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The famous gorilla came to Nintendo 64 in November 1999 in his first 3D adventure. Most of his family and all of his precious banana collection have once again been locked away by K.Rool. Rescue the Kongs of varying abilities and recollect the scattered 201-large banana collection while travelling to seven different areas. Annoying mini games and a ridiculous auto-save system are the game's biggest problems.


Category Note: Funky's Weapons glitch is considered the equivalent of new game+.

A run that uses the following tricks is considered a major skips run: Hideout Helm early; K. Rool early; and glitching into boss fights.

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Single-segment with deaths 4:26 by Tom Votava.

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Author's comments:

Here we go again! Just when I thought I was burned out on this game, I managed to pull it together and make some improvements. This run is 10 minutes faster than my previous effort. It contains roughly the same route, with some improved and/or more dangerous strategies.

4:26 is as close to perfect as I'm willing to go for now. I calculated roughly 2 minutes of major mistakes (detailed below), so I could theoretically get sub-4:25 with exactly the same approach. However, it's more likely that I'll be able to make up the same couple of minutes by improving the route again, so I'll wait until I do that before attempting to go farther this.

Here are a few notes on each level. I've left several of the comments in from the previous run, since much of the run hasn't changed. Look for "**" instead of "--" to see the new stuff.

101% with deaths 7:14 by Chris Fox.

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Author's comments:

I have been running DK64 on and off for about 6 months now and this is my first ever submission to SDA. I first got interested in 101% as soon as I started running the game but could not find a whole lot of help until I found the route on SDA's forums. On a side note, the game time says 7:14 at the end but that is not accurate and real time of the run was 7:13:17.50

Thanks to Ringrush, Manocheese, Leftyshoes, Toemybros, Animeowzerz, and everyone else in the DK64 Community who has motivated me to keep at this run.

Now before I start I want to say that I have gotten a 7:10 RTA but the recording got messed up and had a bad watermark on it and I didn't want to submit that. This was the best run that I could put together of good quality before going back to school. This run was Single Segment so it is the current World Record as of 8/26/12 but Single Segment should have a faster time than RTA theorecticaly since after some analysis I found that it is actually slower to reset at certain parts. But oh well, still a very great run that I am very happy with and showcases a lot of awesome tricks. I really wanted to update this run so here is my submission and I hope you enjoy! Also there are a TON of glitches in this run that I wont go completely into detail about. If you want more information on them you can go to



STVW: Swim Through Vertical Walls

STS: Swim Through Shores

Oob: Out-of-bounds


DK's House - Japes Entrance:

This part is just learning all the basic moves that are used throughout the game. By completing every tag barrel you can then buy moves from Cranky. All the barrels went perfect except for the swinging vines. It is possible to get a 53 if done perfectly but I barely get a 52. After the barrels I use a glitch called Swim Through Vertical Walls to leave DK's House area without buying Simian Slam and opening the gate. I then swim to the Banana Fairy Island and use another glitch called "Swim Through Shores" to enter the Island early and get the Banana Camera as soon as possible to be able to collect Rainbow Coins and take pictures of Fairies. Talking to K. Lumsy (Guy in Cage) and getting the first rainbow coin went smooth as usual. There is a way to skip the dancing Cutscene for the 1st Golden Banana but I messed up and missed the banana entirely and had to go back and get it. Ringrush would be proud.

Jungle Japes 1:

I come back to Japes later once I have all the kongs in order to complete the level so this is the first part of the level.

By kicking onto Warp 1 you can skip a 20 sec Cutscene showing you where Diddy is which went fine. I also got a text skip going into the first battle crown fight which saves about .5 seconds. Shooting all the switches went great and the STVW to the GB went decent. There's not much to say about Cranky until the slope clip by Funky's Hut. It's just setting up the level for when I come back later and buying the beginning moves along with collecting some things. The slope clip took a few more tries than I would have liked but not enough tries to want to reset over. The trick is really picky with the angle. Entering Diddy's Minecart area went smooth. I just missed some shots on the Ballon up top and get hit by a beaver but nothing major. Skipping the Minecart gate can be tricky but I got it easily here. Minecart went well, amazing coin count :p. I exit the level in order save travel time and then try to damage boost into the GB with Diddy but missed it and wasted about 3 seconds. Next was the C-Up clip into the Boss fight which you will see for every boss. I took a try or 2 but was not bad at all. You can stop your momentum using C-Up and fall into the ledge allowing you to skip turning in Bananas. The boss fight went great. Baboon blast was UGH though. Missed a Banana Bundle and had to do it again. Then I just finished up the level just fine.

