Ilkka Kurkela

General Information

You live in (city & country)?
Tampere, Finland

Your birthdate (or age)?
December 10th 1981

Your occupation/job/studies?
Military Forces until June 29th 2001

Your hobbies?
Things related to music: composing, listening, clubbing, also drinking beer must be considered as a hobby :)

Your email/icq/mirc/homepage?
icq: 5989635

Your music taste?
Drum'n'Bass is my favorite.

Anything you want to add here (about yourself)?

Quake-related Information

Your nickname (story behind it)?
Heh, this is a funny one. I used to drink a lot of mineralwater, you can guess the rest.

Your Quake config (key bindings, etc.)?
Left hand: (mouse)
mouse1 = fires rocket launcher
mouse2 = fires grenade launcher
mouse3 = fires lightning gun

Right hand:
I = forward
K = backwards
J = strafe left
L = strafe right
SPACE = jump
U = rocket jump
O = fires shotgun
N = fires nails
M = axe swing

Size of Quake directory on your HD?
Around 1 gig, it varies a lot

Your computer (processor/videocard etc.)?
P2 266, 64 ram

Quake settings (resolution, version etc.)?
320x200 (I also prefer playing with d_mipcap 3), 1.08 version

First contact to speedrunning (when, how etc.)?
Umm... I guess I saw QdQr in the beginning of 1998 and I was totally blown away. I started running just to try what it would be like, but I never thought that I could have any chances to beat any records.

First speedrunning demo?
The first record that I got into SDA was e1m6_010 ER. The day after I sent e4m1_026.

Favorite speedrunning demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of)?
e1m4_019, e3m3_027, h1m3_048, h1m4_054 -> Those came to my mind at first. All for the tricks.
I really don't know about the others, most of them aren't even records anymore :)

Favorite speedrunning demo(s) from others?
Peter's easy 100% ID demos are all worth watching.
Answering to this question properly would take too much of my little spare time, sorry ;)

Favorite player (overall/runs/100%/marathon/coop)?
runs: Markus
100%: Peter
marathon: Marlo
coop: Marlo & Fabian

Favorite trick in a demo?
Simply too hard question.

Favorite QdQ release?
Scourge done Slick lite.

Favorite original Quake map?
I like the base levels (e1m1, e2m1, e3m1, e4m1).

Favorite custom map?
RD1M4, Ikspq5

Most annoying monster/map?
Always monsters, when they decide if the trick will succeed or not.

Do you like Doom/Quake2/Q3A?
I like dooms, but not quake2 & quake3

What do you think of Quake now?
An excellent game

Quake Purity Test score? link

Anything else you want to add here?
I'll probably write a better profile someday...


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