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Released in August 2002 for PC, Mafia sets you back in the 1930s city life. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Tommy, a good natured cabdriver, has no other chance than working for the Mafia if he wants to survive. However, he soon finds friends there, doing several jobs for his boss in the fictional city of "Lost Heaven".


Best time: 2:56:00 by 'Chris-X' on 2013-03-27, done in 92 segments.

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Author's comments:

Hey guys! I'm Chris-X. Welcome to my Mafia speed run, completed on March 27, 2013 containing 92 parts (I didn't append the parts to missions like xeen did).
The run was recorded with FRAPS. The total time is 2:56 hours more or less.

The improvement compared to xeen's run is effected by some new tricks discovered by other runners (smilee, raven, steve0) and by getting the Bolt Thrower early in the game.
With this car I can improve most of the driving parts afterwards.
I manage to get the Bolt Thrower in the first part of the Molotov party mission and lost only 1:50 minutes on this detour.
This car is very fast but has a crappy handling, so you have to be careful with turns. Also it's a double-seater so you can't use it in every mission.

Here's a list of mission driving parts that are improved by the Bolt Thrower:
03-03: Molotov party - Drive back to Salieri
05-02: Fairplay - Drive to the speedway
05-05: Fairplay - Drive back to Salieri
06-02: Fairplay - Drive to the speedway
06-04: Fairplay - Drive to Lucas Bertone
06-05: Fairplay - Drive to the Lassiter V16
07-05: Better get used to it - Drive to the service station
07-07: Better get used to it - Car chase
08-01: The whore - drive to Corleone Hotel
09-02: A trip to the country - Drive to the warehouse
10-02: Omerta - Drive to Joe under the Giuliano Bridge
10-03: Omerta - Drive to Oakwood and to the airport
10-06: Omerta - Drive to the bank and back to Salieri
11-02: Visiting rich people - Drive to Salvatore and to Oakhill
11-05: Visiting rich people - Drive back to Hoboken and to Salieri
14-02: Happy birthday! - Drive to the paddle steamer
15-02: You lucky bastard - Drive to Italian Garden Restaurant and back to Salieri
15-04: You lucky bastard - Drive to Morello's house
15-05: You lucky bastard - Drive to Rainbow Garden Restaurant
15-06: You lucky bastard - Drive back to Salieri
17-02: Election campaign - Drive to the jail
17-05: Election campaign - Drive back to Salieri

And here are some key segments and tricks I used in my run:
- Part 08: I make a detour to West Marshall Bridge and activate the Bolt Thrower Easter egg by shooting the pile's window.
On the way there I have to kill a cop to get a gun. The Thrower is parked under the East Marshall Bridge, so I have to go there and then continue to New Ark.
In the driving parts I never use the speed limiter and never slow down because of the cops.
When I approach a car from the passenger side I don't run around the car, but use the menu instead.
- Part 09: By pushing the car between the other two I manage to destroy all three cars with only one Molotov cocktail.
- Part 12: You can kill the boss in the motel by shooting through the window. This skips the motel part and the pursuit part.
- Part 13: I start the engine before talking to Ralph. This saves a few seconds.
- Part 15: On the way to Lucas Bertone I always use the shortcut under the bridge to save a few seconds.
- Part 22: You can finish this part without taking the Lassiter to Salieri, but it's needed later.
- Part 23: To avoid getting hit I dance around my enemies while attacking them with the brass knuckles.
- Part 25: While Paulie is talking to Biff I start the engine and put the car in the right position.
- Part 26: I finish this part without killing a single enemy, which would waste time here.
- Part 27: Luckily Paulie kills the driver after I pushed the car aside.
- Part 29: By killing the guy in the reception I can pick up the keys and the director can be killed on the way up.
While installing the bomb Tommy is invincible, so I don't have to kill all of the guys in the office.
- Part 30: This is another part where I save a lot of time by ignoring the enemies instead of killing them.
HPs are not that important here because there's a medipack in the next part.
- Part 31: In the shooting parts I use a pump gun whenever it's possible. I sometimes make a side roll to speed up reloading the weapon.
- Part 35: I don't kill all of the enemies in the first section to save time. You only have to kill the guys on the way to the crowbar so that Paulie doesn't have to stop.
- Part 36: The first section has to be fast, but while Paulie brings the truck you have time to kill the rest of the guys.
- Part 40: At the museum you have to wait until Tony begins to speak. In the end I slow the car down because I don't want to kill Joe.
- Part 41: You have to be fast enough to hurt Joe, but slow enough to let him live. So you don't have to get out of the car to get the information.
In the 2nd section you don't have to follow Frank's route, just get to the airport as fast as possible.
- Part 47: I kill the first guy to get his pump gun, afterwards I directly run to the safe.
- Part 48: I don't steal the Silver Fletcher because the way to the backdoor is faster.
- Part 50: I shoot the cars to destroy them. This is faster than shooting the inmates. The grenades are good to get through the car barricade.
- Part 51: If you're fast enough, you don't have to wait for your persecutors.
_ Part 53: The first guy is easily killed. With his machine gun you can kill all the other guys from the distance.
If you're fast enough, they're still in front of the restaurant (except for the guy on the 2nd floor).
- Part 55: I shoot Carlo from up the stairs, which is the fastest way. Then I jump down the stairs and kill his friends with the pump gun.
- Part 56: Here I trigger Ralph's lesson without getting out of the car. Afterwards I have to wait until Ralph sits down to leave the yard.
- Part 58: This part is hard. You have to attack the guards and when the counselor is near the door, beat him to death. This skips the whole restroom cleaning part.
- Part 60: I start the engine and get out quickly so that it's still running when I get out the telephone box.
- Part 70: This part would be faster with the Silver Fletcher but it's only a few seconds. I've tried a hundred times to kill Morello in this part, but it's not possible.
- Part 71: I manage to hit Morello's car early and luckily Sam (or Paulie) kills Morello with the machine gun.
- Part 72: This part would be faster with the Silver Fletcher but it's only a few seconds.
- Part 74: I park the car near the blue gate, because you exit the jail there later.
- Part 75: In this part I kill a few guys with one pump gun shot, but most of them are left alive. The only important thing is to get up the stairs as fast as possible.
- Part 76: You need round about 50 HPs to survive the jump down the watchtower. Funny thing is that without jumping you need more. This skips the way down the stairs.
- Part 79: The Lassiter Fordor is faster than the convertible, so I take that one for the next driving parts.
- Part 80: I look for cops in the beginning and then block the street so that I'm not disturbed while unloading the boxes.
You don't need a ramp to unload them, just pick them up from aside and let them fall. Very easy, but saves a lot of time.
- Part 82: I manage to be fast enough so that Paulie directly gets into the truck instead of shooting your persecutors.
- Part 86: The Lassiter Fordor is the fastest car you can steel here, so I wait for one of that kind. Could be a little faster, but it's random.
I only take a pump gun from Yellow Pete. It's more effective than a machine gun in the next part.
- Part 87: Driving in direction of Hoboken in the end is the most effective route.
- Part 88: I take the shortcut down the big stairs (like in part 11). That's the shortest way.
- Part 90: Same tactic as in part 86 in the beginning. I don't visit Yellow Pete in this part to save time.
- Part 91: I take the direct way to the big staircase by climbing over the balustrade. Then I trigger the grenades by walking down the stairs and back up.
The machine gun is OK for the first enemies, but I pick up a pump gun as soon as possible.

Thanks to Igyanata (he posted the trick to obtain the Bolt Thrower in the forum) and Steve0 and xeen for their runs.
Enjoy the run and thanks for watching!

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