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Released in April 2005, Rescurrection of Evil takes place two years after the events of Doom 3. The UAC gets a signal from the now abandoned facility and you return to investigate it. When you arrive, you find a mysterious artifact which causes all hell to break loose... again. Fight your way back up to the surface with the artifact.


Timing note: Time stops after each fade to black at the end of a level ends and resumes after the loading screen disappears.

Best time, Marine skill: 0:31:46 by Maciej 'groobo' Maselewski on 2008-07-26, done in 37 segments and appended to one file.

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Author's comments:

Ok, let's see... Worst game script ever (no, it's not you xardion)? Check. Game based on the unfairest engine ever seen in a fps? Check. Most disappointing boss fights ever? Check. Getting to control a guy with the IQ of a panda bear? Check. FUCKING WORST POSSIBLE ENDING IN A VIDEO GAME EVER!? CHECK!? ALRIGHT LET'S GET THIS FUCKER MOVING!

And that would be it. I'd like to thank the whole SDA crew and ex-members: DJGrenola and Radix.

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