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Monday, February 19, 2018 by LotBlind

Ikaried Away to Oblivion on a Dreamboat Boat

Right. So my feed got randomly fed with this Narcissa Wright interview w/ Liz Ryerson who I've mainly known for her coverage of that old-skool Doom mapping. It runs through the keypoints of the history of speedrunning, touching on high score runs, which is an interesting sideline at least whenever you get a bonus for being fast. 100% completion tend to be the preferred take on the same general idea, and of course sometimes they're one and the same. Other topics visited: SpeedRunsLive, tons about Ocarina of Time etc. stuff that Narcissa (formerly Cosmo) is known for; are games less broken than they were?; speedrun categories and why some people don't like glitched runs; Machinima gets a little "shout-out";  cum other topics from the none-too-distant past. This interview I happened upon myself, but feel free to use the news tip form if you'd like some extra publicity for your speedrun events etc.

Onto the runs. I'd like to trumpet out a minor improvement to the The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion any%, lest the game fall into such. The time was 3:49. With better overall execution and NPC luck, 'AntonioPeremin' grinded it down to 0:03:47. The category is still the same: Single-segment with Large-skip glitches and resets – all the usual out-of-bounds schenanigans that is. It's looking very polished now so perhaps even those of you who missed it last time will want to play catch-up today.

This continuation run for Ikari Warriors, now with deaths, wins the "most dreamlike" award. It's a combination of factors. The way the screen keeps scrolling lullingly ahead; The random vaguely representational forms appearing and disappearing; The robotic delay-perish jitterbug; The repetitive sound effects (including something like a sleeper's exhalations) and unpredictably resetting music; Indeed the times when the player just hovers through the landscape as if having realized a lucid dream; The sudden pink, and the general absence of exact physical boundaries. I like to think the G.I. is being pulled towards some very morbid point somewhere to the South-East like Lovecraft's Dreams in the Witch House, but aren't they all?

The game also has this unusual property: normally the ones where the fastest is pressing up to move in a straight line are the least interesting for speedrunning. In this case, and even though 'ktwo' did tell me earlier that it might actually be easier to charge steadfast through than taking your time, all of the near misses and painstaking planning make that straight line into electrified barbed wire and so the parsimony of input switching makes this 0:26:35 a better watch if anything. If you missed my more concrete delineations of the game and what's special about ktwo's accomplishments in the July update (second one down), peruse them now, please!

I can't tell whether or not it was good publicity or bad for the Mira Loma custom-boat-builders-since-1969 for their name to be stickered onto a game whose equivalent hyphenated-through descriptor would read "custom-boat-disassemblers-since-1991". It does sound like a symbiotic relationship. Whatever you think, Eliminator Boat Duel licenses the single most appropriate brand of aquatic chariot available in an all-out waterway one-on-one sink-or-swim winner-takes-it-all collision fest of epic proportions. But you're the choir, and I'm the preacher, because this 0:28:34 is Steve 'Elipsis' Barrios' fourth coming altogether, if you only count even this one game. It's the Expert difficulty improved by 0:26 due to things that are either more or better, or sometimes more better.

You can't tell me "Elimonator" on the edge of the game's cartridge is a misspelling. "E-li-mo-nay-ted!"

Sunday, February 4, 2018 by Worn_Traveler

Buggy Soul Cards

'AntonioPeremin' has submitted a lot of runs to SDA over the last year and we are proud to present improvements to two runs. Both are in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series and feature fast card action. Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion is one of three Power of Chaos games. Antonio has taken his 0:55 and lowered it down to 0:00:49.  This is accomplished through better luck with the paper-scissors-rock bout and another small optimization of playing without any sound effects or music. Antonio does the same in Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Kaiba the Revenge, closely related. This bout used to take 2:03 but now takes 0:01:37. Both runs are easy to follow even if you are not familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! so make sure to give these a watch.

