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11:02 run through Scourge
8:20 skill 0 sister run

"I cannot recommend this more highly... this is the best Quake movie ever." - Blue.

"Being one of the people involved with creating Operation Bayshield, I have to say Scourge done Slick kicks bayshield's arse!" - ParadoX.

"Everyone MUST see Scourge Done Slick! ...you MUST!" - Levelord.

Release notices:
  1. If you don't have the original game, then you can instead stream the movie on YouTube from the link below.
  2. WinQuake and GLQuake users: "Out of handles" means you have more than eight PAK files altogether in id1, hipnotic and sds. Get rid of (e.g. rename) some of the trivial id1 and hipnotic ones to get back under the limit to avoid this error.
  3. Amiga users: The sds_amiga package may be helpful for you, see below.

Scourge done Slick


This is a run that completes Quake Mission Pack 1, Scourge of Armagon, on Nightmare difficulty as fast as we could manage. We spent a longer time on the production of the refilmed version of the run than we have with any previous release; we'd consider it to be a proper Quake movie based on the original run.

You need to have this Mission Pack to watch this movie!. It uses the maps and models from Scourge, so it won't play back without it. And if you don't have this Mission Pack, why the hell not? =)


Below you will find links to various files and a guide to choosing which will be the best ones for you to download. Once you've made your choice and downloaded, installation and running is straightforward. The downloads all contain *.pak and various other files. Put them in a subdirectory of your main Quake directory. If you downloaded in several parts and so have some paks with the same name, it's the bigger paks and later files from the upgrades and add-ons that you want rather than the smaller or older files.

Once you have a subdirectory containing the paks, just run Quake with the -hipnotic and -game command-line options. Setting a higher than default -zone option is also recommended. So run, e.g. quake -hipnotic -game sds -zone 512. For DOS/Win platforms, running the included SdS.bat should take care of these sort of things for you if you want.

If you want to watch the run under GLQuake, you will first need to patch your copy of Scourge of Armagon. The game as released has some texture bugs that make it crash if certain maps are loaded in the same GLQuake session. This is easy to do on most platforms: see the separate section below for details. You will also want to have a version of GLQuake other than v0.96, since the movie uses sprites in some places and version 0.96 of GLQuake will not display these. We recommend GLQuake v0.97.

For more verbose and comprehensive installation and running instructions you can consult the text file.


All that's available now is the mega pack with all options included. You get the main movie and the first player demos on Nightmare skill, as well as the Easy skill run SdSlite.

OK, that's probably more than you need to know. Enjoy Scourge done Slick!

Scourge done Slick (11.9MB)
All releases and add-ons, menu-driven demo PAKs
download text
v1 release, 98/12/07

SdSamiga (440Kb)
Set of utilities, in LHA format.
download text
v1 release, 02/01/07
Useful utilites for watching the movie on Amiga computes.
This set of utilities creates a single pak file from the contents of the SdSmega package. It was created by Thomas Veress. See the text file for more instructions.

Scourge done Slick - YouTube
Simply click the link to the right and watch the run streamed in glorious high definition.

Version history

13th May 2022 - New video for Youtube.
7th January 2002 - SdSamiga package
See above.
7th December 1998 - v1 release of the three add-ons
These were SdSlite, a patch to the movie, and an alternative set of marine vocals. As normal, there were some test pre-release versions of these add-ons used internally, I won't bore you with the details.
26th July 1998 - the public v1 release
Everything before v1 was not a publically announced release, and was for internal testing only. They were never uploaded to cdrom.com and its mirrors.
24th July 1988 - test3 version of the full release.
Still missing the odd bit of music, etc, and the final version was cleaned and tweaked some more, but this release was free of major problems so we knew we were good to go.
16th July 1998 - test2 version of the full release.
Missing a few odd sounds, vocals and pieces of music. Contained a few fatal errors (credits crashed under GL, some easter eggs were broken) and a multitude of little things that needed fixing, including a lot of wrongly-coloured particles.
7th June 1998 - test1 version of SdS_1102.zip.
One problem with this version was the GLQuake crash on Hip2M4. There was also a continuity bug between HipDM1 and Hip3M4.

Making Scourge compatible with GLQuake

Yes, believe it or not, Scourge of Armagon as released doesn't work properly under GLQuake. Certain pairs of maps contain textures with the same names but different sizes. This causes GLQuake caching problems and it will crash if you play both maps in the same session. This prevents you from playing through the game from beginning to end, and so also from running the SdS movie.

The problem is easy to solve by patching your Hipnotic pak0.pak. We have provided a program to do this for you on the most common Quake platforms; the programs will be in one of whatever zip archives you downloaded.

On a DOS/Windows PC,
just run the included SdSfixGL.exe program.
Under Linux,
just run the included SdSfixGL program. You will first need to make it executable in the normal way: chmod a+x SdSfixGL.
On the Mac,
you'll want to download the Mac version of SdSfixGL, which Scott Kevill has kindly compiled and Stuffed and HQXed and so forth. He tells me it ought to tell you what to do with it when you launch it.
On any other platform,
there's no precompiled executable for you yet, I'm afraid. You'll need to download the C source for our patching program and compile and run your own version. Alternatively, you may want to fix the PAK directly with your own Quake tools or a hex editor. You simply need to rename a couple of textures so that they have unique names. Change the names of the texture metal5_6 in hip2m4.bsp, and the texture metal5_8 in hip3m3.bsp.


If you don't have Quake1 Mission Pack #1 Scourge of Armagon, by Hipnotic (who have since changed their name to Ritual Entertainment), then you can't run this movie.

But the question is, why haven't you got it? You really should have, you know. =)

  • By popular acclaim, it's the best of all the commercial add-ons available for Quake.
  • It's available pretty darn cheap these days.
  • It's the release that made the team now working on the eagerly-awaited SiN famous.
  • You can't watch our rather cool movie without it. (OK, maybe we already mentioned that, but you can hardly blame us. =)