Quake done 100% Quick lite 2

    June 27th, 2005 - Thomas
  • 5 new recams from Roman 'WarKosign' Priborkin! e1m1, e1m4, e2m6, e3m6 and end.
    May 23rd, 2006 - Thomas
  • FINALLY!! All running is done and we WON'T be accepting any more demo submissions (it's not very likely we'll be getting any anyway). We set a goal some months ago to get a total time of 33:33 (read the previous update), and we finally reached that milestone.
  • Three demos for you this time: Connor Fitzgerald improved Daniel's e2m4 by 2 seconds. Martin Selinus improved his own demo on e3m1 by 1 second, and I improved my own demo on e2m6 by 1 second, making this project 8 minutes and 50 seconds faster than the previous one released in 1998 :-)
    October 19th, 2005 - Thomas
  • Arturo Garcia Lasca improved Timo's e1m1 by 1 second. The entire project is now down to 33:37, it would be super schweeet if we could get it down to 33:33 and leave it at that! I know of at least one demo that have already been improved, so it's not far away...
    May 10th, 2005 - Thomas
  • Timo has improved Fabian's ancient e1m1 demo by 1 second, that's yet another second off of episode 1! Who's going to do the new recam for e1m1...? Anyone?! :-)
    February 12th, 2005 - Mathias
  • Luc de Mestre finished his second recam, e3m4. We should all follow Luc's example and get back to recamming for this project...
    November 9th, 2004 - Michael
  • I finally got the technical jiggery-pokery that was holding up my recam of e2m5 out of the way. Here's hoping Stubgaard gets back soon and applies some boot to recammer arse!
    September 14th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Let's all welcome our newest recammer, Christian Authmann! Christian did two recams, e2m3 and e3m5. How sweet is that!
    September 12th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Two awesome recams by Mathias today! First up we have e1m2, and then we have e3m3. Rock on!
    August 23rd, 2004 - Thomas
  • Connor improved e4m5 by one second. This demo also gets rid of the grenade issue we had with e4m3. All running _should_ be done, at least all the stats fit so we can start recamming now.
    August 12th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Seems like the recams might get finished after all! Luc de Mestre did his first recam on e3m7, and it's a very nice one!
    August 11th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Connor improved e4m3 to 1:13, three seconds faster, and that ends all running for this project! Running is now closed unless someone desperately wants to make an improvement to a map. It's still not certain what we'll do with the recams, but the menu is being build as we speak, and it's looking good already. We're trying a new approach this time around, and hopefully it'll turn out for the better.
    July 15th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Finally some progress on the recams! Mathias did a kickass recam of e2m2!
    June 9th, 2004 - Thomas
  • I re-did e2m6. It doesn't look very sharp though, so maybe I'll try for 2:12.
    June 5th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Fabian did a recam of e3m2.
    June 1st, 2004 - Thomas
  • Mathias did a recam of e4m2 which you can grab here. I think it's needless to say it kicks ass as always :-) Mathias also found some time to do the two über secrets, that'd be the dopefish and raven secrets. If anyone think they can do them in a more stylish fashion, feel free to give them a try.

  • Also, we're keen to get feedback if you encounter any abnormalities with the demorelised demos, thanks.
    May 16th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Mathias has done a tremendous job demorelising ALL demos, fixed intermissions, removed useless text messages and whatnot, so big kudos to him for taking the time to do this!! Also, all the configs have been changed accordingly, so please download the new .cfg's if you wish to improve a map, then we're certain 100% it'll fit. Oh, and e2m6 turned out NOT to fit, but I'll re-do it, it sucked anyways :-)

