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Released in 2003 for the PC, Marble Blast Gold is the expansion pack to Marble Blast. To beat levels you either go to the finish or collect gems on your way if required. Although most levels are easy to moderate in difficulty, a select amount of them can infuriate just about anyone. Game glitches and tricks usually savage the levels and leave people jaw-dropped. The game's community keeps Marble Blast alive to this day with thousands of custom levels, several popular mods and they even hacked the engine to add Multiplayer and address several bugs and crashes.


Individual-levels run in 0:14:04.117:

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Level name Time Date Player
Beginner Levels
Learning to Roll 0:00:02.370 2009-03-28 'Xelna'
Collect the Gems 0:00:08.736 2009-01-24 'Xelna'
Jump Training 0:00:03.791 2013-09-02 Trevor 'm2mm4m' Davidson
Learn the Super Jump 0:00:02.964 2011-07-24 'Xelna'
Platform Training 0:00:04.781 2014-12-29 Stewart 'StewMan46' Inglis
Learn the Super Speed 0:00:02.777 2008-12-31 'Xelna'
Elevator 0:00:03.400 2014-04-23 'BlastedMarble'
Air Movement 0:00:03.182 2015-01-16 'Kalle29'
Gyrocopter 0:00:02.777 2014-09-24 'Kalle29'
Time Trial 0:00:02.194 2011-03-03 'Asuul'
Super Bounce 0:00:02.979 2014-12-31 'Kalle29'
Gravity Helix 0:00:05.133 2014-07-28 Trevor 'm2mm4m' Davidson
Shock Absorber 0:00:03.026 2015-01-01 'Kalle29'
There and Back Again 0:00:08.143 2011-08-24 Remy 'Dushine' Dushime
Marble Materials Lab 0:00:04.477 2011-08-21 'Xelna'
Bumper Training 0:00:02.356 2011-08-27 'Xelna'
Breezeway 0:00:02.578 2013-05-27 'Regislian'
Mine Field 0:00:02.277 2009-03-21 'Xelna'
Trapdoors! 0:00:02.230 2014-12-31 'Kalle29'
Tornado Bowl 0:00:01.482 2014-09-09 'Kalle29'
Pitfalls 0:00:10.326 2014-09-17 Ji Hoon 'iMacmatician' Chun
Platform Party 0:00:07.394 2012-08-22 'Xelna'
Winding Road 0:00:10.093 2014-08-12 'Kalle29'
Grand Finale 0:00:29.719 2014-10-15 Mason 'Nihahhat' Langenderfer
Intermediate Levels
Jump Jump Jump 0:00:02.376 2013-02-26 Moshe
Monster Speedway Qualifying 0:00:15.459 2014-10-08 'Kalle29'
Skate Park 0:00:20.327 2012-01-26 'Xelna'
Ramp Matrix 0:00:18.094 2009-07-17 'Xelna'
Hoops 0:00:09.422 2015-01-06 'Kalle29'
Go for the Green 0:00:03.292 2011-08-27 'Xelna'
Fork in the Road 0:00:03.829 2013-02-26 Moshe
Tri Twist 0:00:21.716 2014-08-14 'Kalle29'
Marbletris 0:00:05.180 2009-02-27 'Xelna'
Space Slide 0:00:02.839 2014-12-15 'Kalle29'
Skee Ball Bonus 0:00:03.167 2014-04-17 'BlastedMarble'
Marble Playground 0:00:28.953 2011-08-14 'Xelna'
Hop Skip and a Jump 0:00:07.878 2014-08-22 'Kalle29'
Take the High Road 0:00:06.240 2014-11-15 'Kalle29'
Half-Pipe 0:00:03.876 2009-02-22 'Xelna'
Gauntlet 0:00:08.830 2014-08-08 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Moto-Marblecross 0:00:02.090 2014-09-11 'Kalle29'
Shock Drop 0:00:04.156 2009-02-27 'Xelna'
Spork in the Road 0:00:11.902 2012-08-22 'Xelna'
Great Divide 0:00:16.434 2014-10-18 'Kalle29'
The Wave 0:00:06.053 2012-10-16 'Xelna'
Tornado Alley 0:00:02.714 2013-07-08 'BlastedMarble'
Monster Speedway 0:00:07.698 2014-05-19 'Kalle29'
Upward Spiral 0:00:09.703 2014-08-12 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Advanced Levels
Level name Time Date Player
Thrill Ride 0:00:03.157 2014-03-09 'Regislian'
Money Tree 0:00:35.740 2014-10-21 'Kalle29'
Fan Lift 0:00:08.360 2014-12-23 'Kalle29'
Leap of Faith 0:00:06.958 2014-08-17 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Freeway Crossing 0:00:03.978 2014-12-30 'Kalle29'
Stepping Stones 0:00:08.689 2014-11-27 'Kalle29'
Obstacle Course 0:00:03.853 2014-02-23 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Points of the Compass 0:00:06.755 2012-01-26 'Xelna'
Three-Fold Maze 0:00:18.781 2013-08-22 'Regislian'
Tube Treasure 0:00:23.843 2014-10-08 Mason 'Nihahhat' Langenderfer
Slip 'n Slide 0:00:04.767 2011-01-20 Jonathan 'Sporlo' Hynes
Skyscraper 0:00:22.666 2014-11-02 'Kalle29'
Half Pipe Elite 0:00:12.339 2011-08-11 'Xelna'
A-Maze-ing 0:00:02.532 2009-04-21 Henry 'Sonic Warrior1' Mullhall
Block Party 0:00:20.733 2014-08-07 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Trap Door Madness 0:00:03.713 2009-01-30 'Xelna'
Moebius Strip 0:00:06.443 2009-09-13 'Xelna'
Great Divide Revisited 0:00:08.268 2014-02-26 'Kalle29'
Escher's Race 0:00:25.725 2014-08-01 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
To the Moon 0:00:03.369 2013-12-10 'Xelna'
Around the World in 30 seconds 0:00:09.329 2014-09-10 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Will o' Wisp 0:00:11.684 2011-09-28 'Xelna'
Twisting the Night Away 0:00:18.237 2014-02-22 'Kalle29'
Survival of the Fittest 0:00:06.777 2009-03-05 'Xelna'
Plumber's Portal 0:00:16.894 2014-08-07 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Siege 0:00:18.244 2011-12-30 'Xelna'
Ski Slopes 0:00:01.965 2014-09-09 'Kalle29'
Ramps Reloaded 0:00:13.432 2013-12-10 'Xelna'
Tower Maze 0:00:05.211 2014-12-23 'Kalle29'
Free Fall 0:00:06.632 2013-02-27 Moshe
Acrobat 0:00:07.972 2012-08-22 'Xelna'
Whirl 0:00:04.368 2014-10-12 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Mudslide 0:00:09.609 2014-08-06 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Pipe Dreams 0:00:11.887 2011-07-21 'Xelna'
Scaffold 0:00:00.843 2014-08-03 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Airwalk 0:00:12.699 2013-10-13 Remy 'Dushine' Dushime
Shimmy 0:00:02.386 2009-01-19 'Xelna'
Path of Least Resistance 0:00:02.843 2014-03-04 'Regislian'
Daedalus 0:00:03.276 2011-08-24 'Xelna'
Ordeal 0:00:07.863 2014-03-24 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Battlements 0:00:08.907 2009-04-20 'Xelna'
Pinball Wizard 0:00:03.152 2011-09-10 'Xelna'
Eye of the Storm 0:00:02.652 2014-08-05 'Kalle29'
Dive! 0:00:12.153 2014-07-10 'Kalle29'
Tightrope 0:00:12.417 2014-03-24 Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio
Natural Selection 0:00:05.782 2014-03-04 'Regislian'
Tango 0:00:02.511 2011-08-27 'Xelna'
Icarus 0:00:13.588 2011-08-19 'Xelna'
Under Construction 0:00:02.527 2011-08-18 Remy 'Dushine' Dushime
Pathways 0:00:19.375 2015-01-16 'Kalle29'
Darwin's Dilemma 0:00:03.844 2014-05-29 'Kalle29'
King of the Mountain 0:00:02.938 2014-03-15 'Regislian'