Overall Japes could have been good bit better but not bad at all. Probably my 2nd worst Part of the run.

Angry Aztec 1:

Everything from Japes Lobby to entering Aztec went perfect except for a slight Coin Stumble. Not a whole lot to say about the start. Everything went perfect for the most part. While freeing Tiny it may look like I made a Spelling error but actually in order to free her without raising the platforms you have to hit the wrong letter first so that the game will recognize that you are activating the letter before raising the platforms. While freeing the Llama I did a trick called a Moontail which gives me some extra height and allows me to skip swining on the vines to open the path with Tiny's Blueprint on it. Shooting the Ballon by the Temple took a lot longer than it should have but the rest of the level went well.

Franctic Factory:

This is the first level that I complete in 1 go. This is also 1 of the Hardest levels in the entire run because of the amount of luck involved in DK Arcade.

Getting into Factory I do another Moontail to skip turning in Key 2(which I dont have yet). Factory Early with Lanky went absoultely amazing. That is a very hard trick to do quickly. If you get Lanky's arms to touch the loading zone of the level it will pull you in. This is achieved through a very specific angle and position. The fact that I got it so quickly was really incredible. Freeing Chunky Early went well. Slight miss on the first high jump but executed the rest just fine. 5 minutes of buying everyones Moves/Guns/Instruments, not much to say here. After I exit the level and re-enter I forgot to hit Warp 2 which costs me some time later. Everything up to the balloon in Lanky's Piano game went great, including the Fairy Picture which can really Troll you all throughout the run. Here is where forgetting Warp 2 catches up with me and I have to exit the level to make up for it. After some slight Kong choosing stumbling I race the Car with Tiny which went good as usual. Next was everyone mini-games for their Golden Bananas. Diddy's went very well, those ballons are pretty difficult to hit sometimes and I got them with relative ease. Chunky's Toy Monster fight and Battle Crown went about as fast as possible. I played Chunky's Triangle as I opened the chest because I was actually testing during the run if you can skip that cutscene since you can do that at other spots in the game but it did not work. In fact I do this cutscene skip right after in the room with the rising platforms. I skipped the cutscene where it shows the platforms rising and the instrument also kills all the bees which can knock you around very easily. After I use another cool Moontail with Diddy to get up top quicker than you are supposed to and do everyones favorite mini-game, very well in fact. The rest is just clean up and activatiing DK Arcade.

And now for DK Arcade. This is probably the most RNG based part of the run. I use the consistent strategies not neccessarily the fastest ones. I found a nifty Pause buffer to pretty much gauruntee me getting that shortcut at 75m. The first round was flawless, very good luck everywhere. The second round I played it a little safe at 75m and then had some awful luck at 100m with the flames trolling me really hard. I managed to recover though and was very happy with this overall considering how bad it could have went. The C-Up clip for Mad Jack went decent. I do it twice to skip the opening cutscene you get the first time you come in. The fight itself was pretty bad. I have much faster strats now that I did not do and I also get knocked off at a horrible time on one of the switches along with some horrible switch placement luck. This fight is another reason why this level is so hard in 101%. Two of the most luck based parts of the game, back to back. Everything after DK Arcade took place in the moving factory part of the level. This part is very unforgiving if you fall and is also extremely laggy. This part was pretty sloppy. I got a nice shortcut with diddy which is hard to do but then I fall with Chunky and stumble around a bit more after.

Overall this level was about as good as I could have hoped for considering all the luck involved.

Gloomy Galleon:

Gloomy is an incredibly broken level. You have the ability to swim though all vertical walls which leads to a lot of Out-Of-Bounds Swimming.

Clearing Factory Lobby and Snide's Room went great. Played it a little safe in the Slots game but still good. The beggining of Gloomy went really well. Slight hicups on getting the cannon game without raising the water but the game itself went really well. That game used to be very difficult but I found very consistent strats for it. Here is the first of many swimming clips. This allows me to get to lighthouse early and raise the water. Everything else in Lighthouse area went good. I did a trick with Chunky to skip him getting "Sea Sick" which causes you to run really slow until you leave. I do another STVW to get to the Mechanical fish really quick. The mechanical fish has a trick where you can hit two switches at the same time but it is extremely difficult and I have never done it once before so this was the best I could do. I do yet another STVW to clip into the ship and complete Diddy's mini-game. I do this with every Kong several times throughout the run. Treasure room went OK. I always hate using Lanky, I do a couple more clips here as well. Seal race went as good as possible. Sometimes the clips are hard to do but in almost every case they went very smooth. The boss fight went very well, i memorized most of the star placements in order to optimize it. You notice I am using C-Up during the battle crown, I do this to reduce the lag from the kremlings spawning. The rest of the level was just cleanup, mostly with Lanky.

