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Nolans 2005

You came here looking for results for the most auspicious speedrunning event of 2006. You found 'em! Despite rampant ballot stuffing we have managed to sift out the relevant votes and present... the award winners!

Totting up the results... Nolan allocation is much more spread out than last year; Connor Fitzgerald still manages to take home the most, receiving a total of 4 awards. Martin Selinus, Mathias Thore, Peter Horvath and Thomas Stubgaard were each awarded two, with the rest of the winners adding a single Nolan to their trophy cabinets.

The amazingly talanted Thomas Stubgaard joins his peers in the SDA Hall of Fame this year! With a currently enormous 101 ID records in the tables, of which 33 are single player, Stubby has dominated the speedrunning scene with his own blend of accurate shooting, devious planning and swift bunnying. We only wish he'd make more demos on the custom maps. :)

You can still download a handy-dandy menu with all demos included here, and the maps used here.

id demos

Best id Easy Run Best id Easy 100% Best id Nightmare Run Best id Nightmare 100%

Episode demos

Best Episode Run Best Episode 100%

Custom level demos

Best Custom Easy Run Best Custom Easy 100% Best Custom Nightmare Run Best Custom Nightmare 100%

Coop and Marathon demos

Best Coop - id Best Coop - Run Best Coop - 100% Best Marathon

Player awards

Rookie of the Year Player of the Year

Other awards

Quake/SDA/QDQ Event of the Year

Lifetime Achievement/Living Legend/All Time Great Award

Anthony Bailey The Brains behind most of the earlier QdQ stuff.
Jozsef Szalontai The Hungarian bunny machine, QdQ runner and producer, and creator of JoeQuake
Justin Fleck The man with a 1000 demos on SDA!
Markus Taipale Mr. Smoothness himself. His perfect bunnies gave him loads of optimal ID-records already years ago.
Martin Selinus Devoted to making optimal demos in good style, a true QdQ and SDA cornerstone.
Matthias Belz The man who filled all those nasty holes in the tables, and also one of the original 4 QdQ members!
Richard Skidmore Our first choice news updater, who also happens to kick major rump in the nightmare 100% tables!
Stefan Schwoon The 5th QdQ member, and the man beind numerous QdQ tools and QdQ productions!
Thomas Stubgaard The Mad Danish Axe-swinging Viking with more ID records than anyone else!