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Nolans 2002

id demos

Best id Easy Run Best id Easy 100% Best id Nightmare Run Best id Nightmare 100%

Mission Pack/Episode demos

Best Mission Pack/Episode Run Best Mission Pack/Episode 100%

Custom level demos

Best Custom Easy Run Best Custom Easy 100% Best Custom Nightmare Run Best Custom Nightmare 100%

Coop and Marathon demos

Best Coop - Run Best Coop - 100% Best Coop - Mad-Coop Best Marathon

Player awards

Rookie of the Year Most Improved Player Player of the Year Fool of the Year

Other awards

Quake/SDA/QDQ Event of the Year Most Innovative Trick Most Violent Demo Favorite 'Run of the Week' contest

Lifetime Achievement/Living Legend/All Time Great Award

The Nolans 2002 Awards were brought to you by Thomas Stubgaard, Richard Skidmore, Thomas Bergendorff and Nolan Pflug with the help of Matthias Belz, Stefan Schwoon and Jesse van Dijk.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the IRC event! YOU guys are the true stars :-)