'Tigger77' has been around for a while. I was lucky to meet and hang out with him at the first AGDQ. We now have a new game on our games list thanks to him. Soul Calibur II joins the near 1300 other games that we have a run for. Tigger uses Voldo to slash, stab, and ring out his opponents in 0:00:47.48. This run is single-segment, arcade mode, and played on easy mode. As of this writing, it is one of the fastest known runs in these categories utilizing Voldo. It's a bit cheesy but so are some croissants.

We’ve got an improvement for Bugdom 2 so get ready for some insectoid out-of-bounds adventuring. 'Newtmanking' has decided that finding Skip’s (the game’s main character) knapsack in 17:09 was no longer acceptable after someone beat his time and has now recovered the knapsack and stopped the bees in 0:15:34, eschewing walls in the process to victory. I was not familiar with this game prior to watching the run for this update and I was surprised by the variety of the levels and objectives in this game. Check this one out.


Someone asked about how you can both stream and record locally so the stream has splits and your running commentary etc. but the local recording is clean. This can be done at least in OBS. Instructions for separate audio recording. As for the video, just make sure nothing is overlayed directly onto the game itself and it can later be cropped for an SDA submission.

Saturday, December 23, 2017 by MAS8705

Karting and Clobbering

It seems only yesterday when we last saw Mario Kart 8 Deluxe added to the site. Earlier this year, Jose 'UchihaMadao' Karica performed a fantastic run of all the courses in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with all the items on. With how chaotic it can be to be randomly attacked by blue shells or lightning, it can be tricky to get a good time while not getting obliterated in the process. He has returned having made changes to his kart set up and using Gold Pink Peach instead of Rosalina.  With these changes and some luck from the RNG Gods, he has improved on his previous run with the new time of 1:33:16, improving on his previous run by two minutes.

While it is great to see an improvement, sometimes you have to wonder to yourself, "How would it be to do all the tracks without worrying about a blue shell coming from behind you?" This was a thought expressed by 'UchihaMadao' when he decided to submit a second run for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.  When you don't have to worry about anything coming from behind, you can be much more efficient with your final time.  At a final time of 1:27:56, it definitely is impressive at how much time can be saved when items are turned off. There were still a few missteps such as missing a few shortcuts, but for the most part, this is still a well-executed run through all 48 tracks.

When it comes to River City Ransom, it can be best described, as how 'yelsraek' put it: One Big Boss Rush.  It's one thing for you to get to where you need to be to beat down some thugs, but another for everyone to be right where you want them to be when you get there. One prime example was having the brothers in the warehouse spawn at a specific point and using the crate to attack them from the other side of the wall.  It was with this and other careful planning that the run saw an improvement by over a minute at 0:06:38

Monday, November 27, 2017 by Worn_Traveler

The Roman Scroll of Chameleons

Improvement has always been a tenable object that many have striven for over the course of history. These improvements come either in the form of efficiency or qualitative thought, but rarely together. Oh wait, that was my lecture from a class I just taught. Anyways, speedruns are meant to be improved on and 'AntonioPeremin' decided that he did not conquer Thracia and other ancient civilizations fast enough in Rome: Total War. 'AntonioPeremin' has gone back to virtual Europe and Asia and led the armies to victory in 0:02:47 on the easy difficulty. This is an improvement of 24 seconds from the previous run. The action is fast in this one so pay attention or you may miss the intricacies of battle logistics.

Rewriting the historic face of the world is not enough for Antonio though. He has returned to the world of The Elder Scrollsthis time to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. He disembarks from the boat, gets his parole papers, and proceeds to kill a god in a blistering 0:03:15. Normally Morrowind involves beating many missions, constant travel, and waylaying people for boots of blinding speed (well, I do at least) and maybe even some tree climbing. If you haven't watched an Any% Morrowind run for a while, you will certainly want to watch this one.  Not only does this run beat the former published run here by over a minute but this run is the current WR at the time I am typing this.

