Gustav L.

General Information

You live in (city & country)?
Jönköping, Sweden

Your birthdate (or age)?
July 7th, 1992

Your occupation/job/studies?
CNC operator/set up guy

Your hobbies?
I'm a mediocre bass player, and I like amps. I also play Quake and other video games.

Your email/icq/mirc/homepage?
I use none of the above but you can find me on the Quake speedrun discord. (pls join:-D )

Your music taste?
Mostly Doom Metal, but a little bit of everything if not Doom.

Anything you want to add here (about yourself)?

Quake-related Information

Your nickname (story behind it)?
brainfluid, it's from an old 4chan meme.

Your Quake config (key bindings, etc.)?
It's pretty standard, WASD, 115 fov, 100m bound to V.

Size of Quake directory on your HD?
992 mb.

Your computer (processor/videocard etc.)?
AMD Radeon R9 390, i7

Quake settings (resolution, version etc.)?
JoeQuake v0.16.1 build 6258 (the hotfixed version), 1920x1080

First contact to speedrunning (when, how etc.)?
I've known about it since ye olde SDA days but haven't done anything with it until 2015, with Quake 2 speedruns, got into Quake some time after that.

First speedrunning demo?
My first speedrunning demo? My first demo on SDA must be one of the ESA 2017 coop demos.

Favorite speedrunning demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of)?
e4m7 in 41 sec. That one was difficult

Favorite speedrunning demo(s) from others?
I don't really know, I think The Rabbit Run is mind blowing.

Favorite player (overall/runs/100%/marathon/coop)?
Oh man, I don't know :D

Favorite trick in a demo?
Fresh bunnyhops are always fun to watch.

Favorite QdQ release?
The Rabbit Run

Favorite original Quake map?
e4m3 is a lot of fun

Favorite custom map?
rd1m2 :(

Most annoying monster/map?
e1m1 dog.

Do you like Doom/Quake2/Q3A?
I like Quake 2 and Q3A more than Doom but Doom is cool too. I used to speedrun Quake 2 a lot some years ago.

What do you think of Quake now?
It aged extremely well over the years, and both Quake and Quake speedrunning have a legacy and history.

Quake Purity Test score? link
86.5% pure

Anything else you want to add here?


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