonathan Lenhardt 9.22 8
03. Flávio Quadros 9.26 6
04. Arturo García Lasca 9.34 5
05. Connor Fitzgerald 9.37 4
06. Tom Nguyen 9.48 3
07. Dmitry Dementjev 9.55 2
08. Jaakko Alakopsa 9.66 1
09. Ingmar Poerner *9.91
10. Joszef Szalontai 9.93
11. David Hocking 10.4
12. Damian Kulot 10.8
13. Michael Hudson 11.1
14. Marek Bartoszek 11.6

* Ingmar sent in a demo which was paused at the beginning, so he was docked 0.1 seconds. This made no change to his ranking.

From day 1, people had been reporting times of 9 seconds, so it was no surprise to see so many short demos stuffing our inbox. A mere 0.06102 difference denied Jonathan first place; a well-deserved virtual gold medal goes to SDA staff member Mathias.

Results : Nightmare 100%

01. Connor Fitzgerald 16.8 10
02. Flávio Quadros 17.5 8
03. Dmitry Dementjev 18.9 6
04. Jonathan Lenhardt 19.1 5
05. Mathias Thore 19.9 4
06. Arturo García Lasca 20.8 3
07. Tom Nguyen 21.1 2
08. Damian Kulot 26.1 1
09. David Hocking 29.6
10. Marek Bartoszek 31.6

Connor's blazingly fast demo stole the show here; unlike most runners, he chose to use the weaker nailgun during intermission, and thoroughly sprayed all remaining monsters while jelly gibs bounced merrily around the room. Our condolences go to Flávio and Dmitry who both turned in very fine runs. We also have some other condolences to spare for those who didn't know about intermission killing... :)

All contest demos are available here. This includes a couple of fun tricks sent in by the|navigator, and a cheated run from Manslay.

So, who wins the rune? We'd decided to score each contest in the style of a Formula 1 race, with 10 points for a first place, 8 for second, then 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and finally 1 for eigth. This gives this table:

01.= Connor Fitzgerald 14
01.= Flávio Quadros 14
01.= Mathias Thore 14
04. Jonathan Lenhardt 13
05.= Arturo García Lasca 8
05.= Dmitry Dementjev 8
07. Tom Nguyen 5
08.= Damian Kulot 1
08.= Jaakko Alakopsa 1

That doesn't help; noone wants a third of a rune. So we went away and scratched our arses for a bit and decided to add up the placings:

01. Flávio Quadros 5 (2nd + 3rd)
02.= Connor Fitzgerald 6 (5th + 1st)
02.= Jonathan Lenhardt 6 (2nd + 4th)
02.= Mathias Thore 6 (1st + 5th)
05.= Arturo García Lasca 10 (4th + 6th)
05.= Dmitry Dementjev 10 (7th + 3rd)
07. Tom Nguyen 13 (6th + 7th)
08.= Damian Kulot 20 (12th + 8th)
08.= David Hocking 20 (11th + 9th)
10. Marek Bartoszek 24 (14th + 10th)

Luckily this resulted in a single winner – so congratulations to Flávio Quadros! We'll help Spirit (Mr. Rune) get in touch with you when he gets back from his holiday.