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Saturday, March 28, 2015 by IsraeliRD


Now in a range of flavours your whole family will enjoy.

After regaining consciousness from a car crash, 'Zakky the Goatragon' finds himself in front of a large, old mansion, and his sibling missing. As he ventures through the house no living soul is found, but instead he finds the undead and learns that he is Uninvited. Using lots of magic and solving puzzles, 'Zakky the Goatragon' is able to save his sibling in 0:12:00, Single Segment.

The spin-off title to the Aero the Acro-Bat series is Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel. An evil lumberjack has invaded Stony Forest and is chopping trees in order to make paper, which he will use to print counterfeit money, possibly more than one million dollars. mwhahahaha. Eric 'Omnigamer' Koziel takes on Zero's world and beats the game in 0:11:31, Single Segment.

If a few Touhou games did not satisfy your need to take photographs, how about Fatal Frame III: The Tormented ? Rather than take selfies with bosses, you take pictures of ghosts to ghost-bust them (I'm sorry). 'Danielle' is in love with Kei, so she sets out to save her and captures it on film (I'm not sorry) for us in 2:28:49. This is a Single Segment run done on New Game Plus, thus Best Ending, and in Nightmare difficulty.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 by IsraeliRD

Saving the World

One update at a time?

Have terrorists amassed a diabolical force again? Is your Free World threatened by total destruction? Sounds like you need the LX-3 Super Cobra helicopter! That is pretty much the plot of Cobra Command, which is not related to G.I. Joe at all. Piloting the 1988 version of the game which took out all the fun and instead just rescues hostages is Marko 'MASTER-88' Vanhanen, and finishing in 0:15:45 (with deaths) you too will get freedom!

If the above disaster did happen and a global war nearly decimated humankind, we would probably end up in the events of Oniken. The titular evil cybernetic organization takes control of the bad situation, but a ninja mercenary comes out of nowhere (ninja or what?) and shows them who's boss. Taking control of the ninja is 'Thaan' and he saves the world in 0:16:52, and explains how he did that in the provided audio commentary.

Saturday, March 21, 2015 by IsraeliRD


You see none in the Title department.

A name that appears more frequently on the front page (and will keep on coming!) is Andrew 'Bigmanjapan' Bondarenko, and a game that he seems to frequently run is Silent Hill 2. Today we get a new run in 0:44:20, in 13 segments. This is a 1:17 minutes improvement over the previous run from 2007 which used 11 segments.

It's been a few years since Mega Man X was last posted here and it's been long overdue an update, and one we get: 'Luiz Miguel' improves the previous 100% run by Caleb by 1:47 minutes, bringing the time down to an impressive 0:35:47. The author's comments are a recommended(?) read.

Another name that is associated with a game is 'Zakky the Goatragon', and the game is Journey to Silius. After running that game for who knows how long (okay, a year), he has improved his previous run by 5 seconds, beating the game in 0:11:08.

If I said 'ktwo' you would probably think "public verification", but that's not what we're here for today. ktwo loves to play Solomon's Key and he just keeps improving it. Today we get a 23 seconds improvement to the Best Ending, beating the game in 0:28:39, Single Segment.

The last obsoletion for the day comes in Donkey Kong Country. After wrong warp was found a few years ago inquires as to whether better warps can be done, and indeed they were found. 'NewAgeRetroHippie' takes advantage of the latest tech and produced a run clocking in at 0:08:26. The previous run was 0:23, and used the in-game timer.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 by IsraeliRD

Loading cutscenes

Please stand by while we purposely increase your blood pressure by a few notches.

Remember the cutscene saga of Half-Life? Calm down, I don't have full game runs today. Instead I have Paul 'PJC' Connolly who did the Hazard Course option of the game in 0:02:57, Single Segment. This beats the previous run from 2004 by Spider-Waffle by 13 seconds. But wait, there's more! Paul 'PJC' Connolly apparently enjoys playing these kind of games so he also did a run on the Boot Camp mode of Half-Life: Opposing Force, finishing in 0:09:34, Single Segment. It beats the previous run from 2009 by 2 seconds. Not impressed? The last run used scripts. Yup. Now pick your jaw off the floor!