Four blooper files are also available: bloopers, bloopers 2, bloopers 3 and bloopers 4.

Author's comments:

The timing of the game is done by using the prefs.cs file that the game outputs (marble/client), and gives us the time to the thousandths of seconds (in-game, the timer shows to the hundredths). Note that Time Travels stop the clock, so that the final time is less than the elapsed time. Elapsed time is the in-game time without Time Travels counted towards it.

This run contains TWO audio commentaries! Audio track #2 is 'level specific' and we just talk about the levels. Audio track #3 explains all the tricks done in the game as well as in-depth discussion into some of the definitions the community uses, explaining engine and physics, and glitches and how they work. For even more in-depth discussion into Marble Blast and its many advanced techniques, visit this topic.

In addition there are four blooper files attached, but #1-3 are more historical than current, though they are enjoyable. You will be able to see alternate and past routes as well as some funny and sad moments.

This is our MBG run (or as we call it: MBG WR Rampage #4) and it improves the previous update by 72 levels for a total of 25.523 seconds. The game can go sub 14 minutes by improving other levels but we did not bother as some are frustrating.

We would like to thank all the runners for hundreds of hours of work being put into recording the runs and IsraeliRD for compiling everything. It took us many hours to record everything, with levels like: Great Divide, Hoops, Tightrope, Siege, Pathways, Pipe Dreams, Skyscraper and others taking dozens of hours to record. Even simple levels such as Gyrocopter, Hop Skip and a Jump or Tornado Bowl were a lot harder to do than might meet the eye.