Journey, Motley Crue, Kiss, and Aerosmith: Their music has been featured in video games. Now we may add Jerry Paper to the list. Paper is a philosopher/musician and you can read more about him here. Chameleon World is a surreal experience of a game and even in a normal play through things do not always make sense. Sequence breaking the game causes that “reality” to shatter even more. 'dogia900' breaks on through to the other side in 0:18:19.This game features talking frogs, a chameleon dressed as a clown, some wonky jumping physics, and a bottle bearing frog. Is this a synthesis of different mediums coming together to unify as a whole or a dream/nightmare simulator? Watch and decide.

Saturday, October 21, 2017 by MAS8705

An Update As Random as the Guy Posting Today

How's it going, everyone? I'm MAS8705 and I will be helping out with the Front Page for today. While I might not be as well known in the speedrunning community, I have submitted a few runs that have been featured on the site: These runs include Fire Man from Megaman Powered Up, Crash Tag Team Racing, and Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise. I've also assisted with SDA's verification for new runs added to the site. I've been away from Speed Demos Archive for some time and I'm excited to be back! So let's waste no time and talk about the latest additions to the site!

Starting things off, we have a game that lets you build your very own racing vehicle. It also gives you the choice between racing as an Astronaut or a Pirate. Lego Racers came out at a time when racing games were a dime a dozen. One feature in the game was the ability to use boosting power-ups to warp past courses and finish races faster. As it turns out, you can actually earn better times if you warp at specific parts of the track while power sliding in the more tighter parts of the course. A tactic used-well by 'Greycatmon' who improved the times for all 12 tracks in Time Race at a combined time of 0:16:43.87. I wonder what the chances are that Lego would want to make another racing game in the future? It feels like we are long overdue for a sequel.

When you think of a long-running RPG series, the first game that might come to mind would be Final Fantasy. But did you know that the 2nd longest running Eastern RPG is Ys? Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter had a unique system where you can "bump" your enemies until they fall over dead. The sequel expanded the game further by introducing a magic system that allowed for more options in fights and exploration. By running directly into danger and monsters,Jeff 'Korzic' David achieved a final time of 1:04:18. Of course when it comes to Ys, there's a lot more to the game than running into your foes and see who gets knocked down first. Be sure to listen in to the audio commentary provided by Korzic.

The last of our runs today is a sandbox game based on one of the most influential films of all time: The Godfather. The game itself was so big at the time, it had five different versions. The Godfather: The Don's Edition on PS3 made use of the SIXAXIS controls to help throw people against walls or off rooftops. It can be a lot of fun to recreate various scenes out of the film and to shake down local businesses for your protection. In the case of 'Soliduz Znake', he decided to take a more direct approach in helping the Corleones take over New York City. At a time of 3:02:36, this single-segmented run comes in at a couple of minutes more than the original film itself and improving on his previously submitted segmented run.

That's all the time we have for today. Be sure to watch these great runs and stay tuned with us here at Speed Demos Archive for more fantastic Speed Runs!



The arduous and longitudinal analysis is complete; the results from the grand speedrunning survey of 2017 are in. They will be announced and picked apart on the Twitch stream of tonic, the head of the team whose initiative this whole shebang was. This is happening this Sunday at 6PM EDT. Check here to see when that is for you.

Friday, October 13, 2017 by LotBlind

Don't Tell Her Your Name, Kimmy!

Contra III to common belief, I am not Alien to the meanest levels of punnery. It is, after all, a basic part of the speedrunner's parLance! I know this kinda stuff can result in Flame Wars, but that's only fitting, because this game isn't TOO far away from a frame one. Improving (by six seconds) on hotly contested runs like this is indeed living in Reset City. Sometimes you have no clearly superior strategy and runners might take risks in different parts of the run. Just don't Spread out too thin or you know who's paying the Bill! At the end of the day, you'll be able to say: "I did it Skyyyyyyywwaaayyyyyyy... or the Highway!" I know what you're thinking: "UFO real bro? You're killing it!" Of course some may be regretting the fact it's not a Suicide Kill.

