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A "demo mixer" that allows you to e.g. move entity information between demos.



Demix is a program used to edit Quake demos (.dem files). It enables you to do some sorts of entity manipulation, especially transferring entities from one demo into another. (Demix is a compound from "demo" and "mixing", you see.) This opens the door to a wide range of possibilities - you can extend the lifetime of entities, produce fake multiplayer demos (i.e. add new actors to existing demos) and other things. See the text file for detailed information and instructions.


Unzip the download. Put demix.exe wherever it suits you best, and run it from the command-line. That's it.


demix (59Kb)
Compiled Pascal command-line EXE
download text
Version 1.2, 98/05/18
Full instructions and some examples of use are found in the included text file.

Version history

18th May 1998, version 1.2 released
Added the -r (remove) switch
8th March 1998, version 1.1 released
An updated version that adds some features that are useful in mixing and filming multiplayer (co-operative) demos.
25th January 1998, version 1.0 released
Initial public release. Previous versions have been used internally in QdQ releases, such as to fix disappearing entity problems in Qd100Q, and mix "George" into QdQlite.