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Kirby's Avalanche was originally some average game that people mistaken as a potential adventurous platformer. Maybe you wanted Kirby's Dreamland 3, maybe you wanted Kirby Superstar. Either way, you were soon to be in for a big surprise. It appears to be some sort of spinoff of Dr. Robotnik's Lean Bean Machine, since both games are mind-blowingly alike, where in both games, aligning four pieces so that they are touching in some way will cause them to disappear.


Best time, hardest difficulty: 0:07:43 by 'pojr' on 2010-04-19.

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Author's comments:

Kirby's Avalanche was originally some average game that people mistaken as a potential adventurous platformer, but they were soon to be in for a big surprise. I know I was, when I really meant to buy Kirby's Dreamland 3. This was all I had for a game, besides Super Mario World and a few other games that I overplayed. So as a result, I began playing this.

1 - Poppy: 34s

Went well. It's a little slow, but it does the job.

2 - Wispy: 45s

This time, I started out poorly, but ended with a nice kick. Wispy Woods has a strategy where he stacks the bottom rows high, which makes it easy to flood his box!

3 - Kaboo: 33s

Kaboo went very well. Usually, I have a hard time with him, but this time, I pulled through easily.

4 - Broom: 31s

I had a plan on this level that sort of failed, but I ended up trying to make a different combo that caused Broom Hatter to lose pretty quick. Broom Hatter has a strategy where he stacks the pieces on the left and right until the first and last rows are full of blocks, than he begins making combos. Typically, a quadruple combo will clean him out.

5 - Squishy: 33s

Another level that went by well.

6 - Lolo/Lala: 36s

Nice combo! I knocked Lolo/Lala out before they had a chance to make any combos!

7 - Bugzy: 23s

Honestly the best game I've had yet. It's the fastest game I ever played, with a whopping 23-second completion!

8 - Paint Roller: 35s

Paint Roller is hard to work with. He tries in every way to get himself out of trouble, even when he's overflowing at the top, which can cause a simple 30 second game to become a fatal 50 second game, but he couldn't do anything this time.

9 - Heavy Mole: 41s

This honestly didn't go too well. Stupid boulders.

10 - Mr. Shine/Bright: 34s

Another nice combo! Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright are typically pretty hard to verse, but I pulled through once again.

11 - Kracko: 38s

I honestly don't know how I got away with that.

12 - Meta Knight: 50s

This battle was not too great. I started out pretty well with a decent combo, but he just wouldn't die, and I eventually had to pull off another combo to have him meet his demise.

13 - King Dedede: 30s

Went very well. This match sums up the entire run. I never understood why King Dedede is easier than Metaknight.

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