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Appearing on the NES in July 1987, Kid Icarus was where the little 'angel' Pit first appeared. Armed only with a bow he takes on Medusa's armies and finally Medusa herself to save the Goddess of Angel Land, Palutena. Along the way, he fights a bizarre cast of enemies, including Metroid lookalikes, flying mouths, snowmen and the infamous eggplant wizards.


Best time: 0:25:23 by Dylan 'Jorf' Beauchamp on 2014-04-03.

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Author's comments:

'Glad you came, Pit

This run has been a long time coming
First off special thanks to:
Randil and those at TASVidoes
Previous runners such as Cyghfer
My stream viewers
Huge thanks to Blechy who helped run this game and offered some friendly competition.
And.... The hero! You

In this platformer you play as an angel named Pit who must save Palutena from Medusa's imprisonment. There are 4 worlds, and the fourth stage of the first three worlds is a non-linear dungeon where the goal is to find the boss and defeat it. Patterns and locations of enemies can be observed and manipulated, but in real time a lot of this run still comes down to improvisation.

This stage is pretty straight forward, there are some small things to watch for though. When you jump into a ceiling, you lose all of your horizontal momentum, unless your crouching. Crouching also reduces your hitbox by more than you would imagine, and plus its just fun to do. Here we also see one of the cases where your climbing speed is limited to the vertical screen scroll. I also take advantage of invulnerability frames. Except for select later enemies, getting hit boosts you 5 pixels to the left. In addition, any enemy killed adds time when the score is totalled. Surviving becomes the bigger issue in later stages however.

This is the first level where I collect a strength upgrade. Each upgrade adds 1 to your damage. I only collect 2 upgrades in the run. A third would be just about as fast, but there is some luck involved. In order to get the upgrade you need to have 10,000 skill points after entering the chamber, which I barely get. These points are hidden from the player and different from the score shown in game. As they apply here, points are gained as follows:

100 for killing an enemy that drops a small heart and 100 for picking up the heart
300 for killing an enemy that drops a half heart and 300 for picking up the heart
500 for killing an enemy that drops a large heart and 500 for picking up the heart
300 for entering the chamber
-10 for each shot fired
-300 for taking damage

Another trick that comes into play here is that you can shoot faster by crouching in-between shots. This is especially useful later on for bosses. This stage also has several jumps that only have a 2 frame window. Additionally , 2-1 is the only other stage with free health pick-ups, so health management becomes a larger issue from here on out. The reaper at the end loses his hitbox when he walks through the pillar.

In this stage the first set of elevators can be tricky to get through without waiting. The vines that stick out don’t have hitboxes on the right side, so you can jump through some of them. Thanks to Blechy for the setup to make the reaper fall at the end, although I ran into him anyways. Still healthy though.

This is the first dungeon, and features the first major trick, the wall jump, which skips most of the level. Collision detection isn’t very solid in this game and by jumping at just the right height you can move inside the wall briefly, which will allow you to jump again and travel through the room in an unintended way. The boss Twinbellows can be a pain, but if you can run into him without being pelted by fireballs, he will turn around, and a constant stream of arrows will keep him facing the other way.

This is the second level that has a strength upgrade in it. The rocks that fall and drop full hearts help a lot through. I get a health upgrade at the end, which happens at 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, and 200,000 score.

Here we see the first screen wrap. This one is easy, try it at home! Just hold left and jump. Despite having to memorize the rest of the level, this makes the stage a whole lot easier. The red and green enemies, or watermelons as I like to call them, will not be able to hit you on the right edge of the screen. Also, because they stay on the screen so long, other pesky enemies are unable to spawn. The rising platforms can all be made easily without stopping as well.

This is a hard stage, so I begin with a death abuse. Dying resets the stage you were in, as you entered it, but with at most 2 bars of health. Then I screen-wrap in a different way. This is a little trick I found: by jumping and ducking underneath something solid on the left edge of the screen, you can wrap around to the right side. Then with some careful positioning and jumping, the elevators can be traversed without stopping. Another thing to note is that lava only damages you every so often, so by jumping out in time you can sometimes avoid taking damage.

This stage went better than I could have imagined, I usually die here to get enough health to get through it. The screen-wrap trick in this level was one that I found accidentally. You have a 2 frame window to start the jump, and a two frame window to release it at the right height, and naturally this is all happening above a pit of lava. Then, once you are far enough inside the wall, you can turn around, which wedges you all the way into the wall, and luckily the game decides to send you to the left when inside a wall. Hewdraw is a pretty simple boss, his bounces match your jump arch pretty well. Then at the end of the stage, by dying and exiting the stage at the same time, you can enter the next stage with 0 health.

The flying enemies sort of count as one enemy, so by destroying the center one and collecting the heart, the surrounding three will disappear. Also, by taking damage from something that deals damage on a global timer, the 0 health will wrap around to full health.

Here I have to pay attention to how high to scroll the screen so that the platforms appear at the right times. Other than that, this stage is just a focus on staying healthy.

At the start of this stage I kill the four 'metroids' in a very specific way. The starting momentum of the platforms is dependant on the properties of the last enemies that were on screen. So by killing these enemies when they are flying in certain directions, I can ensure the platforms will let me climb all the way to the top without stopping. In particular, you can pay attention to the first and last platforms.

There's no big tricks here, this stage is a struggle to get through with 2 bars of health. On top of this, the boss Pandora is completely random, and packs a wallop if you get hit. At a moments notice, Pandora and her balls can change direction, and you can't hit her if she moves to the top right. Overall I got average luck here.

We end it off with a relaxing auto-scroller, but it loops infinitely unless you kill 50 enemies by the end mark. One trick to killing more enemies is to collect their hearts quickly, so that more are able to spawn. And at the end we have the 'hardest' boss of them all. The flying is a little finicky and it takes me a few seconds to find the magic spot, but then it's good game.

And then that's it! Overall I'm quite happy with this run, only some minor mistakes here and there.

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