Ledge Skip ahead a bit now. In most action games, the guy's motivation is to get the girl back. The hero charges into the building, carries her out in his arms, Laser down on the grass... not the case here though. So what do you get from a good orange tree? Good RNGs. Now that I've brought up food, the Nesting to mention is good table manners. Elbows off the table, empty your plate and don't Gargoyle. Besides what's demonstrated in the 0:12:11 run on easy, there's various kinds of lag management: fly overnight, avoid stimulants, pre-adjust sleep cycle... And just Rest. Someone rattling their Doritos? Don't worry, a peaceful time will come! 'TheDrifter18' is the runner here, the Star of the show. Wait, "Star"? Oh, that must have leaked over from...

Ristar! (You can leave the [self-]loathing to me BTW.) Right, so here's one we desperately need to vivisect: Rise-Star? Rising Star? An up-and-comer? I wonder if this star feature was aware of his grim prospects around the Japanese launch of February '95? His authors at the Sonic Team (presumably those who made Sonic but what do I know...) decked domestic shelves with a game by the extended title of Ristar the Shooting Star... and there verily are no parts two or three – "for various reasons" says one of the directors. That's as hilariously self-fulfillingly ironic as they get, guys, despite some re-releases and mostly flattering reviews.

In-game you control what's effectively both a "rise" and a "fall" star with Bionic Commando arms and a propensity to head-butt (a word with hardly a synonym; "pate-smack" will throw people off in a fight though). If you can see through the characteristic elements of other 16-bit platformers, the feel is of a more puzzle-oriented game that apparently doesn't faze the casuals but certainly will the ambitious lot that is us folk. Skilful maneuvers abound (the game even gives you a so-called "technical bonus"!) and again we must beseech Lady Fortune for further expedition. 'Chubbus'' is an improvement of 42 seconds over a run you saw in 2009, so you have no excuses for skipping it (and the 0:28:05 run doesn't need any!).

When it's time to show 'n' tell, some kids go for cool points with like a toy lightsaber, or their pet frog Honda. Or clever points if they were given the letter 'U' and they brought a flashlight, pointed it at themselves and smugly announced "Umbra!". That one overlaps with the easygoing-no-future points which you get for an article of clothing you'd normally be wearing anyway, or the book you just finished reading... aloud... with the whole class. Then there's sheer provocation. Flags, banners, manifestos, religious insignia, poetry and a fake Hitler moustache (or, well, a real one) would all fall into this category, slightly depending on where exactly events are taking place. Now we're talking about case Michael 'arglefumph' Gray and the sobering discussion we need to have with their parents over the Detective Barbie 2: Vacation Mystery they pulled out in front of everyone.

While today they may have just groggily (and I realize I've inadvertently made argle's family sound like they're all alcoholics, which wouldn't surprise me at all actually) picked up the wrong item off the table in a rush having overslept, if we examine his records, an alarming trend will leap out like a crouching cheetah. While it started innocuous enough with Nancy Drew, that stalwart defender of justice who's 5% sugar and spice and 95% moral fiber, we started treading dangerous waters with The Pagemaster... and now this?! Look at her! She doesn't even blink! The others blink, why does she not blink?! Why is there always a beach? Why is Ken such a surfer dude? What is everyone's substitute for food? Please somebody take action, I implore you! IsraeliRD, who was in class at the time, has this to say: "I wanted to mute it within a minute of just listening, and was really sick of it as it kept going." One of the kids pulled their cellphone out and managed to capture this 0:11:21 footage that has already been delivered to the authorities.

Friday, September 29, 2017 by Worn_Traveler

Fly, Skip, and a Hop

My brother and I have spent countless hours in the Might and Magic universe, primarily in the first three Heroes of Might and Magic games. We return to Enroth in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer in order to figure out why there’s a giant crystal in the middle of a city. 'Snabel' gives us a quick tour through the game and the various elemental areas in 0:14:13 using segments and deaths to end the Day of the Destroyer quickly, as the previous run has done. Snabel does so almost three minutes faster than the previous run.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is probably supposed to take many hours to beat. Like its brethren in The Elder Scrolls series though, Oblivion has its share of exploits and glitches that allow for quick completion of an otherwise lengthy journey. Without a good understanding of the game's mechanics, one might wonder about the structural integrity of the prison the player starts in. 'AntonioPeremin' utilizes large-skip glitches and a save/load or two to push the time down to 0:03:49. For those of you who are worried about missing out on hearing Patrick Stewart in the run, fear not: He is still here.

