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Released in 1995, Clock Tower is an SNES survival horror prototype. It was never released outside of Japan, but there have been several fan translations. You play as Jennifer Simpson, sent to a creepy orphanage with a giant clock tower. There is, of course, Murder Moste Fowle, and the game has over a dozen different endings, many of which involve getting slaughtered by an Edward Scissorhands reject.


Best Ending H time: 0:02:04 by Greg 'The Thrillness' Innes on 2012-07-20.

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Author's comments:

This is a speed run of the Japanese Super Famicom game, Clock Tower played on the Wii Virtual Console. The worst ending (Ending H) is chosen here simply because it is the fastest to achieve. I also elected to chose "Quick Start" to save watching the intro every time I reset. This also gives the run a much faster pace. Hopefully this run can start other people running the game for more difficult to obtain endings.

As this run is short and not that complex, I decided to make it as perfect as I could. This run JUST makes the 2:04 time and after 7 or 8 full runs it was the best time I achieved.

There are two main areas to discuss. The first encounter with Bobby (Scissorman) and escaping.

The first encounter with Bobby:

After Bobby drops down initially the plan was to immediately run right to the door and re-enter to get rid of him. I discovered by watching a Let's Play that if you let Jennifer run to the stairs she can run right past Bobby. I added in my own idea of pressing the cancel button after you run past Bobby and then hitting L to run past the stairs again. There is some randomness here though. Sometimes Bobby will stay still and block your path.


The most random part of the speed run. While testing out the fastest route, one time Bobby just left abruptly and this is what I use here. You must however make an attempt to hide for it to work. It's just really resetting until Bobby decides to co-operate.

Thank you for watching.

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