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Released in October 2011, Dark Souls is the sequel to cult hit Demon's Souls. Players traverse an open, minimalistic world and gain the experience necessary to take on gigantic bosses. The game's subtitle was Prepare to Die, and the difficulty was hyped, but really, the game just punishes mistakes by giving enemies about the same amount of power players have. In late 2012, the game received a DLC expansion titled Artorias of the Abyss, which added new areas and bosses.


Best time with Resets: Single-segment 0:25:11 by 'Treynquil' on 2013-07-23.

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Author's comments:

This speed run uses the Kiln glitch to skip the boss souls, effectively cutting the game in half. The Kiln glitch has been patched out of the game and the speed running community doesn't tend to use it. Therefore, this is mostly a curiosity at this point.

The run is based on the glitch-less Any% route by Santzo84, Noobest, and UberGoose, which uses the Black Knight Halberd (BKH) and Red Tearstone Ring (RTSR), modified from earlier routes by Kago, Aihel, Otsunari and others. The BKH is the highest DPS weapon for the character and the RTSR adds >50% damage when health is <20%.

This route has some minor changes over the full game route:

- The Spider Shield is picked up in the Valley of Drakes since it's used during the fight with Gwyn. Because the Hornet Ring isn't available, Gwyn needs 3 ripostes and 2 2HR1 hits to take down. The Spider Shield is able to take two sword hits without the character dying (the Grass Crest Shield can only take one).

- To save time, both Anor Londo bonfires are skipped before O&S and 6 seconds are saved by not leveling up after the fight. This means that the stats are limited to 18 end (the minimum needed to parry Gwyn's flying attack with the Spider Shield), and 22 str / 18 dex (for two-handing the halberd). At less than 26 str, Ornstein takes 4 hits instead of 3, which usually makes the fight a little slower (but not slow enough to justify the 18 seconds to stop at a bonfire).

20 seconds or so can be saved with a faster O&S fight (less jumpy Ornstein) and fixing some small mistakes along the way.

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