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Released in November 1986, Ghosts 'n Goblins is well known by many players as the game with "that impossible to hit red demon bastard". As Sir Arthur, you must save the princess from Astaroth not once, but twice to prove your strongth and create a happy end.


Best time: 0:21:45 by Daniel 'Kareshi' Brown on 2010-03-19.

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Author's comments:

My 22:56 run of this game from 2006 was my first serious speedrun. Two years after that, I did Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts- a game which required much tighter execution and less room for error. That one took a whole month to get right. I began to wonder how much better my Ghosts 'N Goblins run would be if I applied the exact same mindset and time investment.

I tried making serious new-speedrun attempts in October 2009. The month ended with no success. I put it on hold and decided to tackle an easier project I'd had my eyes on- the Zelda Extreme Challenge, first and second quests (see the Zelda thread in "Casual Speedrunning" on the SDA message board for more information.)

So it was put off by Zelda, and also holidays, travel, Magfest, the SDA charity marathon, piano recording, friends visiting, and Kareshi TV, I finally got back to GnG in mid-March. Eight days later, I got it. 21:46!

The old run was pretty good, and impressive to any casual GnG player. My Youtube video has 180,000 views as of May 2010, and has been linked on various blogs and game sites. At Play 'N Trade I was testing out a Super Metroid cart. I asked the employee if he had seen the new Super Metroid speedrun. He said no, but had I seen the one where the guy beats Ghosts 'N Goblins in 23 minutes?

Anyway, I knew my run had weak spots. Specifically, the second round had issues with bad luck with enemy behavior and playing too conservatively. I forgave those at the time because Round 1 was done very well. This new run features 2 rounds of equal quality. A few minor, but no major new timesavers were found this time around. Just better execution of the same ones, and better luck with enemy behavior overall. So basically this one's the speedrun I should have been shooting for back in the day.

One new timesaver is shooting while jumping, which doesn't interrupt your forward momentum the way shooting while standing does. Other things which brought the time down are more aggressive play in the blue cave, a little platform manipulation in level 2, knowledge on how to steer the ogres when they're on the next level above you in levels 5 and 6, and a non-button-mashing final boss strategy.

While Mike Uyama was on vacation, I went ahead and sent the tape to Twingalaxies, thinking I'd get the time posted there and then be able to send it to SDA once Mike got back. Unfortunately, I didn't realize TG never sends tapes back. So big thanks to Nate for accepting my own medium-quality capture as the source video.

This game was voted #9 Hardest Game of All Time for a Twingalaxies article in September 2009.

The strategies speak for themselves. But if you have any questions about a strategy or any other part of the run, please feel free to ask me on the SDA forums or AIM me at Mozart2507.

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