Rabi-Ribi is a fairly new game and is new to SDA. I haven’t played it yet but after watching the run of it, I’ll definitely be doing so. The game seems to be more complex than it first appears and the developers have even included a speedrun mode. 'triblast55' hops through the speedrun/postgame mode of this 2D exploration plaformer meets bullet hell boss game in 2:46:43.76. This is a casual difficulty low% run so get comfy and enjoy going down this rabbit hole with no items. Low% runs always present greater challenges in terms of survival and this run does not fail in that regard.

Sunday, September 17, 2017 by LotBlind

Divine Divinity... Marble Marble... Rumbly Rumble... Metal Metal

I remember about the only one – the first one – of the idiosynchratic Larian Entertainment's Divinity RPG-hack-'n'-slashers I've played that it had a distinctly imbalanced skill tree. That's no wonder, since their aim was to incorporate a large smörgåsbord of options suiting the three main playstyles, with both ranged and melee combat fleshed out, all the while dealing with obnoxious publisher interference during development. All of this and seemingly a lot more carries over to what was really the third in the series after Beyond Divinity, generally considered a small dip after Divine Divinity. To 2009's Divinity II: Ego Draconis (later burnished and glazed into 2011's Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga), the critics responded in similarly lukewarm ways, especially when it came to the Xbox 360 version. This is ironic because most of the time, it's the PC port that tends to suffer from developers' attempts at branching into controller-controlled territories.

To return to those skill trees: There obviously can't be dozens of abilities each perfectly go-with-able, especially when no strict class-limiting exists. I also am yet to see a game balanced for speedrunning instead. Thrusting at enemies through the three-dimensionalized tracts of Rivellon and embracing the philosophy of the helicopter (a dual-wielding style), Marcel Kalmes makes short [, by 14:16,] single-segmented 2:03:37 work of the realm's unworthy would-be lords and masters. We might as well append Israeli's professional-grade verification to Marcel's own notes to give clues as to wherefrom the none-too-shabby improvement.

Don't lose your MARBLEs now, but... stop the MADNESS! Now that that's out of the way, we may proceed into a terse biography of Elipsis, the speedrunner and person we all know through six links max (as we all know each other, apparently). He has a couple of published runs for a boat racing game, another weird one that was timed at 0:00 (that's gotta have been a Jedi mind trick), and another two that prove his fingers are all, individually and collectively, a ninja. His YouTube channel evidences having been around since that mythical time of yore when it was actually considered okay to handicam your cool gameplay videos. The only saving grace, really, is this crab. And this 0:02:43 for the NES Marble Madness if you're into that sorta thin'. I don't see anything left to explain about these ~2 seconds off. Just like the last time, all those reactions and all of that deep deep catharsis is conveyed in a touching, yet dignified, spoken commentary accessible by switching to audio track two in a player like VLC.

If the name, in general, of PS2's Rumble Roses, is not enough to cue you in on it, the brazen initials have got to be: this game is going for "R-Risqué" and sure knows its thing. It's about fantasy wrestling exhibitions where every fighter is, in the most flagrant fashion, a she, and possesses of a side personality, an evil – or in some cases good – twin. It threw me for a loop seeing the term "professional wrestling" applied to this in the Wiki article. Isn't the default for all "professional" activities to be very much the real thing, no tricks and no gimmicks? It looks like what silly old me always knew as show wrestling has attempted some kind of facelift (which is appropriate since it sounds like one of their moves) by tacking on this possibly quite specious prefix (which is appropriate because that's what the matches themselves are, a pre-fix). To clear our, no doubt, mistaken conceptions we'd have to summon someone who gives a measurable amount of damn. That's not going to be the runner, 'Tigger77'. Forgetting they'd surely get paid more if they were to drag it out a bit, they've went ahead and stomped their sleazy opposition right in their resting bitch faces on a character called Sgt. Clements, for whom changing attires to the two kinds of swimwear (I said "knows its thing") can only barely avoid coming as an upgrade to her modesty. Let's collectively count some blessings guys, the smut exhibition itself only takes 0:01:57, but the dirty thoughts, aye, they'll linger...

