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Released in September 1995 by Konami, Castlevania: Dracula X (known in Europe as Vampire's Kiss) is a rerelease of Rondo of Blood for the SNES featuring different art, redesigned levels and the lack of Maria as a playable character. Similarly to Rondo of Blood, this game follows the story of Richter Belmont as he backflips his way through Dracula's castle in an attempt to free his lover Annette.


Best Bad ending time: Single-segment 0:16:53 by Bruno 'golzil' Rosini on 2013-02-11.

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Author's comments:

This is a speedrun of Akumajo Dracula XX on SNES, also known as Castlevania Dracula X in US.
This game is the adaptation of one of the best 'old school' castlevania games, castlevania roundo of blood for PC Engine.

First of all, sorry for the poor English.

My goal here is not to have the world record for this game, but to put here the first run in order to see, better runs in the future !

This game has multiple endings, as you can save three women when clearing the game (including Richter's girlfriend Annette and her sister Maria Renard). I Did not rescue any of them in my run (I had bad ending).

Why did I do run of it? Well, I am not a speedrunner, but I do love clearing games fast while being with friends. One night, we all launched this game and tried to finish it first. I was the one that finished last because of that cheating last boss dracula.
After finishing games, we love to watch the TAS and the speedrun of it. I was surprised seeing that castlevania, a well known game franchise, has not all of its 2D games speedrunned !
I decided to try making one...

I started working on the game in august 2012. I made it, working around 5h/week (this is a bad estimation, there are weeks I didn't work on it and other I did it all the time).

Thanks to A-M for having lend me the cartridge of the game (I get one from ebay ... but it didn't work at all... crap).

Some of the tricks used in the game and comments:

- Richter is very slow, so The only way to be fast is to abuse with backflips ! At the end of a backflip, the characters slide on the floor, but if you do a whip attack just before landing, you can cancel it! Backflip makes you jump a little higher, I use it to climb up faster in stage 3.
- First Boss is horrible. in order to defeat it quickly, you must throw a cross before it arrived, but is HAS TO attack you when arriving. Explanation: as it attacks you when arriving ,it spends more time on the cross, so you can deal him more damage, and kill it before it can do a third jump attack.
-In stage 2 and 5, certain ennemies attacks ejects you far away while being it. You can use this during a jump to be ejected to the upper floor, saving much time !
-The second Boss has been optimized through my runs thanks to Remzi, on the forum. He tolds me that it was possible to beat it in only two cycles, showing me a video of a man doing it. But it was hard to do (you had to time very well your first jump to make the bats take the path you want), so I worked on an other way to beat it in two cycles and found one much easier !
-In the stage 3, you can do the BAT DAMAGE BOOST ! (sounds cool heh ?) well, this is the hardest part of the run, you have to:
1-Face the left side being on a very strict part of the first moving platform: It makes spawn the first bat on the left and make it go to it's highest point while your character will be hit !
2-Take damage from the bat on the high spot: It gives you invincibility frames that you will be utilizing to perform the jump on the bat.
3-Delay the backflip to the last possible frames (you can activate backflip on a lot of frames in the beginning of the jump) if you don't do so, you won't do the backflip high enought and jump in the water !
4-YOU HAVE DONE IT, making the backflip will make you hit the bat and it will eject you on the stairs !
-In many stage, I do some moon-walk... why ? In fact, the direction you face decide the spawning position of bats and other enemies !
-During stage 5 & 6, the purple knights (I don't know the real name) go forward or backward with random magic. Some runs the knights just all go forward and they go just backward in others. I don't really know how it is decided but making jumps or other set-up can make me decide the way certain knights go (not all, it is a source of error in run...)
- THE LAST BOSS SPAWNS RANDOMLY ! YEAHH ! This run is a very good one in my opinion, but it has been ruined by dracula. If he spawns on the two first pillars left or right of the middle one, I can hit him three (or four times, it depends), if he spawns at the middle... I can hit it one time... and if he spawns somewhere else, I got to wait the next spawn (IT HURTS !)

The errors I made in this run :
-Dracula did not spawn where I can hit him many times, a great lost of time. I also get hit by his flames many time.
-I haven't enough hearts when beating the boss of stage 4'. In this game the amount of hearts decide the number of item you can use at a time (0-19 => 1, 20-29 => 2, 30-99 => 3). At the end of the boss, I haven't enough hearts to throw 2 axes... because I did a little mistake at the beginning of stage 2, not taking a big heart (FATALITY)!
-stage 5: The knights go in the wrong direction... I lost some time.
-Boss of stage 6: I miss a cross attack letting the boss live a little longer.

I think that it is possible to do a perfect run, having PERFECT LUCK. If dracula's spawns are great and making less mistakes, We can reach 16min55.

Well, that's it ! thanks again to REMZI for the tricks, A-M for the cartridge, all the members of the forum that supported me and my friends !

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