SpeedCon 2006 - DaneCon



SpeedCon 2006 took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hosting the event was Thomas 'Stubgaard' Stubgaard. Other than Thomas Stubgaard, the only runners present were Mathias 'Mandel' Thore, and Thomas 'lodis' Bergendorff, both from Sweden. Mandel arrived by car from Stockholm on June 29th, lodis joined via train from Stockholm on July 1st. The event lasted until July 5th.

We honestly spent more time playing Quake than we initially may have planned for :) We did however have time to drink some nice Danish lager, check out the city of Copenhagen, drink some red Danish lager, look at furniture, drink some weird Danish lager, get fined for unlawful parking, drink some orange juice, eat some smelly cheese, sleep on the floor, visit the Copenhagen Zoo, try some snus, and drink some quite good Danish beer!


Already on day 1 we met Stubgaard's grand-grand-uncle Preben Stubgaard somewhere in Copenhagen. It's easy to see that axe wielding runs in the family.

Stubgaard and lodis enjoying a beer in the sun on Stubgaard's balcony.

Mandel, Stubgaard, and lodis on the balcony.

Stubgaard was feeling quite alright here. Shortly after inserting one of the snus portions under his upper lip he could be heard saying "this is the strangest feeling I've ever had!".

Stubgaard and Mandel somewhere in the zoo.

Stubgaard's livingroom. This is where we spent most of our days playing Quake. It was also Mandel's bedroom every night, and Lodis's bedroom one night until it was decided to put one bed in the kitchen because of a gas problem.

Mandel's computer, Krutar, currently at incarnation 2.8. On screen is Quake, at the preferred resolution!

This is where lodis played. Honestly, it was a double decker setup :)

Mandel and Stubgaard standing by Mandel's SAAB that was used to get to places. In the back is the building in which Stubgaard lives.

Here's a parking ticket we received for parking outside the zoo without indicating our time of arrival.

Stubgaard enjoying a pink elephant at the zoo.

We named this mama bear Morfans.

This is lodis and Stubgaard somewhere in the garden at Louisiana. At the horizon you can see Sweden!

Making a Quake Q out of beercans is a nice tradition :) This is Stubgaard's work, in his own kitchen. Stubgaard's intention was to make it look somewhat like a dick... hence the long spike.

Stubgaard: Yonex Stud!

The three of us in the sofa together with a bunch of Quake memorabilia!


Of course all the time playing Quake was not wasted. A bunch of demos were made, as well as a project run though Runner's Delight: Runner's Delight at Speedcon 2.

All the other demos from SpeedCon 2006 can be downloaded here. The list is probably ordered chronologically... All 2-player demos are recorded by Stubgaard and Mandel, and all 3-player demos are recorded by Stubgaard, Mandel, and Lodis.