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Versatile general purpose demo processing utility



This is a little feature-packed utility by Stefan Schwoon that handles most of the processing and tidying jobs we need to do to our demos in the course of a movie production (apart from the refilming, which is handled by ReMaic.)

Many of the functions are QdQ-specific, but here are some of the things it will do that should have a wider utility:

  • Compress a demo by removing entities that are behind the view (-v) or during the finale (-e), or by lowering the framerate (-f).
  • Extract a timed part of a demo (-:).
  • Print a running timer on a demo (-t).
  • Output a brief report concerning a demo (-s).
  • Fix the bug that stops some demos recorded on START and HIP1M3 from playing back (-n).
  • Produce *.ls LMPC-text-listings from Quake demos significantly faster than LMPC does (-w).
  • Make toast (-well_OK_everything_but).

You can read further details of these and the other miscellaneous features of DemTool in the text file. If you edit movies, check it out, as it probably does something that you'll find useful.


Unzip the download. Put demtool.exe wherever it suits you best, and run it from the command-line. That's it.


demtool (67Kb)
Compiled Pascal command-line EXE
download text
Version 2.7, 2021/12/01
Full instructions are found in the included text file.

Version history

1st December 2021, version 2.7 released
Recompiled to work natively in modern Windows
1st June 1998, version 2.6 released
Added --fadein. Fixed a bug in -b.
13rd May 1998, version 2.5 released
Added a few options and reduce.exe. Renamed the -# switches.
16th March 1998, version 2.4 released
Added options -@, -P, -#4 and -#5 and fixed a bug in -f.
25th January 1998, version 2.3 released
Really fixed -o this time =) along with -b as below. Added -m and -#3, SoAstats v1.3 compatibility, etc.
24th December 1997, internal version 2.2
Corrected bleeding in intermissions and added an option to quickly fix this existing problem before releasing Qd100Q.
18th December 1997, version 2.1 released
Mission pack 2 compatibility, Fixed -o fade problems, added -T, -#1 and -#2, outfile for print mode, exit code, etc.
17th November 1997, version 2.0 released
The in-house tool goes public.
14th November 1997, internal version 2.0
Added option -a to insert footers. Fixed -s to cope with HipEnd, added defaults for -h.
13th November 1997, internal version 1.6
Fixed some final problems with options -hov, added graceful recovery from running out of disk-space, and wrote documentation ready for a public release.
8th November 1997, internal version 1.5
Added options -fhgqnou for framerate compression, inserting a header, removing QdQstats and grenade-timer messages, fixing the START bug, adding fades and changing uniform colours. Changed invulnerability bleeding in -b and fixed -v to handle intermissions.
31st October 1997, internal version 1.4
Added options -prx to chain demos, add rune information, and extract special messages. Fixed escaped quotes in -w, removed some crashing bugs.
25th October 1997, internal version 1.3
Added options -ev: for finale and FOV compression, and processing only part of a demo file.
23rd October 1997, internal version 1.2
Added option -w for LMPC-style decompilation.
19th October 1997, internal version 1.1
Added bleeding option -b.
5th October 1997, internal version 1.0
First in-house version of DemTool pulls together some separate utilities Stefan had written, basically providing options -cdist to remove centerprinted texts, add disconnect messages, write info for QdQstats, calculate statistics, and add running timer.