Of all these anarchistic phrasal amalgamations, "Otherside" seems a relatively popular one. It's evocative for sure: it suggests, in sufficiently vague fashion, a spatial juxtaposition of some kind pointing out the more alien and mysterious half (way more so than just "the Other Side" could ever convey!), but because space is often used as an analogy for experiences or states of mind, there's hardly a limit to what the proposed dichotomy could be. You could make it "the Otherside [Entertainment] of the gaming industry" a là that company that keeps getting more limelight cause I can't stop thinking about it apparently; "the light side vs. the dark side", or some elder gods in actual Star Wars lore, would you believe it; or you could euphemize the woebegone bridge-underations of the accustomated vein-pricker as verily did Anthony Kiedis in a musical poem by this name.

Or then it's a dimension where aliens thirst for the secret of Metal Morph-osis so they can Terminator their way in to establish a competitive multinational corporation making acquisitions through bribery, blackmail and guerrilla interventions... or whatever it is they had in mind... Yeah! What's shocking is the run is by Patrick 'P "The Man" J' DiCesare, yet it doesn't have that kind of uniformly piddle-on reviews we've grown to assume. At least it has to be as unfair as an asymmetric seesaw, right? Well, the customary audio commentary hitched onto this 0:37:14 certainly gives something by way of an explanation. You're excused for thinking Origin, adulated for their Ultima series and Wing Commander, wasn't capable of making a splash with traditional action titles like the one in question, but they did come up with the perfectly decent Crusader soon after, scurrying back to those PC systems that they were definitely more at home with so... I guess not really.

Saturday, August 26, 2017 by LotBlind

That DEATH Cat's Gonna Make Me Fall Prey (2017) to Gift Falsehood Hollow!

If and only if you're a giant weeaboo, you will no doubt feel patronized for me telling you this, but Yu-Gi-Oh! is some kind of anime, probably also a manga and most certainly a video game (or a hundred billion). It's apparently more mature than Pokémon with something called Shadow Games and talk about DEATH. Yu-Gi-Oh! isn't actually something you play per se but there is a heavily featured trading card game (represented as holograms in the series itself) called Duel Monsters. What does the title mean you ask? It means "courage to lie to a bear!"... or "superior chase skills!"... or "help affair to grow!"... Yeah, we've been here before, haven't we? I created this spreadsheet to actually translate the name randomly every time you load it up. Have the blast you know you're supposed to!

I don't know who the characters are being challonged to the DEATH game in these three, but I have no trouble placing 'AntonioPeremin' in my convoluted mental maps and charts. He's taken some of the few PC Yu-Gi-Oh! games and won at single duels like he was in a rush to the opera or something (Paul Morphy style). Here's the breakdown for y'all:

If and only if you're a collector of obscurity and curios like those 18th century men-of-the-world procuring for their "Wunderkammers" discoveries and samples from far abroad, chances are you're not all that familiar with 2010's Deadly Premonition. Despite this, it seems to enjoy the status of their best-known title amongst many mostly this-year's-edition titles Access Games have produced for mainstream publishers such as Square-Enix and Microsoft. The non-westernized name was Red Seeds Profile which points at a central motif. There's a murderer, known as the Raincoat Killer, whose idiosynchratic trail special agent York is combing for the slightest of clues in small town Greenvale and outskirts. The game's most notable feature was its dynamic representation of the town with NPCs and business establishments each operating on the clock with the day cycling and the weather shifting. York himself must take care of his corporal sustenance and sleep, often resorting to caffeine to stave it off another couple of hours. Aside from roving about the place on wheels or off, talking to the townsfolk while trying to piece it together, surreal survival-horrory sequences (not the critics' darlings I'm afraid) are interwoven along with excerpts straight from the protagonist's sprawling subconsciousness.

