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Marble Madness was originally released as an arcade game in 1984 and was ported to NES in February 1989. Take control of a marble in a set of six maze-like levels. Traps abound to delay your progress, including other marbles, acid pools, hammers, and vacuums.


Best time: 0:02:54 by Andrew 'andrewg' Gardikis on 2008-10-27.

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Author's comments:

SDA speedrun History:

Thanks to the entire SDA crew, including Mike for transfering my run to DVD!

This is a speedrun through Marble Madness completed in about 2:54. The usual gameplay revolves around trying to get the most points, so getting a wand (which adds time to the clock) is usually a good thing, but for a speedrun it's terrible. Even though this is a speedrun because I do so well I accumulate a very high score. :D

This game is so hard to play without dying. Even people who know the game very well have said that they have only beaten this game a few times without deaths, but they had to take it very slow. I myself have only beaten Marble Madness 4-5 times without dying and this happens to be one of those times!!! I've done it with 1 or 2 deaths plenty of times. There is usually something that prevents me from getting what I want.

I accomplished my original goal which was to get a deathless run under 2:55. :D

Level by level gameplay:

I am very happy with my performance. I could have done slightly better, but within reason, this is probably the best time I could have hoped for. Had I just not gotten hit by a wand the run would have been even better, but what can you do?

The previous speedrun done by Elliot was very well done. It looked error free when I first watched it. He took the very difficult paths and he didn't die, which is an amazing accomplishment. I think his precision matched if not exceeded mine. I was just insanely risky and took the quickest paths.

I would like to see some more competition on this game. My run is going to be tough to beat!

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