Do you LOVE loading times? Sean 'MURPHAGATOR!' Murphy definitely does because there is no other reason for him not to play Cyber Sled. The game's goal is to win a tournament with hovering tanks in a futuristic themed arena where you need to eliminate your opponent. This so called "sport" came up as a way for people to escape their problems as the world is collapsing. Playing as Rexer Ironside, Sean 'MURPHAGATOR!' Murphy beats the game in 0:01:07. This is an in-game timer, and it's slightly misleading as each battle is beaten much faster than the time it took the game to load that battle.

Now then please excuse me while I load the next update. It might take a few days. You can wait, right?

Sunday, March 15, 2015 by IsraeliRD

A Magical Quest

Not Harry Potter. Better.

Master of Magic follows a wizard that attempts to dominate two linked worlds, Arcanus and Myrror. The player can summon many magicial creatures while building cities and armies in order to conquer their opponents. 'TravelDemon' plays against a single opponent on the smallest map possible, but has the Impossible difficulty to counter, and does so in 0:01:18, Single Segment.

A remake of the original Castlevania game from the NES is Super Castlevania IV. Simon's whip was upgraded to attack in eight directions, or used to block enemy projectiles. Upgrades and secondary weapons that are scattered throughout the game can be picked up and used to defeat bosses quickly. Jeremy 'DK28' Doll however does not pick up anything, playing Low% and beating the game in 0:41:21, Single Segment.

Unlike most medieval or fantasy beat 'em ups, Dungeon Magic differs with an isometric viewing angle, very large stylised sprites and some platforming. An evil magician follows the standard operating procedures by kidnapping a princess in order to bring back to life an evil spirit. Tim 'iast' Treichel plays as Gren (warrior) and saves everyone in a breezy 0:17:19, Single Segment.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers takes place many years after other Crystal Chronicles games where the Yuke tribe died out after a great war with the Lilty tribe. A surprise attack however shows that peace was an illusion and the world, or at least the Lilty Kingdom, is in danger. Nicholas 'Sir VG' Hoppe comes back to the game and improves his previous run by 5:15 minutes, clocking in at 3:56:35, using 17 segments compared to 20 in his previous run.

Chocobo gets to star in his own game, Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. Cid and his trusty Chocobo got sucked through a vortex to the island of Memoria which disappeared from the world 50 years ago, and end up recovering its residents' lost memories. Patrick 'messenger' McElwee lost none of his as he beats the game in 5:30:43, Single Segment.

Friday, March 13, 2015 by IsraeliRD

Glory to Arstotzka!

You disagree? I can't let you enter my fabulous country then.

Probably these words are what Joel 'Bisqwit' Yliluoma utters every time someone disagrees with the titular statement. His more well known words are Papers, Please. Guessed who he is? No? Well, 'Bisqwit' plays the role of an immigration officer in the fictional, dystopian, realistic and wonderful country of Arstotzka in the year 1982. His job is to let people in while keeping out all the terrorists, smugglers and other unwanted criminals, using various techniques of investigation, from simple questions to asking for a full body scan. 'Bisqwit' completes the game in 2:47:08, finishing with the EZIC ending in Single Segment. Glory to Arstotzka!

So dystopian doesn't seem to work out, how about utopian ones? The one in Mirror's Edge is better, being made from a totalitarian, sham regime amazing and awesome government that controls the media and spies on its citizens because they, uh, care about them. Much like EA and the way they treat their customers. Harry 'Keelshing' Ogier, Robert 'Arrow' Müller, Lucas 'Req' Burns, Truls 'Floubz' Olsen & Steffan 'Zooketra' Griffiths play as Faith as she attempts to figure out who framed her sister, Kate, for murder. They beat the game in 0:30:16 using 127 segments, on the PC version using Deaths, Resets, plenty of shortcuts and add in audio commentary to boot.