Overall I was very happy with this level. There aren't too many tricks here but for the ones there are I executed them very well.

Crystal Caves:

This level is pretty laid back for the most part. The enemies can get pretty brutal though and kill you quickly. So I was happy to make it through ok.

Here is the first Moonkick of the run. I use it to get into Crystal Caves lobby early. Clearing the Lobby is pretty easy not much to say here. Entering Caves with Lanky should have been an easy first time in but I messed up a bit. Here I buy the majority of the moves I still need. I almost lose to the Ice Cube and then the dreaded Beetle race. DK64 has a nastly rubberband effect. So I keep my distance behind the beetle so that I can pass him at the end relatively easily. This block of Golden Bananas can be very difficult and can kill runs easily. The room with the two Kosha's with Lanky do half a melon per hit and then the room that rotates with DK is just awful. If you jump too soon while it is moving you can fall Oob really quick and have to redo alot. Also the crown itself is hard. The 5 Kong Cabin went bad. Fell with Diddy in his second room but still made it in time. DK's room I ran out of homing ammo and the proceded to miss the zinger for 20 seconds. I fell by my own hand in Tiny's room with a pretty big facepalm moment there. The boss fight went good. I purposely jump into him and the giant missle at the end in order to trigger his next phase. I somehow missed the barrel baboon blast which wasted a good bit. I always hated this minigames. I also missed Diddy's Rocket barrel. T_T Here I do some more STVW's to get into the Igloo early with every Kong. Every Kong went just fine, Tiny was slightly sloppy but her's is the hardest room so that's ok. Rest of the level is just final collecting.

Overall very solid level with pretty much no mistakes.

Angry Aztec 2:

This is continuing from before except now I have all the kongs unlocked to I can complete the level.

Everything went smooth up till Chunky's cage clip. Took me a couple tries but it was still much faster than carrying the boulder all the way around to the switch. When freeing the Vulture he expects you to keep flying and meet him at the Rocket barrel. However if you are on the ground when he reaches the barrel it will say you lost and put you back at the barrel if you select to rematch. You use this to save some travel time and get the GB and 5 bananas during this time. When I clipped into the temple I also went into the wrong room by mistake which was a really silly mistake and wasted a good bit because I had to clip back in using a typically easier way. Accidental use of Warp 2 again with Tiny cost about 3 seconds on the way to Beetle Race. The race itself went well and then ended pretty hilariously. I mentioned the rubberband effect earlier. This caused the beetle to almost beat me at the end but I was able to step in front and be pushed across the finish. I turn in 5 Blueprints here so that I have enough time to complete Hideout Helm later. While finishing up the Llama temple I get knocked in with Tiny but recover with a ballon hit the first shot. Clearing out the Temple by Funky's went well, small things like hitting the army guy with an orange and then him living and hitting me back wasted some time but I'm used to things like that happening in this game by now. Also getting Caught at DK's minigame wasted a good bit since it was at the end. Getting into DK's Temple room was dumb as well. You can roll right through that slope if you go at the correct angle but I had to give up and just shoot the switch in order to open the door. The rest of the level went very smooth though. Chunky randomly bobbing his head is always a plus.

Pretty good level. Very slight mistakes and nothing major.

Fungi Forest:

This is the longest level of the run. At this point I was already playing for 3-4 hours so this level is always dreaded.

Tiny's Lobby GB should not have been this hard but I dont know what was going on, and then the game itself just went horribly. Beginning sequence is pretty standard. Just collecting things in the giant mushroom area. All the minigames went very well. I tried to get a damage boost to skip the GB cutscene in Chunky's picture room but missed. Missed the jump with Chunky to tag barrel, almost fell all the way down which would have cost 30 seconds to a minute but only had to climb ladder. On the path to the Rabbit race I forgot where I was and aimed for a switch I wasn't even close to. The race went really well as usual. This is always my favorite minigame. The fairy picture here was a very close call. If this fairy gets out of the cage it going absolutely nuts. This is the hardest fairy in the game and can take alot of time to capture if it gets loose. That is why I pause buffered the shot. Chunky Minecart started with a big bonk but then went really smooth the rest of the way. I use the C-Up clip to enter the spider fight with Chunky instead of Tiny so that I can 2 cycle the boss instead of 4-5 cycle him with Tiny. Then I came back later with Tiny to get the GB. I drop the barrels while running towards the crusher in order to blow them up without activating the conveyor belt and have them count as moving into the crusher.

