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Released on April 26, 1990, Magician Lord was released as a pack-in with the Neo Geo, much to the horror of those with 700 dollars to burn. As the last Magician Lord, Elta, you have to stop the evil wizard, Gal Agiese from resurrecting the god of destruction, Az Atorse with nothing but slippery controls and a shabby, 5-dollar wizard LARP costume.

MagicianLord   MagicianLord

Runs on the PlayStation2 PAL version:

Runs on the PlayStation2 NTSC-US version:

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0:15:59 by Tiago Teixeira

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Author's comments:

I actually enjoy playing Magician Lord. Also, the engrish is too awesome.

General strategy for this run involved getting the Dragon Warrior in the first level to skip most of it and speed up its boss fights, playing as Shinobi in the next 2 levels and using regular Elta throughout the rest of the run.
The only non-obvious switch is from Shinobi to regular Elta at the end of level 3 or start of level 4, but, from what I tested, the time lost by Shinobi on bosses is not compensated by his faster walking and jumping speeds.

I'd like to thank Uyama and Stanski for their bounty, mcdnol for his incredible high score run - go check it out on youtube, Persona for discussing strategies with me, DK28 for being always very encouraging, Tiki for his Mega Man 6 run - believe it or not, that is what got me into the site. And thank you very much SDA.

0:12:29 by 'Jaguar King'

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No author's comments provided.

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