DdQ Doom
Before Quake, there was Doom. Doom speed-runs have always been popular, and now dQ-style runs of Doom are also possible, where better for them than this corner of QdQ?


Until the release of the Doom source code (Dec. 23, 1997) it was impossible to connect several Doom demos together (or at least, we are not aware of a way it could be done - maybe someone else knows...).

But with the release of the source code it's possible to connect LMPs across levels with only a small modification. This leads to a series of new Doom multilevel runs when each level is recorded separately from a savegame and then the LMPs are connected to the full run.

(Demos are not connected within levels - only across levels. There is a way to connect demos within levels, but we are sticking with QdQ's tradition, also we believe that would ruin much of the fun.)

So far we've done both Ultimate Doom and Doom2 quick. There is a long history of speed-running in Doom. If you want to check out other demos, then the centre for all Doom speed-running is the COMPET-N site.


Doom done Quicker dqr-1605 16:05 run through the four episodes of Ultimate DooM 00/12/10
Doom2 done Quick d2dq2116 21:16 run through all the levels of Doom2 98/06/10
Doom done Quick ddq-1941 19:41 run through the four episodes of Ultimate DooM 98/05/03
Hell quickly Revealed hqr-4339 43:39 run through Hell Revealed in one take 97/11/21