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Run submission inquiries: contact AT speeddemosarchive DOT com
Marathon-related inquiries: mikeuyama AT gamesdonequick DOT com
All other inquiries (Rules/Verification/etc): Ask in the forum.
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Submitting a run

Are you considering speedrunning for SDA? There's a very good chance we're interested! It's highly recommended to talk about the game you're thinking of running on the forum before starting. Registration is not required, but it is encouraged if you post regularly. Before you start recording, please read the rules and the FAQ to prevent your run from being rejected. Also, it is HIGHLY recommended that you visit our Tech Support forum and post a quality test sample to ensure that your run won't be rejected for A/V issues.

Once you have finished a run, you may submit it to Speed Demos Archive by using our Submission Form (Please note that the submission form is still in Beta. Please report any odd occurrences you may encounter). Please be diligent and fill out the entire form to the best of your knowledge. Any mistakes, clerical errors or typos that you make can slow the submission process. The form ought to be self-explanatory, but you can email puwexil at contact AT speeddemosarchive DOT com if you have any questions. Puwexil usually responds to e-mails within one or two days, but if he doesn't respond to your email within a week, then your email may have been overlooked. If that happens, don't be discouraged, just email again.

If you have a forum account, make sure you are signed in before accessing the submission form, that way your submission will be tied to your SDA account. If you don't have a forum account, the link will still work with an email address. If you are unable to use the submission form, you may send puwexil a forum PM with all of the necessary information. As a last resort, you may email puwexil your submission information at contact AT speeddemosarchive DOT com. Do not contact puwexil about things that should be discussed on the forum openly, such as what games to run, whether he has played the game you're running, and so forth.

Please do not send us the run itself until we have given you permission to do so. When you submit a run to SDA, you agree that it will be added to SDA and the speedruns collection of with your real name or a nickname. If you mail your run to Nate, you can request the discs back afterwards if you're willing to pay the return postage. You can also do anything else you want with your run, because you remain the owner and creator.

Happy running, and good luck!

Submission Tips
Follow these guidelines to have your run verified and posted as quickly as possible

-Post a quality test before you start recording. If your run has quality issues, it could be held up during submission.
-Have your comments written before you submit your run. If you delay writing your comments it could delay your run going out to verifiers.
-When we tell you to send your run, send us all qualities of the final version. If we have the final encodes of your run, we won't have to stop and wait for you to encode the rest and send them to us.
-If you want to include the time of your run in your StatID, ensure that it's the correct time. If it's wrong, you'll be asked to re-encode.

Marathon-related contact

All marathon-related (i.e -GDQ) inquries can be directed to our marathon coordinator, Mike Uyama. You can contact him at mikeuyama AT gamesdonequick DOT com.

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