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The Nolans 2001

Finally, It's All Over!

Well, we've come to the end of the long road that was The Nolans. The presentation is all over and done with. Big thanks are due to everyone who turned up, our guest presenters Pappy-R, Jube, Nolan and Will, our security crew, Amrik and Thomas, our behind the scenes crew Jesse and Stefan and, of course, Stubby for support, encouragement and an excellent job of co-host.

All nominated demos are available here.

The results are all below, and the logs from the IRC channels are available here.

id demos

Best id Easy Run Best id Easy 100% Best id Nightmare Run Best id Nightmare 100%

Custom level demos

Best Custom Run Best Custom 100%

Coop and Marathon demos

Best Coop Best Marathon

Player awards

Most Outstanding Runner Rookie of the Year Fool of the Year

Other awards

Favourite 'Run of the Week' contest Quake/SDA/QdQ Event of the Year Best New Map on SDA Favourite Mapper Best Quake Related Site Best SDA Update

Lifetime Achievement/Living Legend/All Time Great Award

Ilkka and Yonatan were both ONE VOTE behind Nolan!