Due to the reality-miming mechanics, I'm sure runner 'StiWii Rage' would have, at times, had to deliberate on the minutiae of the 3:21.07 itinerary here followed through hitchlessly in one fell sitting. I wouldn't be averse to see what it looks like in 100% mode seeing as many more chores and assignments await the sleepless in this harrowed, mesmerizing microcosm. All fans, new and old, be aware! The game's main creative engine, its Hideo Kojima if you will, Hidetaka Suehiro is now pitching a new and rather appealing design called The Good Life, up for pledges and investments on Fig.

I have to be fair... 0:06:58 for an immersim, despite their abundancy of hack-prone doors (and the occasional illusory floors and ceilings) for players to pick their way through, is certainly shorter than... well any of the others isn't it, including System Shock from a few updates ago. Thus it's not entirely inane for speedrun laymen across gaming news dispensers to have elected what we shall have to call Prey (2017) out of all those recently afflicted by speedrun radiation (what causes the gameplay to mutate) as that recurring headline item from our (celerial) sphere. It does, however, make this a bit of a rehash. Between the game's ubiquity and 'seeker__''s perfectly adequate run comments, there really isn't much left to say. As my comrade ktwo pointed out in verification, it's not likely this is the last it'll feature even in our own feed.

But for any troglodytes out there, the 2017 Prey has been compared to System Shock 2 and Deus Ex more so than Arkane Studio's own past works, such memorables as their first, Arx Fatalis, and Dishonored. The least resemblance of all "related" games is borne to the 2006 First-Person Shooter with its Native American lead, provoking accusations of Bethesda having put out a money-grubbing false reboot, and further ire from those who had subscribed to the idea they were getting the Prey 2 promised by Human Head Studios' best-of-show-ing 2011 E3 presentation. Rumors circulate about the politics of Human Head's falling out with its publisher, and do those ever come comely? Regardless, Arkane's again bagged treasured above-80 metascores and, no doubt, deafened a part of the crowd to the hubbub. If you're still sitting on the fence, I think I'll just leave you with the most glowing and... umm... least glowing two reviews I could find, both for the PC version. I wish reviewers were more mindful of mentioning which difficulty setting they took as it can change the experience quite radically.

Friday, August 18, 2017 by Worn_Traveler

Modes of Transport

Cars, airplanes, rockets, hookshots, super arrows, teleportation, and good old walking are just some of the ways we get from Point A to Point B in video games. Sometimes we stay in bounds, other times we break the game’s reality and forego collision detection and other such impediments. Today’s runs all feature different means of travel; some direct and some indirect.

We start with Kid Icarus. Pit is the protagonist of Kid Icarus and like the mythical Icarus, has wings. Unlike Icarus, these wings don’t melt when getting near the sun. Also unlike Icarus, they don’t seem to work for flying. Pit’s legs and feet work great though, which is good since there’s a lot of jumping in this game. Maybe the wings help Pit get higher than the average hero? Regardless, 'Darkwing Duck' has Pit hopping and shooting through Angel Land in 0:22:22, which beats the previously published time of 25:23. The lower time comes from newer strategies and a skip or two.

Our next mode of transportation is… a beetle? No, it’s not a Volkswagen and it’s not alive. This beetle has a 200cc engine and decimates the tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Jose 'UchihaMadao' Karica goes through all of the tracks in a blistering 1:35:36 on Hard mode. I’m not big on racing games but I enjoyed watching this one. Give it a shot.

Golden Axe gives you several options for travel. One can walk, run, and ride on the back of several Bizarrians (that’s what the instruction manual calls them). These creatures can swing their tails and breathe fire (but not at the same time). There is also a village on the back of a turtle and one level involves riding on a massive eagle. While we’ve had a single player run here for a while, Steve '8-Bit Steve' Lynn & Anthony 'Sync' Hawkes decided to team up using Tyris-Flare and Ax-Battler to stop Death Adder and his minions. They kick and stab their way through this arcade port in 0:08:09. The teamwork is definitely worth a watch.

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