Nolan Pflug

General Information

You live in (city & country)?
Tyler TX, US

Your birthdate (or age)?
Feb 6, 1980

Your occupation/job/studies?
Computer programmer for Grant Street Group since 2006.

Your hobbies?
Playing lots of xbox games and achievements
Bricks when it doesn't drive me crazy.

Your email/icq/mirc/homepage?
homepage: hmm I think that would be SDA

Your music taste?
Mostly some type of rock, be it "classic rock", oldies, some of the
Top 40 songs, etc.

Anything you want to add here (about yourself)?
Sure but I dont think this space is big enough.

Quake-related Information

Your nickname (story behind it)?
Before I played Quake, I found a shareware 3D space shooter called
Radix: beyond the void, and played it for a while. I bought the full
version and exchanged many emails with one of the game authors, who was
coming out with a new version of the game. I helpd him fix some bugs,
and he ended up giving me a mention in the special thanks section of
the new version. When i started playing quake I thought of the name
"Lord of Radix" but after a while I decided to just be Radix.

Your Quake config (key bindings, etc.)?
t/g - forward/back
r/y - strafe left/right
f/h - weapon cycle forward/back
space - jump
mouse1 - shoot
mouse2 - gl/rl
mouse3 - lg
n - scores (i always push that)

Size of Quake directory on your HD?
3 GB as of 2020

Your computer (processor/videocard etc.)?
A ~2009 HP computer that can't play anything modern, but I only use it for Quake anyway.

Quake settings (resolution, version etc.)?
Glquake 0.98, 640x480, conwidth 320 though

First contact to speedrunning (when, how etc.)?
Hmm, that was around december 1996 when I found e1m1_132, 133, 134...
and some other demos on

First speedrunning demo?
e2m1_235, nightmare 100%. Current time is 1:24 :)

Favorite speedrunning demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of)?
nhip_5128 -- NH through all of hipnotic baby!
hdm1_133 -- NH of hipdm1
r2mx_xxx -- all the EHs of r2 that I did

Favorite speedrunning demo(s) from others?
Anything involving some insane trick

Favorite player (overall/runs/100%/marathon/coop)?
Runs: Markus
100%/marathon: other than me? Probably Marlo.
Coop: The american trio!

Favorite trick in a demo?
Anything involving a fiend

Favorite QdQ release?
it will never be out

Favorite original Quake map?

Favorite custom map?
As maps: mexx9 and 10
For running: pse

Most annoying monster/map?
the ogres in e3m7

Do you like Doom/Quake2/Q3A?
Heck no...
I never played Doom until after Quake so the whole 2D thing was lost
on me. I got q2 as soon as it came out and played it for a while
but it just wasn't the same. q3 I only ever played the demo.
I do play the occasional half life deathmatch these days though

What do you think of Quake now?
Quake 1 forever!

Quake Purity Test score? link

Anything else you want to add here?
This site wouldn't exist without me :)


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