There is a wall that for whatever reason was not made solid. So I can just walk through it with DK and pick up the GB without pulling the levers. (This can be used to Duplicate GB's but that is not allowed in 101%). Re-entering the spider room with Tiny went well but I went too far forward and got the camera locked so I couldn't see the exit. If you go too far forward it actually triggers the fight again. Another STVW to skip turning it to night. Boss Fight went perfect, 3 cycle is the best you can do on his final phase. Minecart Mayhem was flawless. I usually pause a couple times because I have a route that I look at to make sure I dont fail (Courtesy of Manocheese) but I just went all out here. Diddy's mini-game.... I stopped paying attention for like half a second, and the Kremling booked it and hit me. Cost me almost a minute. The bats in the roof with Lanky didn't go too well either. If you shoot fast enough you can get all 3 instantly but I was too slow on the draw and it took me a bit to get them all. For this GB in the cage I do a STVW into another STVW to get it. In case you haven't gotten it yet, if I go into water, I'm going Oob. Got trolled by a bat wing for the last fairy so I wasted a shot. The parrot likes to not turn and make you go blind for bit.

Very good level overall. One of my bests.

Creep Castle:

All I can say is UGHH!

To start, I did a trick called "Air Swim" by using STVW the game thinks you are still swimming until you jump or take damage. Then I do one of the hardest tricks in the game and failed it a couple times and almost killed the run right there. Clearing out the skull with Diddy, Chunky, and DK went smooth. DK's minecart always worries me since you have little room for error. Opening the Tree went a little slow but the worst was the fairy. Jetpac game... I have never died more than twice in a run EVER and I got a Game Over. Cost probably 2 minutes. I was pretty frustrated at this point and it shows a bit. Minecart Mayhem messed up the first time, tried to go up and it didn't read. I use pausing to double check my route before going on. The second fairy was really dumb. It was Green for two of the shots and just would not give it to me. Castle has the worst fairies when it comes to hit detection. Car Race went as well as it could have. Beaver Bother for Lanky went pretty amazing. The fall after was intentional in order to reach the GB again. The rest until the boss fight is just random mini-games and completing everyone room in the castle. Clip into Boss went really well. Fight itself was perfect. I need Lanky to finish the fight which means not missing a shot. Battle Crown went great. It is such a long one that it is awful to mess up. In the dungeon below I always play Tiny's instrument because I get killed by the bats too often and lose a minute. Fumble around with Diddy's Balloon for a bit. You can only have 4 shots on the screen at a time so it wouldn't let me fire very rapidly. Also Kosha is a dick. Here at Lanky's balloon I just blame fatigue and the fact there there is no depth perception in this game. Sniping the balloon in the tree with chunky was a nice finish however, and beaver bother went pretty meh.

Worst part of the entire run by far. Everything else went so amazing that it makes up for it though.

Hideout Helm:

Lanky mini-game was good at first but had some misses. Death with Diddy was on purpose. Getting into Helm lobby took a bit, but everything else into Helm was really good. I got the clip into Tiny's pipe really quick which saves using mini monkey. DK's mini-games were great. Rambi usually gives me some trouble but not here. Chunky's were good as well. Bad luck on the Kremling in box game but not much I could do there. Tiny's mini-games were really good. Probably my best ever. Missed a few shots on Lanky's mini-game, but still very good. Diddy's Shooting game could have been a little better but the Kremlings game was amazing luck. The Battle Crown was depressing. Hardest one in the game. Had a good start and then just kinda fell off. Second time got crowded and combo'd off. The ending of the third was so scary I can't believe I made it. Clip past crown went decent and the fairier cooperated.(for once)

Jungle Japes 2:

Finishing up DK Isles and Japes with all the kongs.

Messed up a little on Chunky's STS and got stuck on the ship. Everything else was fine going into Japes. Most of this stage is just final collecting with all the kongs. Not a whole lot to mess up or do better on in this level. It all went great except for the beehive clip took me a few tries. Here is where I turn in the rest of my Blueprints. All 35 of them.

K. Rool Fight:

After hearing the glorious OOOOHHHH BANANAAAA! for the last 8 minutes I finished off the rest of the GB's with the Rareware Banana and a quick check of items then entered the final fight. DK round went perfect. Diddy round had a rough start but ended really well. Lanky round went as good as it usually does for me. Tiny round is hard to do much faster or slower, really boring round. Chunky round I got two extra times than I would have liked but still good.

Minus the screw ups at the very end I was very pleased with how I played in this run and it is impossible to play perfect for 7 hours so I am very happy.

Again you can check out for more info on all the tricks here or contact me on my Twitch page, for comments or questions. Thanks for watching!

New game+ Single-segment with major skips and deaths 0:54 by Lloyd Palmer.

