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Created by Game Arts and initially released in 1997 for the Sega Saturn and ported to the PlayStation in 1999, Grandia is an RPG set in a fantasy world of emerging technology and exploration. A young boy named Justin inherits a magic stone that leads him on a journey around the world to uncover the mystery of a long-lost civilization. Along the way, he meets other adventurers who join him on his quest, which draws the attention of the militaristic Garlyle Forces who seek to uncover the secrets of the past as well.


Best time: 13:32:02 by 'Chris-X' on 2012-07-02, done in 97 segments.

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Author's comments:

Hey guys! I'm Chris-X. Welcome to my PSX Grandia speed run, completed on July 2, 2012, containing 97 parts.
My game is the German PAL version. The run was recorded with the Terratec Grabby Video Grabber directly on my PC.

The route of this run is very clear.
The way through the dungeons and cities to get from boss fight to boss fight and to advance the story leaves not many chances for optimization.

There's no save point after the final bosses, so I measured the last segment's time (until I lose control over the characters) and added it to the in-game time.
The total time of the run is 13:33:05 hours.

General tactics:

- I try to avoid as many fights as possible, because fights steal the most time in the game.
  In fights I try to use the fair play function (triangle button) as often as possible to save time for command input
- I only pick up items if they improve my characters' abilities or if they are expensive.
- There are four parts in which I train magic:
  Water for Justin and Feena in part 15, earth for Justin and Rapp in part 56 and 58, water for Rapp in part 63
- After recording a part I always switch the memory cards and delete the older memory block, because saving on an empty memory card in slot 1 is the fastest way.
  This is the reason, why every part begins with second memory card load menu
- To get all magic abilities for the last four characters you need to get 10 Mana eggs.
  I try to get eggs, which are easy to pick up early in the game
- I have problems with recording the FMV scenes.
  I have to unplug and re-plug the yellow video cable every time such a scene starts.
  It's hard to get the right timing, so sometimes  the beginnings are a little too late or distorted
- I skip the dialogues by pushing the O- and X-button. Some dialogues (e.g. while meals or at camping rests) are necessary
- Collecting enough Revival Stones is essential, because without training Justin is extremely weak and he will die, when he has to fight alone against Baal or Mullen

Special tactics for single parts:

