Weixing Ye

General Information

You live in (city & country)?
Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China. it is in south China, pretty hot and wet.

Your birthdate (or age)?
Dec 13th, 1981.

Your occupation/job/studies?
Government employee in Guangzhou statistic bureau.

Your hobbies?
Quake(2) multiplayer and racing games such as need for speed series, or kill time by surfing the web.

Your email/icq/mirc/homepage?
Email: mcv@tom.com
There is no ICQ, MSN or homepage, sometimes I drop into the SDA mIRC channel though.

Your music taste?
No specific taste. =P

Anything you want to add here (about yourself)?
As I age, I find there is nothing left that I want to do now. =/

Quake-related Information

Your nickname (story behind it)?
OpenGL, just what quake(2) is based on. =/

Your Quake config (key bindings, etc.)?
wsad - forward/back/strafeleft/straferight, mouse1 - fire, mouse2 - jump, 1 - rl, 2 - sg, 3 - ssg, 4 - ng, z - sng, x - gl, c - shaft, e - next weapon, q - last weapon, space - fire gl, r - restart.

Size of Quake directory on your HD?
about 500 mb and 500 mb dzipped demos. my hd is too small so i only keep the dzipped demos and extract them when i want to watch them. =\

Your computer (processor/videocard etc.)?
asus G31 mainboard, pentium e2160 oc 2.4g, 2gb ddr2 ram, hitachi(ibm) 500+320gb hd, geforce 7900gt 256mb, 22" hp crt monitor, microsoft comfort mouse 1000. this computer is not very satisfying but better than nothing, and i plan to buy a new one next year.

Quake settings (resolution, version etc.)?
winquake 1.09, 320*200, d_mipscale 1, d_mipcap 2(simple is the best =).
sometime i also use glquake 0.98 in 800*600.

First contact to speedrunning (when, how etc.)?
back in the second half of 1997 when i was still in middle-school, i had already read in a chinese magzine that there was a movie of running through quake in 19:49, but it was not until i entered university in sep 1998 and got internet connection in our dormitory in apr 1999 that i could finally download it and qdqr, qdqlite, qd100q...(at that time i was playing quake2 on an amd486-133 oc 150 and had around 10 fps in 320*240, how painful it was) by then i didn't know the existence of sda yet, but sometime around nov 2000 i visited the qdq site again and found qdqwav, which truly dragged me to speedrunning, so i came to visit sda and started nonsensing a lot on the messageboard...

First speedrunning demo?
not submitted: e1m1_032 nr.
submitted: scre_045 nr.(sux)

Favorite speedrunning demo(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of)?
most of my demos are crap, but a few of them may be not that bad, such as dm4x_016 and hall_026.

Favorite speedrunning demo(s) from others?
very hard question, i would rather choose one for each category:
er: e2m5_026
eh: e1m3_100
nr: e4m3_033
nh: e4m2_117

Favorite player (overall/runs/100%/marathon/coop)?
overall: 1.Peter, 2.Ilkka.
runs: 1.Jozsef, 2.Kay.
100%: 1.Stubby, 2.Peter.
marathons: 1.Martin, 2.Marlo.
coop: Peter/Attila.
old guys: 1.Markus, 2.Yonatan.

Favorite trick in a demo?
many, such as the e1m4 double fiend boost, e2m2 slope jump, e4m2 air zigzag, e4m3 spawn gj and so on.

Favorite QdQ release?
quake done quickest.

Favorite original Quake map?
e1m2, e1m3.

Favorite custom map?
fc_coag maybe, sorry but i don't have enough time to look into so many maps.

Most annoying monster/map?
most annoying monster: ken, although it can make a few great demos. =)
most annoying maps: the rogue ones and the czg ones, they are fucking large and too hard for me. =\

Do you like Doom/Quake2/Q3A?
doom: yes, still a great classic.
quake2: sure, the most influential game ever to me.
q3a: pretty boring, the weapons and combat system sux.
counterstrike: not too bad. i hate it that i can't run fast, but i enjoy camping incautious dumbasses. ;-P

What do you think of Quake now?
still the best game for speedrunning, but when it comes to multiplayer q2 is still my favorite. ;-P

Quake Purity Test score? link
many questions seem too outdated so i don't want to answer them again.

Anything else you want to add here?
apart from quake, i like other speedy games such as car racing ones, and i m going to play NFS world online, hope to meet you there.


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