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Author's comments:

IMPORTANT: Feel free to link to this run, but don't upload the files or any part of them to any other site. Directing people here instead of uploading the files elsewhere lets them read my comments, contact me, and see other speed runs. For the same reason, please link to this page and not the files themselves.

Before I dive into the comments, I want to point out that this run has audio commentary. Switch to audio track 2 in your media player to listen to it. Because of the large number of glitches and other timesavers used in this run, I can't possibly explain everything in real time, so be sure to read the comments if you want more details.

I want to thank everyone who helped me with the run. The following people found tricks and gave suggestions:


Thanks also to rdrunner, from whose no-major-skips run I picked up a number of timesavers, and to deutsch_joe, from whose posts in the DK64 thread I learned a few things.

Thanks to KAS, from whose 1:14 run I learned a big timesaver in Hideout Helm.

Thanks to David Wonn for having such a great site; I learned a lot from it.

Thanks to the SDA staff for running SDA.

Shortly before summer 2009, I decided to play this game for the first time in years. I initially had no plans to do a speed run. After I finished a 101% playthrough, I did some research on glitches. Pretty soon, I found a way into boss battles without collecting bananas and a way into Hideout Helm without 100 Golden Bananas. From there, I and some of the people listed above found even more tricks; we literally cut hours off the game in a matter of days. In the ensuing months, we kept hammering away at what remained. After about a year, the game was every bit as broken as Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time. You can beat it with 0 Golden Bananas; you can beat it with 0% completion; you can enter all but one level lobby early; and you can get past B. Locker everywhere he appears.

This route skips most, but not all, of the things that can be skipped. The biggest of the skips that I didn't do were omitted out of necessity because the run is single-segment. It's possible to glitch into the Angry Aztec lobby early, but when you try to leave, you will be stuck in a cutscene as your kong tries to walk through the door. A segmented run can savewarp out, but a single-segment run cannot. So, I must open the lobby normally, meaning that I need to collect and turn in the Jungle Japes key. A similar problem occurs in Hideout Helm. You can get the key without shutting off the Blast-o-Matic, but you can't select Exit Level to get out. You can actually kill yourself with oranges, glitch out of bounds, and walk back to the entrance, but even when you're outside the level, the timer will keep ticking down and you'll get a Game Over when it reaches 0. There are only two known ways to stop it--shutting down the Blast-o-Matic power or quitting the game. The latter is not an option in a single-segment run, so I have to shut down the power. Those are the two biggest timesavers I didn't use in this run. There are a few smaller timesavers that I chose not to do because I didn't think the time they saved justified their difficulty. Segmenting the run would not help because of Donkey Kong 64's abysmal save system; nearly everything you do causes the game to save automatically, and there is no way to copy files. This means that savewarping is essentially the only thing that gives a segmented run an advantage over a single-segment run.

Below are my comments on each part of the run. I tried to separate explanations of what's going on and comments on how well I did.

Main menu: Yes, the glitches start before I even gain control of DK. The glitch I use here is called the Funky weapons glitch. By entering the Intro Story and exiting at just the right time, I partially load the data in slot 1. The Intro Story scene is still running in the background, so I need to wait until it gets to a fade screen (I use a stopwatch for this), then enter the Rambi Arena. I'm not sure exactly what this does, but it's necessary to get the trick to work. I then go to multiplayer, in which you have Simian Slam and all of Funky's weapons. This somehow gives you those abilities in Adventure mode. After that, I start the Intro Story again and cancel it at without activating the glitch to unload the cutscene, then start Adventure mode. You might be wondering why I have one minute on my file when I start; it's because the glitch causes the timer to start before I fully load the file.

This glitch always takes about the same amount of time, but there is some slight variation. After you press A to start the Intro Story, there is a window where pressing A won't do anything, then another where it will cancel the Intro Story properly, then another where it will cancel the Intro Story and activate the glitch, then a long window where it will cancel the scene properly. In this run, I managed to press A during the second window. If you don't press A until the fourth window, you'll lose about a second.

Training area: I need to do the training barrels for several reasons. One is that I can't use the abilities you learn there without completing the relevant barrels. More importantly, Cranky will not sell me any upgrades until I've completed all the barrels. So, I do the barrels, then I use a glitch called "swim through vertical walls" to leave the training area without pounding the switch.

There is a glitch that lets you jump out of the training barrels earlier than usual. I have no idea how it works, though, and I didn't get it to work here. As for the barrels themselves, I did well in them. You can finish the diving barrel with 56 seconds left, but you don't actually save a whole second. You can finish the vine barrel with 53 seconds left, but it requires you to jump at just the right time as you're climbing up the tree to get on top of it sooner. If you jump at the wrong time, you may fall off the tree. It's not worth it for less than a second of savings.