- Part  1: It takes over 10 minutes until you can control the characters for the first time.
           I stash 4 items in the seagull restaurant.
           You cannot sell them or put them away, so these items remain there till the end
- Part  2: There is a useful shortcut in the Sult Ruins (B1) after the roll call.
           Collecting the dynamite is necessary for the fight against the squid king later
- Part  3: The rock bird is a joke. No comment
- Part  5: I collect 3 grenades for the next boss fights
- Part  6: The first 2 grenades have to hit all 3 enemies and kill one of them. This fight is perfect
- Part  7: You have to go to the crew quarters first to meet Puffy on the way back.
           The 2 scrubbing parts are fast, I also need the money you can earn there
- Part  9: The squid king is easy with dynamite and grenades.
           You have to kill the arms first to avoid healing and the hardest attacks.
           After the victory you get Mana egg no. 1 from this enemy
- Part 10: I accidentally save at position 5, but don't lose time though. The first shopping part is OK
- Part 11: I collect Mana egg no. 2 here
- Part 13: The fight against Master Chang is very close (Justin has just 1 HP left), but also fast.
           For the first time you can realize how slow and weak Sue is
- Part 14: I collect Mana eggs no. 3 and 4 here.
           After the Rangle Mountains I buy water and wind magic for Justin and Feena, because I wanna train water in the next part
- Part 15: I train water until Justin and Feena have learned Alheal (water on level 8).
           The plan is to get hit 6 times by the rock and use Heal until the MPs are empty.
           The battle in the beginning is avoidable, but I have to pass this spot very often.
           Besides I get 2 Holy Maces there
- Part 16: I collect Mana egg no. 5 here. Avoiding all battles here is difficult
- Part 17: Without trained water magic the fight against Ganymede is nearly impossible. This one is very fast
- Part 20: This part is long and boring, many dialogues to skip
- Part 21: Saki is the strongest of the 3 female soldiers.
           I kill the 3 normal soldiers first, then use special attacks to kill Saki
- Part 22: I use the same tactic for Nana, but she is easier to kill.
           The fight is 30 seconds faster than the fight against Saki
- Part 23: Mio is weak, but nasty. I manage to kill her 90 seconds faster than Nana.
           She attacks Justin twice, but only with normal combos
- Part 24: This part is a little lucky, because Sue survives with only 2 HPs left
- Part 25: This part is hard, because the most difficult situations are near the end.
           You need luck to avoid the last 2 battles
- Part 27: This is one of the most annoying parts in the game.
           You have to kill the soldiers quickly and then again have luck to avoid the last 2 battles.
           I didn't count my attempts, but I needed a lot
- Part 28: The great wall is one of my favorite levels, the first part is easy
- Part 29: The second part of the wall is very hard because of the last fight against the 3 birds.
           Welcome to the lost world!
- Part 31: This is the only lost fight in the game, but it's also the fastest
- Part 32: I collect Mana eggs no. 6 and 7 here. It's annoying that I lost a few seconds at the leaf stairs.
           But the rest is very good, avoiding battles here is very hard
- Part 33: I collect Mana egg no. 8 here
- Part 34: I collect Mana egg no. 9 here (only one egg left).
           I think my route through the Typhoon Tower is the fastest, the fights are OK
- Part 35: Gadwin's Flying Dragon Cut is very useful, because it hits all 4 heads of the enemy.
           The hardest thing is getting to Dight without fighting
- Part 37: It's necessary to get 2 Raincloud Staffs in the fight against the Hot Dogs.
           That can be annoying, because the fight happens late in the part, the items are dropped randomly and after the fight there are two enemies to avoid
- Part 38: This kind of enemy (there's a similar dragon in Alent) is very easy, because his main attack misses the party if they stand in the right place
- Part 39: The beach-scene is very romantic, but of course speed runners have no eye for that :)
- Part 41: Fights with Justin alone are extremely hard if you don't train (I'll mention that later).
           But these frogs are not hard at all. Many dialogues in this one. In the end I heal Justin accidentally
- Part 43: This part can be annoying, because you have to get the golden key after the first Massacre Machine, which is easy
- Part 44: I have the same tactic for the second Massacre Machine, but this part is even harder, because the way back to the saving point is dangerous.
           Casting Howl here with Feena is important for learning Crackle, which I need against Milda later
- Part 45: Bye bye Sue, I won't miss you ? But the music is fantastic
- Part 46: With only Justin and Feena walking through the Valley of the Flying Dragon without fighting is easier, but still difficult
- Part 47: Without training normal combos are nearly useless against Gadwin, so I use Crackle most of the time
- Part 49: Time for organizing my equipment.
           I stash and take items at the stashing place, sell many items, equip weapons and other stuff and buy dynamite for the next fight
- Part 50: Interesting tactic, isn't it? Justin is more useful here when he's dead, because the Lure attacks only him.
           Like before I use Howl with Feena a few times to learn Crackle
- Part 51: The enemies are extremely fast in the Virgin Forest, so avoiding battles is not easy
- Part 52: Trent is relatively easy. I'm a little lucky, because he uses his hardest attack only once.
           Finally I have Rapp, maybe the best character
- Part 53: I buy earth magic for Rapp here, because I wanna train it in the Tower of Doom
- Part 54: Many useful items here, so I spend my time collecting them
- Part 55: Milda can be very hard to beat because of her strong attacks and the plenty of HPs.
           Besides this is the reason why the fight takes so long. Crackle is very useful
- Part 56: Unfortunately you cannot avoid most of the soldiers, so this part is very long.
           You have to destroy the two computers to unlock the doors, which lead to the first Gaia Battler.
           Justin and Rapp train earth magic here, Diggin' is very useful with 4 characters in the party.
           It's necessary to learn Stram with Rapp before the second battle against Baal
- Part 57: The first Gaia Battler is the hardest of his kind by far.
           His attacks can be frustrating, but earth training makes it a little easier
- Part 58: Rapp reaches earth level 5 here, so this is enough training for that kind of magic