We would also like to thank many members of the community (we love you all!) and the fantastic developers of Marble Blast Gold who gave us a very enjoyable game. We would also like to thank the SDA staff for all their work into maintaining this site.

Please visit us at where the community is.

We hope you enjoy!


Kalle29’s Comments:

After playing the game since it came out and seeing three world record compilations I thought it was time to join the community. Normally I wouldn't have put in so much work for this rampage, but since this one seemed to be the last, I wanted to leave my mark on MBG. Hundreds of hours of play time and a delay of several months was worth it in the end, and I can finally say with confidence that we will never see a major update to this speedrun (Shoutouts to Great Divide for being a shit level)


Blind Play: Hoops
Longest to record: Great Divide
Best (new) Pathway: Grand Finale
Best edge hit: Siege. No, make it Pipe Dreams... Hoops... too many arrrghhh!
Shortest to record: Battlements (2 minutes! honest!)
Most "WTF" moment: King of the Mountain
Least expected traplaunch: To the Moon
Most fluky/lucky: Great Divide
666: Skyscraper
You'll never beat this run: Pipe Dreams, Tango and Ramps Reloaded Great Divide
Your jaw is bound to drop from amazement: Three-Fold Maze
Hardest single traplaunch: Platform Party

Improvements over previous run:
Total improvement: 72 levels (16 beginner, 18 intermediate, 38 advanced)
Grand Total, Beginner: 2:09.185
Grand Total, Intermediate: 3:42.228
Grand Total, Advanced: 8:12.704
Grand Total, Marble Blast Gold: 14:04.117
Grand Total, 2nd Decimal place only: 14:03.55
Improved Beginner: 3.483 seconds
Improved Intermediate: 9.943 seconds
Improved Advanced: 12.097 seconds
Improved Total: 25.523 seconds

Record holders, and number of records held (Alphabetical order on ties):
Xelna - 34
Kalle29 - 29
Gabriel 'Powerjohn25' Inocencio - 13
Regislian - 6
BlastedMarble - 3
Remy 'Dushine' Dushime - 3
Moshe - 3
Mason 'Nihahhat' Langenderfer - 2
Trevor 'm2mm4m' Davidson - 2
Asuul - 1
Henry 'Sonic Warrior1' Mullhall - 1
Ji Hoon 'iMacmatician' Chun - 1
Jonathan 'Sporlo' Hynes - 1
Stewart 'StewMan46' Inglis - 1

Select MSN quotes from the previous run that probably still hold true today:

(11:07 AM) Xelna: FUCKKKK YOU OMFG
(11:07 AM) Xelna: WATCH THIS
(11:08 AM) Xelna: I'm fucking pissed right now
(1:00 PM) Xelna: Dude in 3 hours of Siege tis evening
(1:00 PM) Xelna: only 3 times I fucking made it to 8th gem
(1:01 PM) Xelna: 1 time I missed a gem
(1:01 PM) Xelna: 1 time I fucking missed the launch
(1:01 PM) Xelna: 1 time I fucking hit the launch but it launches me the wrong way
(1:01 PM) Matan: LOL
(1:01 PM) Matan: launches you the wrong way?
(1:01 PM) Xelna: not funny

Winding Road:
(3:02 PM) Xelna: Yesssssssssss
(3:03 PM) Xelna: 10.15 Winding Fucking Road
(3:03 PM) Xelna: I have like 7 10.18
(3:03 PM) Matan: WOW
Xelna Initiated a file transfer
(3:04 PM) Xelna: this run is awesome
(3:05 PM) Xelna: WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!
(3:05 PM) Xelna: I saved a 10.18 !!!!
(3:05 PM) Xelna: OMFG
(3:05 PM) Xelna: It*
(3:05 PM) Xelna: GOD DAMNIT
You have failed to receive file "windingroad.rec" from Xelna.
(3:09 PM) Xelna: that so fucking gay
(3:11 PM) Xelna: LOLLLL
(3:12 PM) Xelna: 10.15 again... 3 runs after
(3:12 PM) Xelna: now I hope it doesn't fuck up

(7:12 AM) Xelna: I got like 10 millions of 8.6x ... and struggling to get 2x 8.59
(7:12 AM) Xelna: then another 10 millions of 8.6x with no single 8.59 and then random a 8.56
(7:13 AM) Xelna: guess what .rec doesn't work

(11:54 AM) Xelna: NOOOOO
(11:54 AM) Xelna: FUCK
(11:54 AM) Xelna: I hit the trim at the end at 19.90 with all the gems
(11:54 AM) Xelna: fuck my fucking life ffs fuck
(3:44 PM) Xelna: ok i don't think sub-20 is possible only cuz of that fucking bumper
(3:45 PM) Xelna: I just got 2 epic run fucked up by it
(3:46 PM) Xelna: I've never seen an hazard so useful when it's about screwing your attempts up
(3:46 PM) Xelna: every other hazards in the game, so easily avoidable

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