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Appearing on the NES in July 1987, Kid Icarus was where the little 'angel' Pit first appeared. Armed only with a bow he takes on Medusa's armies and finally Medusa herself to save the Goddess of Angel Land, Palutena. Along the way, he fights a bizarre cast of enemies, including Metroid lookalikes, flying mouths, snowmen and the infamous eggplant wizards.


Best time: 0:33:44 by Tommy Montgomery on 2006-01-25.

Author's comments:

I played and beat this game for the first time around the beginning of January, and then decided to explore its speedrunning capabilities. This was also the first time I beat the game without dying. This game does not lend itself to repeated playing, so I was pretty happy that this came out so nice. First, I need to thank Daniel Remar for his Kid Icarus FAQ, which explained in great detail how to get the weapon upgrades, which is extremely non-obvious. For the unenlightened, I will explain.

According to his FAQ, there is a score, called "skill," that is tracked by the game internally, so the player never knows how much skill he has at any time. Basically, you need 10,000 skill before you can get the weapon upgrade, and your skill is reset to 0 after each level. You get 100 skill for killing the weak enemies, 300 for the medium enemies, and 500 for the stronger enemies. You also get 100 for each small heart, 300 for each half heart, and 500 for each big heart. You lose 300 every time you get hurt, and you lose 10 every time you shoot an arrow. There are other stipulations mentioned in the FAQ, but they're less consequential. So, that's why you see me kill a lot of things in some levels (the ones where I needed to get a weapon upgrade) and nearly nothing in others. The exception to that is the first several levels. I changed strategies shortly before I completed this run: before, I didn't worry about the health upgrades (which are based on how many things you kill), but this strategy resulted in many failed attempts, mostly around 2-3. So then I started worrying about the health upgrades, which is why you see me killing everything I can find in the first four or five levels. Basically, I needed 50,000 points by 2-2, which is also the reason for the pause near the end of 2-1 (to make sure I had enough points).

Anyway, the one major mistake I made was that I got unlucky on 3-1, and wasn't able to kill everything I usually do, and consequently wasn't able to obtain the fifth weapon upgrade (and also foolishly lost my feather). Had I got that weapon upgrade, I might have saved about 20 seconds on the battles with Pandora (Bubbles) and Medusa (Inexplicable Eye). Also, one more thing of note is the blatant reliance on luck in 3-4. The first room I go to is the only part of the run that is based purely on luck. If you're unlucky, you'll fall directly into an eggplant, with no hope of escape (kind of like the hands in world 8 of Super Mario Bros. 3). Since the hospital is so far out of the way, getting turned into an eggplant means the run is over. If you're lucky, the eggplant wizards throw a low eggplant, and you won't get hit. Unfortunately, there is no other way around that room. I had a couple runs end that way, and it's a bit frustrating. I'm pretty satisfied with the way this turned out. Hope you enjoy it.

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