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Relased in March 2005, Budgom 2 takes place three years after Bugdom. Take control of Skip who had his knapscak stolen. Go get it back, with help from your friends Sam the Snail and Sally the Chipmunk.


Best time: Single-segment 0:17:09 by 'Newtmanking' on 2013-09-20.

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Author's comments:


By: Newtmanking

Timing starts when the player presses the start button and ends with the start of the "You Win" cutscene. Overall, this game was a fun one to run, because I was the first to start running this game. Over the past month or so, I have progressed greatly on the game, discovering new tricks and glitches all on my own. It is way too easy to clip in this game, and developers didn't probably test it out enough.

Level 1: This level is very straight forward and went well for me.

Level 2: This one was fine. I recently changed the routing, and that saved me a few seconds from previous runs.

Level 3: I had a good run of this level.

Level 4: This is the first auto-scroller. Yeah, it was fine.

Level 5: The clips in this level went well for me. This is actually the shortest level in the game, because the ending is right near the start.

Level 6: This clip is probably the hardest in the game, but I got it relatively fast.

Level 7: This is the second autoscroller, and honestly, it is probably easier than the first.

Level 8: I got stuck in the wall briefly during the second clip, but didn't lose more time than I had saved with some of the better clips earlier on in the game.

Level 9: I hate this level. I missed a couple of the anthills, but this level went extremely well for how I've been doing it in the past.

Level 10: I still haven't found a good spot to clip oob in this level, but this level is the only one that gets to showcase the superbounce. Basically, by spamming the jump button while at a certain angle with 2 walls, you can jump off the wall and get over any gate without getting a key.

All in all, out of the many, many, many times that I have attempted a SS run of this game, this has been my best time so far. I hope to break 17 someday, and I plan on breaking this game even more.

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