- Part 59: The fight against the Cactus Men is easily avoidable, but without it I wouldn't get the Cactus Helmet and the Cactus Armor
- Part 60: I collect the last Mana egg (no. 10) here
- Part 61: This is the shortest part of my run.
           It split the two segments of Brinan Plateau because of the difficulties in avoiding battles
- Part 63: The large tongue in Warp Space 3 is useful for water training.
           5 hits per passage are enough, because Rapp has not too many MPs.
           Rapp reaches level 6 and learns Stram
- Part 64: I use a strange IP behavior here.
           If Justin falls asleep or gets paralyzed during a battle, the other characters move extremely fast.
           Of course, you cannot plan that, so it's great fortune that Justin falls asleep three times here
- Part 66: After I lost Milda and got Guido I have to rearrange my equipment.
           So I visit the stashing place and the shop before it's time to go into the Zil Ruins
- Part 67: The Main Gauche is an important weapon in this run so I make a little detour to get it
- Part 68: The Ruin Guard is a very tough enemy, the boomerang is extremely fast and the main body casts powerful spells.
           I use Diggin' to increase my defense, but the guard has the ability to vanish my extra skills.
           So I attack the main body whenever I can a heal the party early enough
- Part 69: This part contains two FMV sequences (remember the problems I had with recording them?).
           The rest is easy, I collect a few useful items, especially a Revival Stone
- Part 72: The 3 ladies are very tough, especially because your party contains only 3 characters.
           Mio has the fewest HPs, so she's the first to be beaten.
           When this is done, the annoying Trinity Attack is not possible anymore.
           After Mio I attack Saki for she has the hardest attacks and is more dangerous.
           Nana is easy after all, I just use the fair play option
- Part 73: This is one of the fights I need Revival Stones for.
           Baal can be beaten using only one Revival Stone, but my fastest attempt was this one using two.
           The scene afterwards is one of the most beautiful in the game
- Part 74: Before I reach Alent I have to buy some weapons, so I go to Zil Padon first
- Part 76: The German synchronization really sucks. I wonder why the videos were translated at all.
           I use some character abilities before the next hard fight
- Part 77: The Hydra is one of the hardest enemies in this run.
           My tactic is to position my characters in a triangle, so that the hot gas and the poisoned gas attacks hit only one of them.
           Then I have to kill the Nice Head for he heals the Hydra, and finally I put all my power in attacking the main body.
           I have to use a Revival Stone and a Resurrect Potion, because the Awful Head casts Sudden Death twice
- Part 78: Great Susano-o is a joke. I only attack the main body and I don't have to heal
- Part 79: I use the same tactic as in part 38 here (very easy)
- Part 82: The underground passage is important, because I collect the Asura there, which can be sold for 10000G
- Part 84: Baal is a killer, one little mistake and the party is dead.
           I use Stram with Rapp and Liete to weaken his attacks first.
           Then I only attack the Gaia part, because this is faster. Liete's Meteor Strike is very useful.
           Fortunately Justin is paralyzed during the battle, so the same behavior as in part 64 shows.
           Baal's German laughter is simply awkward
- Part 85: This is the last time I visit a stashing place
- Part 86: I recorded this part in another video format accidentally and converted it afterwards.
           So it's brighter and has a lower quality than the rest
- Part 87: The third Gaia Battler is the easiest of his kind.
           After the fight I sell items for the last time and buy Golden Potions for the last part of the run
- Part 90: This is the longest part except for the very last.
           But most of the time it's dialogues, which you cannot skip, so it's also very easy
- Part 91: This is a very annoying part because of the 4 normal battles and the Mage King near the end.
           I'm a bit lucky here for he doesn't use Gadzap.
           After the fight I get the Spirit Sword, the best weapon in the game
- Part 93: The fourth Gaia Battler is harder than the third, because Feena is missing.
           Nevertheless, it's an easy victory.
           In the end Justin falls asleep (remember what happens with the IP then?)
- Part 94: Mullen has a few hard attacks and Justin is alone against him, so I need a Revival Stone again.
           Another mean thing is, that Mullen's sword has the ability to block Justin's special moves, so most of the time normal combo attacks are the only means
- Part 95: The fight against Gaia Trent is harder than it looks like.
           I kill the Flower part first to avoid his hardest attack. Afterwards I attack the main body.
           Combo and critical attacks are more effective than fire magic
- Part 96: The 3 battles before and the 5 after the Gaia Armor are not avoidable and the way back to the save point in Gaia 2 takes too much time.
           So I have to be economical with my MPs and SPs, which makes this part very hard.
           In the end I try to avoid the Gaia Brains, but this leads to an ambush and I lose a few seconds.
           The Gaia Armor can be nasty for it often uses Gravity, but this attempt is very fast
- Part 97: Each of the last 3 bosses of the game is hard to kill and I cannot afford a tea break.
           Against Baal I kill the Gaia Cyst first for it has dangerous attacks. Then the main body is my target.
           After Baal I heal my characters and restore my MPs and SPs (I picked up and bought enough Golden and Spirit Potions before).
           The tactic for the second boss is to use strong single attacks (like V-Slash or Missile) against the Gaia Core.
           When 2 or more tentacles are created I use attacks against all enemies (like Zap All or Sidethrow), because unlike 2 tentacles 3 of them can execute dangerous attacks together.
           Near the end I get a little nervous and use Mist Hide once, which is useless and wastes time.
           The Evil Gaia is not too dangerous, but very fast and annoying because of Snooze.
           The time of my run is stopped when Justin and Feena go throw the door to the Spirit Stone, which is 36:15 minutes after this part begins.
           I also recorded the final scenes and the credits, I think we all deserve it after more than 13 hours ;)

So, this is it. I hope you enjoyed your stay and that you are inspired to play this wonderful RPG again.
Maybe someone has the energy to improve this someday ...

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