  • Another important thing, please don't recam any of the later maps in any of the episodes (except for episode 1 which should be done), as they're not 100% done yet, e4m3 forexample is still being worked on. So, if you're a recammer, make sure to pick one of the first maps in any of the episodes, until we're certain they won't be improved, thanks.
    May 3rd, 2004 - Thomas
  • Mathias did all the demos on start.
    April 27th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Fabian Kollakowski is back from a 4 year abscene with two recams. First up he re-did e1m1, and then he did e1m5. You can certainly say that Fabian has his own "unique" recamming style...
  • Mathias did a recam of e3m1, he's really getting the hang of it! Go fetch!
    April 19th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Timo improved e4m7 by further three seconds to 1:15, and it's DONE!
    April 14th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Timo improved e4m7 by ten seconds to 1:18. It looks like a few extra seconds can be squeezed out of it...
  • And Mathias did a recam of e1m8. Top notch stuff!
    April 1st, 2004 - Thomas
  • Michael Hudson did a recam of e1m7. It has some cool slow-mo effects in it, but there's hardly any room on this short little map to do anything out of the ordinary.
    March 31st, 2004 - Thomas
  • Mathias Thore has joined the recammers with this neat recam of e1m6. Very impressive for a first recam! He even created an .avi too using the JoeQuake engine, download it here (it weighs in at nearly 14 MB).
    March 19th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Jozsef did a very nice recam of his e4m1 demo! It has some really neat rolling effects in it.
    March 15th, 2004 (2nd update) - Thomas
  • Timo improved e4m6 by eleven seconds to 1:19. He says he wants to try for 1:18
    March 15th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Connor improved e4m3 by four seconds to 1:16, and it should be DONE unless Connor can squeeze another second out of this map.
    February 24th, 2004 - Thomas
  • I improved e3m3 by one second to 0:53, and it's DONE.
    February 14th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Jozsef improved e4m1 by another second to 0:51, and I think it's safe to say it's DONE now.
    February 8th, 2004 (2nd update) - Thomas
  • I've uploaded some recams, maybe that will encourage someone to try and make some too...
  • e1m1 by Fabian, e1m1 by Justin, e1m3 by Warkosign, e2m1 by Warkosign and e4m1 (for Ilkka's e4m1_057) by Warkosign.
    February 8th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Jozsef improved e4m1 by one second to 0:52. Is it done yet?
  • Connor improved e3m7 by three seconds to 0:48, and it's nearly done... :-)
    February 6th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Timo improved e2m2 by one second to 0:47, and it's DONE.
  • Martin improved e2m5 by one second to 1:03. I think he's aiming for 1:02...
    February 5th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Connor improved e4m5 by seven seconds to 1:32, and it's DONE.
  • And here's a real treat for you all! Peter "the devil" Horvath has made a return with this amazing e4m8 which he improved by twenty-five seconds to 1:49! Madness I tells ya, MADNESS! Oh, and it's DONE! ;-)
    February 1st, 2004 - Thomas
  • Connor has joined the madness, by improving e3m5 by two more seconds to 1:17, and it's DONE unless someone wants to have another go at it.
    January 25th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Timo improved e3m6 by one more second to 1:06. IS IT DONE YET?!
    January 18th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Timo improved e3m6 by one more second to 1:07. Have we seen the end of this?!
    January 15th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Justin improved e3m6 by one more second to 1:08. Timo?
    January 14th, 2004 - Thomas
  • I improved e2m6 by three more seconds to 2:13, and it's DONE.
    January 13th, 2004 - Thomas
  • I improved e2m6 by six more seconds to 2:16. I'll see if I can get it down another second or two.
    January 12th, 2004 (2nd update) - Thomas
  • Timo improved e3m6 by one more second to 1:09. Justin?
    January 12th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Justin improved e3m6 by two more seconds to 1:10. Over to you Timo?
    January 11th, 2004 (2nd update) - Thomas
  • Timo improved e3m6 by one more second to 1:12. Back to you Justin?
    January 11th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Justin did e3m6 in 1:13, thirteen seconds better than his old demo. I think should we label this one DONE too (unless Timo has something better up his sleeve?). Only ep2 and 4 to go now :-)
    January 10th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Justin improved e3m5 by one more second to 1:19, and it's DONE, unless someone else wants to have a crack at it?
  • He also improved Martin's e4m5 by one second to 1:39, and it's DONE.
  • And I've labelled e2m5 as DONE as well, but as always, if you think you're up for it, go ahead and improve it.
    January 8th, 2004 (2nd update) - Thomas
  • I improved e2m6 by two more seconds to 2:22. We've also reached the 'Seven minutes saved over the old project' barrier with this demo. Sweet!
    January 8th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Justin did e3m5 in 1:20, three seconds better than Daniel.
  • I did e2m6 in 2:24, ten seconds better than Will. This is absolutely not final as I fucked up a zillion things!
    January 7th, 2004 (2nd update) - Thomas
  • Heh, not long after I had posted the 1:07 demo, Martin sent me a 1:06, but Justin was quick to respond with this 1:04. The fight continues...
    January 7th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Justin did e2m5 in 1:07, five seconds better than Martin, but I know Martin also has a 1:07 so we shall see who gets this map in the long run :-)
    January 6th, 2004 - Thomas
  • I updated the tables a bit. I also added Daniel Hansson's e3m5 SDA record which is seven seconds better than the old QdQ time.
    January 5th, 2004 - Thomas
  • Martin did e2m5 in 1:12, ten seconds better Justin.
    January 4th, 2004 - Thomas
  • I did e3m7 in 0:51, two seconds better and it's DONE.
    January 3rd, 2004 - Thomas
  • The project page has been set up.