For the best kind of overlords we must learn from the Glukkons in Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus. They use Mudokon slaves to exhume Mudokon bones and then electrocute them (the Mudokons, not the bones [yet]) to produce tears. Then they use both in their disgusting and horrendous New 'n' Tasty Soulstorm Brew. Sam 'Samlaptop' Locke slaps all Mudokons in the face and gives us a quick run through of the game in 0:44:27, using 62 segments and reaching the Bad Ending. This is 50 seconds faster than the previous run and uses 13 segments more.

Glory to Arstotzka!

Sunday, March 8, 2015 by IsraeliRD


Everybody likes some, otherwise life would be boring, right?

Everyone likes marbles as seen by a very recent update, and if it wasn't enough for you, we have an updated run for the classic Marble Madness. Improving the previous run by 3 seconds, Steve 'Elipsis' Barrios does bolder manouvers and avoids the Magic Wands to complete the game in 0:02:47. Audio commentary included.

It has been a few months since Guardian Heroes graced our site. Today Nelson 'Sonikkustar' Martinez provides a new run for the XBLA version of the game. Playing on the Remix mode on the Golden Silver path as Ginjirou and using deaths, 'Sonikkustar' completes the game in 0:09:24, Single Segment.

Another run that sees an update to an existing one is Phantasy Star Online. 'Ckarl Bobadine' learned a few new tricks and improved his previous run by more than 5 minutes, bringing the time down to 0:48, Single Segment playing as the Ranger.

Dead Space finally makes an appearance on our site, completing the triology of the series, which now has full game runs hosted on the site. I'm pretty excited for this one as Sahail 'Jehuty' Niemeyer is the runner, and he's pretty amazing at this series. Playing on the Impossible difficulty, he provided us a run clocking at 2:24:28, Single Segment with deaths.

Thursday, March 5, 2015 by IsraeliRD

Racing champions

Meanwhile at last place is me. Again.

Building his way to the finish piece by piece is Tad 'RabidJellyfish' Cordle who returns to Lego Racers. Playing through the story mode in Single Segment and using Large Skip glitches, Tad 'RabidJellyfish' Cordle beats the game in a speedy 0:39:53 and becomes the Greatest Lego Racer of All Time. Again.

Another familiar face is Jeremy 'DK28' Doll who also comes back to a game he speedran before, Super Mario Kart. This time around he does a Single Segment run and beats the game in 0:25:40.73. Note this run uses 1 player instead of 2 which makes it harder. An audio commentary is included that covers things in detail as there are no author's comments.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 by Vulajin

Community news: healthy competition

Hello everyone, hope you've had a good week! Time for another look around the world of speedrunning. This week's theme is competition!

The last several weeks have been golden for Max 'coolkid' Lundberg, who has been tearing up the NES classic Mega Man. On February 13, he claimed the classic any% record from 'Nudua' with a time of 19:28. Fellow Swede Daniel 'Dxtr' Eriksson challenged him with a 19:24 of his own, but 'Coolkid' was not to be outdone, so he set three new records consecutively. He's now the only runner with a sub-19 time: an 18:55 that deserves a watch. And maybe a rewatch. (Shoutout to 'Slaughterhouserock' for the Mega Man tip!)

Meanwhile, 'Altabiscuit' has been working hard on Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and the results have been truly impressive. After 'Bubbles6411' recently tied his record at 1:24:17, 'Altabiscuit' came back to achieve a run that he could only describe as "insane": a 1:20:12 with extremely solid luck and execution. Still, my gut tells me some new time saves will be found in the future. After all, 'Altabiscuit' remains dedicated to this game, and we've all seen what he's capable of doing to it.

