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Released in 2009 by Larian Studios, Divinity 2 is a hack 'n' slashy thing where your character can turn into a dragon. Skyrim could take a page or two out of this game's book there. Who wants to ride a dragon when you can be one? Dropping the ball there, Bethesda.


Best time: Single-segment 2:17:53 by Patrik 'Pafi' Varjotie on 2013-06-21.

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Author's comments:

Tricks & glitches
* Rolling sideways and jumping (after you become dragon knight) are roughly 20% faster than walking
* Slowly rising gates/doors can be used multiple times (3+) to make them open instantly
* Dualwielding is pretty much broken in this game, as +dmg enchants from both weapons stack for every attack.

Comments on every zone:

Farglow: Nothing special here, just a bit of running around and talking/mashing 1.

Broken Valley: Little bit slow shopping at the blacksmith, otherwise pretty much perfect. +30 MDmg mace really speeds up the first hour of the run (roughly 3 minutes faster than with +20 weapon).

Sentinel Island: Just clearing path for the escort quest and running around doing everything necessary. No real mistakes here.

Orobas Fjords: Just doing everything necessary. No mistakes or anything special here.

Broken Valley/Mine: Good weapons so this part went pretty fast. Lured Amon out from his room to not get chain stunned by the rangers. This is pretty more or less luck based, saves alot of time. Fighting Ba'al was really easy with good weapons.

Aleroth (ED): Again, doing the main quest here. Grabbing the skull to summon your creature and training skills past lvl 5 here seems to be the best possible time to do it, because as you teleport to battle tower and back, Zandalor warps to the last rift instead of slowly walking there.

Hall of Echoes: Good fight(s), had pretty good weapons so this part was pretty easy and fast.

Ygerna's memory: Really hard fight even with good weapons. The fight looks a bit slow, but it's actually pretty much perfect fight when you're underleveled and undergeared.

Aleroth (FoV): Grabbing better armor to not get destroyed at the last fight. Doing necessary stuff, doing the boring zeppelin escort (haven't found way to speed this up). No mistakes, nothing special. Maybe the most boring part of the run.

Last fight: Really tough fight. Using a specific corner here so when I go deep in the corner, mobs wont attack me and I get to heal in safety. Also, without fatality (executes target at x% hp), the fight would be much much longer as the mobs would just keep healing up. The fight itself went pretty much as well as it can with low level + not-so-good gear.

Overall inventory/menu usage could've been bit smoother, but other than that pretty much perfect run.

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