DK Isles: I use a glitch called "swim through shores" to get the camera early. I don't care about the camera itself, but the shockwave move that comes with it lets me get rainbow coins, which give five coins to every kong, including the ones you haven't freed yet. If I didn't get rainbow coins, I would have to hunt down large numbers of regular coins. After leaving, I get three Crystal Coconuts for later on. I then talk to K. Lumsy to open up Jungle Japes. The Golden Banana outside the Jungle Japes lobby is very close to the loading zone for the lobby. By rolling at the correct angle, you can enter the loading zone, then grab the Golden Banana before the screen fades out. This lets you skip the "banana get" cutscene. In the Japes lobby, I kick before triggering the B. Locker text to move forward while it comes up. I use variations of this trick a number of times throughout the run.

I sometimes lose a few seconds entering Banana Fairy Isle due to bad camera angles, but I didn't here. I also sometimes have trouble leaving; the passage is designed for Tiny, and DK's head sometimes gets stuck on it. Crouching and sliding underneath it seems to help. It's fairly easy to enter the Jungle Japes lobby early using the same trick I used to get inside Banana Fairy Isle early, but getting past B. Locker inside is difficult. Even if you have a key when you first visit K. Lumsy, you still need to watch the cutscene showing Japes opening, so you don't gain a whole lot of time. I decided it wasn't worth it to pile these two tricks on top of all the others in the run.

Jungle Japes: You may have noticed that I didn't use any warps in DK Isles, even though it would have saved time. You'll see why near the beginning of this level: by rolling onto the warp pad during the cutscene showing Diddy asking for help, I interrupt that cutscene with Squawks' (much shorter) explanation of warp pads. After that, I get the Golden Banana in front of Diddy's cage to make the switches that free him appear. Because I did the Funky weapons glitch, I already have the Coconut Gun, so I don't need to visit Funky. The glitch also gave me Sniper Sight, so I can hit one of the switches from farther away than is usually possible. After freeing Diddy, I enter Troff 'n' Scoff's room, then make use of a very versatile trick: the C-up glitch. It lets you walk through many of the game's walls. Here, I use it to fight the boss without collecting any regular bananas. During the battle, I get hit intentionally to end the rolling phase sooner. After getting the key, I get one of the three rainbow coins in my route, then exit the level.

It's a little faster to kick onto the warp pad than it is to roll, but it's easy to overshoot it that way, so I play it safe and roll. It may be slightly faster to shoot the center switch before swinging on the vines, but I find that more difficult. If you grab and jump off of the vines with proper timing after shooting the last switch, you'll be in a position to jump immediately after the cutscene ends and get to the ledge with the boss portal. This only saves about a second, though, and I couldn't find a consistent way to do it, so I left it out. I did the C-up glitch to get past the boss door quickly. The boss fight was slightly faster than average. There's a trick to skip the "key get" cutscene by pausing and exiting the level right after you get the key. If you pause too early, though, you risk leaving the boss fight without the key. For that reason, I didn't do the trick.

DK Isles: As I mentioned above, I need to turn in the Jungles Japes key to open the Angry Aztec lobby; although I can glitch inside, I can't get out without savewarping. After turning in the key, I get another rainbow coin, then use a trick called moonkick to get to the Crystal Caves lobby early. Inside, I use something aptly named "the DK trick" to get past B. Locker. I then exit the level immediately. You may be wondering why I would enter the level, then leave without doing anything. The answer has to do with the game's upgrade system. As soon as you enter a level, you gain the ability to purchase upgrades from that level and all previous levels. So, just by entering Crystal Caves, I make most of the game's upgrades appear in the shops. This will be useful later. After leaving the Caves lobby, I go to the Angry Aztec lobby, then use the DK trick to enter the level.

I'm not sure if it's faster to swim directly to K. Lumsy, turn in the key, and swim to warp 2 or activate warp 1, swim to K. Lumsy, turn in the key, use warp 1, and activate warp 2; they're very close. I prefer doing the latter, so that's what I do in the run. It's easy to lose time doing the trick to get into the Caves lobby early, but I did it well here. I almost went sailing off the edge while doing the DK trick in the lobby, but I held it together and got into the level without losing too much time. I lost a little time doing the DK trick in the Aztec lobby as well, but it wasn't terrible.

