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YouTube - Official YouTube video channel for QdQ and QuakeSDA
Discord - Join the Discord server to chat about Quake speedrunning
JoeQuake - SDA approved Quake client by speedrunner Jozsef Szalontai
SDA Knowledge Base Quake 1 tricks explained in great detail - User driven Quake SP news site with a huge map database
Func_Msgboard - All things Quake discussion forum
QuakeOne - Great site that pays homage to Quake
Wikipedia - Indepth article about Quake
Wikipedia - Speed Demos Archive on Wiki
Wikipedia - Quake done Quick on Wiki
Wikipedia - Indepth article about speedrunning
Wikipedia - Notable games for speedrunning

Inactive sites:

Mineral's - Ilkka Kurkela's old Quake speedrunning site
Old SDA Message Board - Our message board before September 2003
Quake Terminus - Quake Terminus has heaps of Quake stuff
Compet-N - The ultimate source for Doom speeddemos and competitions