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A cute flash game created by ambitiousk in 2010, Can Your Pet? is a pet simulator worth playing. Decorate your pet with various accessories and see if you can max out your hatchling's happiness. New location options open up multiple-pet management.


Best time: 0:00:13 by James 'Aftermath' Downing on 2011-08-08.

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Author's comments:

This game is currently at the top of Reddit's webgame section, which I stumbled upon recently. While the gameplay isn't too difficult, it did take some testing to see which options would open up the expansions fastest. From there it was just a matter of practicing the timings and mouse movement. I found it was possible to close the menu really early, but it was more or less luck to have it happen. I got 4 15.033s and was going to submit anything that was, but I happened to get two lucky early closes, and solid menus on the rest and it ended up with 13.800. The timing I used was from the first possible frame to click the menu until my pet made the super happy face about the bicycle, which is a tiny bit after end of input but a good indicator of when the ending sequence starts.

Thanks to all of the staffers of SDA and to anyone that watches this run. Now that I'm done with the run, I think I'm going to have a chikin sammich to celebrate.

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