Angry Aztec: As you'll see, I don't need the key from this level; all I need to do is free Lanky and Tiny. After going through the tunnel at the beginning, I use another "move forward while a cutscene plays" trick. I then jump through a wall to get past the door that normally requires you to get Diddy's guitar. I need Chimpy Charge to free Tiny, so I visit Cranky. First, he gives me Simian Slam. Because the game doesn't expect you to have left the training area when you get Simian Slam, it doesn't bother checking to see if you can buy any other upgrades, so I have to enter Cranky's lab twice. After buying Chimpy Charge and Rocketbarrel Boost, I tag DK, go through the rest of the tunnel, and use the C-up glitch to enter the llama temple without playing the Barrel Blast minigame. Inside, I use swim through vertical walls, the same trick I used to get out of the training area, to get to Lanky without cleaning the water. I then line myself up, shoot toward the switch, and quickly jump into the "lava water" to kill myself. This lets me skip part of the cutscene that plays when you free Lanky, and it also puts me at the beginning of the level, which is where I need to go next. After warping back to the first open area, I get the third and final rainbow coin in the run, then tag Diddy and enter Tiny's temple. Inside, I use the C-up glitch to get to Tiny's room quickly, then I save a little time by Chimpy Charging off the tops of the letters instead of raising the platforms and charging into them. I need to hit the "O" first or else the "K" will not be active. I pick up a Crystal Coconut for later on. After freeing Tiny, I exit the level.

The guitar skip went very well. The original trick involved jumping through a different part of the wall, which was much harder. This version is still tough, but not as bad as the original. Crossing the narrow path to Cranky is easier than it looks, but it always makes me nervous anyway. Glitching into the llama temple with DK, on the other hand, is much harder than it looks. For some reason, certain walls are more resistant to the C-up glitch than others. This is one that you can just barely get through. It's easy to spend a minute trying to get this trick to work, so I think I did pretty well here. The Lanky death warp trick could have been set up a little faster, but it wasn't bad. Chimpy Charging the letters can be tough. Sometimes, you charge off them and they don't register anything. leftysheroes, who is working on a 101% run at the time of this writing, suggested that I face perpendicular to the wall before charging off the letters. I tried this and it worked fairly well, but after some more testing, I decided that making a small angle with the wall was more consistent for me. I had a little trouble with the "N" and "G", but it wasn't anything severe. Afterward, the pause screen gave me some trouble. <_<

DK Isles: The path to the Frantic Factory lobby is normally just out of reach, but I get to it here with a trick called the moontail. It basically allows you to do two things at once: a ground attack and a double jump. Since you can cancel a ground attack with a jump, you can jump again at the peak of your double jump. You can then do an aerial attack to get some extra height. The shockwave attack is somehow involved; without the camera and at least one Crystal Coconut, the moontail requires much more precise timing. That's why I picked up a Crystal Coconut in Angry Aztec. The moontail doesn't give the height or distance of DK's moonkick, but it's just enough to get to some areas that are ordinarily out of reach. You can actually get up to the walkway to Factory with a moonkick as well, but it's slower than what I do here. Rare figured you wouldn't be able to get up to the entrance to the lobby without raising the platform, so they didn't bother to make the metal door solid; you can walk right through it. After doing so, I use an orange to force Lanky into B. Locker, then stretch his arms out (just for you) and enter the level.

I failed the moontail a couple times, but I didn't lose much time. Getting past B. Locker in the lobby is pretty difficult. I get it less than half the time, and each failed attempt is costly. There's another method that involves long jumping into B. Locker, but I find that even less consistent. Luckily, I got the trick with only one orange here, although I did have to use two standing attacks.

Frantic Factory: I use another "move forward while a cutscene plays" trick here, this time with a long jump. After making my way to the Storage Room, I use a trick to climb up the slippery slope leading to the switch that frees Chunky. I then pound the switch and head up to Cranky's room to do some shopping. I will use everything I buy except Super Simian Slam. I still need to buy it, though, because Cranky will not sell me Monkeyport until I have it. After I finish shopping, I enter the boss portal. Just like before, I use the C-up glitch to enter the fight, but then I exit right away and do the glitch again. I did this because there's a cutscene that plays right before the fight, but only the first time you enter. The game assumes that you have already seen the cutscene if you've entered the arena, so I exit and reenter to skip the cutscene. Other boss fights have similar cutscenes, but they can't be skipped because you don't gain control until after they are done playing. After beating Mad Jack, I exit the level.