Finally, we have an update about an underrated SNES RPG, Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals. This game is impressive because of the depth of RNG manipulation possible, and the precision and consistency required to pull it off. Just this morning, 'HappySquid89' claimed the glitchless record with a time of 3:43:13, breaking the mark of 3:43:59 set 20 minutes prior by 'eLmaGus'. Both of these runs follow on the heels of 'FeralPigMan''s 3:44:00, achieved just a few weeks ago. There's still plenty of room for improvement, so expect to see these runners continuing to chip away at this time.

Now for some SDA-related news! We're currently in dire need of volunteers for "pre-release check," or PRC. PRC is a process that every run on SDA must go through before being published. It's pretty straightforward - it just involves spot checking videos of runs that are ready to publish, verifying that they have the correct aspect ratio, don't have any obvious defects, and that they actually play back properly. If you're interested in participating in this essential process, we'd love your help! Please send a PM on the SDA forums to 'Vulajin' to offer your services. Thanks a ton!

(As always, remember to submit tips for future community news updates using this form!)

Bonus: looking for some live RPG speedrun action? We've got you covered! The third edition of the SNES Final Fantasy relay race will be happening this Saturday, March 7 at 10:00 AM EST. Four teams of speedrunners will compete to complete Final Fantasy 4, 5, and 6 back-to-back-to-back, with live commentary provided by RPG community members. A bonus race of either Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Earthbound, or Lufia 2 will take place on Sunday, with the game determined by the race winners and viewer voting. You can catch this event on the RPG Limit Break Twitch channel.

Saturday, February 28, 2015 by IsraeliRD, Vulajin & UraniumAnchor


Here at SDA, we do not give preferential treatment to any specific runs or runners, regardless of who they are. That said, today the three of us bring you a fair, neutrally-minded selection of runs.

Matan 'IsraeliRD' Weissman: My favorite game is Marble Blast Gold and I've played it for a decade now. I have enjoyed watching the community grow and even more how hardworking the speedrunners in the community are. Today I'm proud to present to you a massive 72 levels improvement over the last run from 2011 for a total time of 0:14:04.117, a 25.523 seconds improvement. There are lots of extreme path optimizations, brand new pathways, a blind edge-hit and the utilization of a new glitch that completely breaks some levels. We also have 14 runners, and they are: 'Xelna', Stewart 'StewMan46' Inglis, Ji Hoon 'iMacmatician' Chun, 'Asuul', Trevor 'm2mm4m' Davidson, Jonathan 'Sporlo' Hynes, Mason 'Nihahhat' Langenderfer, 'Kalle29', Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio, 'Regislian', Remy 'Dushine' Dushime, 'BlastedMarble', Moshe & Henry 'Sonic Warrior1' Mullhall. As with the previous run we have two audio commentaries (only in the All Levels videos) and a new set of bloopers which you can download here. Oh, and we are already working on the next update :)

'Vulajin': I've loved Bastion ever since it came out in summer 2011, and I've been speedrunning it since August 2013. I've invested over 1000 hours in this game, and my crowning achievement thus far is a 0:12:40 (14:10 in community timing) which I'm proud to be able to show you. Like any good speedrun, I can't take sole credit for my accomplishments. Since I picked the game up, a huge number of new runners have contributed their efforts to help shave over 2 real-time minutes off an already blazingly fast speedrun. In particular, credit for this latest run must go to 'Astifwerg' for the Ura invasion skip and 'HaosEdge' for the Lunky drop strat. I can't overstate the depth this game has for speedrunning, and we continue to discover new time saves on a regular basis.

Benjamin 'UraniumAnchor' Cutler: We now have a run for Knytt Stories which got rejected multiple times including a great contender for best rejected run. Nonetheless I just got accepted for completing the tutorial run in 0:01:11. Short runs are obviously the best because they're the kind of thing you can knock out in like one day. Anything longer than that is a waste of time. No, I don't have carpal tunnel, why do you ask?

Stay tuned for our next fair, balanced update in a few days! ...why are you looking at us like that?

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