The Robo-Kremlings at the beginning usually move toward me as I pound the switch, then hit me immediately afterward. This time, they were nice and walked away from the switch. It's possible to use the C-up glitch to get through the hatch, thereby skipping hitting the switch, but it's hard and doesn't save much time. I lost a little time getting up the pipe in the Storage Room, but it could have been much worse. After climbing the boxes leading to the room with Cranky, I meant to long jump, but I must have pressed A at the wrong time, so I just crouched. I did the C-up glitch to get into the boss battle quickly the first time, but I lost about 15 seconds the second time. The battle itself went well. Mad Jack jumps more slowly when he's jumping to your square, so it's best not to be right next to him when he's about to jump. I screwed this up in rounds 3 and 5, getting one more slow jump than necessary in each, but I still did a pretty good job forcing fast jumps on the whole. In round 4, I used a trick to skip the cutscene that shows Mad Jack shooting a laser. If you are in the air when the cutscene is about to activate, it'll wait until you land to start. If you then pound a switch without touching the ground first, the laser cutscene will start, but it will be interrupted by the damage cutscene. The switch placement in the fight could have been better, but there's nothing I can do about that.

DK Isles: I use Monkeyport to get up to K. Rool's head, then I use a slippery slope climbing trick to get on top of his mouth. From there, I jump through his eye to get into the Hideout Helm lobby. I glitch through a wall there and enter Hideout Helm.

Climbing up the slippery slope could have been better, but not much better. You can get next to the eye sooner by going around the back of the head instead of the front, but this gives you a weird camera angle that makes it hard to get through the eye. The method I use gives me a camera angle that usually lets me get through the eye very quickly; this run was no exception. Getting out of bounds in the lobby took a few tries, but I didn't lose much time.

Hideout Helm: After going through a few rooms normally (more or less), I glitch through a wall and jump up behind the door that opens when you shut down the power. Then I warp to the entrance, tag Diddy, warp back, and get out of bounds again. As I explained above, even though I could grab the key at this point, I must shut down the power to stop the countdown. I jump up onto higher ground so that I'm high enough to reach Diddy's minigame room, then I navigate through the darkness until I get there. Since Diddy's minigames come after all the others, the game assumes that you've beaten them all if you've beaten his. Hmm, that logic sounds familiar... After shutting off the power, I exit the level, reenter, use the warp, and glitch out of bounds again. This time, I grab the key and exit the level for good.

A lot of things can go wrong here, but overall, I did a pretty good job. I got up the slopes quickly, but I failed the "move while a cutscene is playing" trick with Chunky. Getting through the computer with Chunky can take ages, but I did it relatively quickly here. After getting through the out-of-bounds area quickly, I had some trouble backflipping back in bounds. Getting into the wall with Diddy could have been a little faster, but I did a great job navigating the out-of-bounds area. That's the most nerve-wracking part of the run; there are a lot of places where you can either go back in bounds, which traps you, or go too far out-of-bounds, which sends you back to the beginning of the level. Either one is game over. Diddy's kill-the-right-Kremling game went well. My shooting could've been better, but I got lucky and only had to kill a few enemies; sometimes, you have to kill every single one of them. The jetpack game, on the other hand, is probably the low point of the run. After missing the first three targets, I had to readjust my height and keep spinning around. I shot a few peanuts toward the last switch and dropped down so I could be ready when the cage lifted; I always do this, and it's really not very risky. This time, though, I missed and had to get the jetpack again to shoot the switch. I then proceeded to miss the final switch. Everything after that point was good, though.

DK Isles: The keys from Frantic Factory and Hideout Helm are the only ones needed to make K. Rool's ship appear. Luckily, the cutscene showing his ship appearing doesn't play until you've turned in all the keys, so I get to skip it.

It may be slightly faster to use warp 1 in the Hideout Helm lobby instead of death warping. It would need to be done very well, though.

K. Rool: Remember how I said I used a stopwatch to help me do the Funky weapons glitch? Well, after doing the glitch, I kept the stopwatch running to give me an idea of how fast I was going. When I got to K. Rool, I didn't think I would get 0:54. I knew how long a typical K. Rool battle took, and there's not much you can do to speed it up (although are plenty of ways to slow it down). However, I did everything I could to make the battle as fast as possible, and it paid off.

I don't think I'll do another DK64 run. This run already took over a year, and there are other games I'd like to run. My time here is probably a very high 0:54, so anyone going for 0:53 will have to cut off almost a whole minute, which I don't expect to happen without new tricks. Of course, I'd be glad to see it happen. I'd also be glad to see a segmented run, which would cut off several minutes from this run thanks to save warping. No one is working on those runs, though. leftysheroes is doing a 101% run and Toesrus is considering doing a no-major-skips run; both will be great to watch. Until those runs are done, I hope you enjoy this one. Let me know what you think of it. If you'd like to learn more about DK64 glitches, check out the SDA Strategy Wiki and David Wonn's site.

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