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Released in September 1996, Mario 64 launched the Nintendo 64 to awes of the new 3D game play. Mario gets new moves in the 3D world such as a wall jump and triple jump which he uses on his journey to collect 120 power stars, which Bowser has sealed away inside the castle paintings. A DS remake was released on November 21, 2004. Instead of just playing as Mario, this time, Mario, Luigi and Wario are now trapped. You start off with Yoshi and save your allies in their own portraits. In place of the original analog controls, players can either use the D-Pad or the Touch screen. Other additions include: 150 Stars in total, Wireless Multiplayer, and Touch Screen Minigames to increase its lifespan.


Runs on the NTSC version:

Runs on the PAL version:

Runs on the DS version:

Runs of some mini-games using the game's displayed time, which should be identical on both the PAL and NTSC versions of the game:

Slower restrictions of mini-game runs are also available: Princess's Secret Slide without shortcut in 0:00:19.4, Princess's Secret Slide with all 80 coins in 0:00:20.4, Footrace with Koopa the Quick without cannon in 0:00:18.6, Footrace with Koopa the Quick without cannon or warp in 0:00:18.7, Rematch with Koopa the Quick without shell in 0:00:13.0, Rematch with Koopa the Quick without shell or flyguy in 0:00:15.6.

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0-star Single-segment: 0:06:41 by 'FunilaSM64'.

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Author's comments:

"when human skills are enough"















"I love Prof.Yumemi. Strawberry Cross FTW!!"

16-star 0:17:31 by Myles Bukrim.

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Note: We apologize for the blurry video in the 16-star run, which was caused by field blending deinterlacing.

Author's comments:

First, I give credit to those in charge of SDA who have built this place and maintained it as greatly as they have. I thank Mike, Nate, and everyone else who assisted me during the submission process of this speedrun. I am honored to be able to submit a run to SDA.

I also thank SwordlessLink, MrRobertZ, AKA, and Rikku for their TAS runs. These runs taught me a lot about the maximums of Super Mario 64 and which strategies and star routes are fastest.

Lastly, I thank Curtis Bright (the webmaster for His website keeps track of world record times for every star in the game. This gave me an opportunity to test several stars and decide which 16 to use for my run.

On behalf of everyone who views this speedrun, I will now describe my thoughts about the run in detail:

The Lakitu Skip wasn't perfect, but I am satisfied with it. It's possible to do 6 long jumps from the pipe to the front door instead of 5. I have a lot more success with 5 because I can take a few steps to Mario's right after the 3rd long jump to have a more parallel angle for the last two long jumps across the bridge. Also, I made contact with the left wall for a few frames before entering the door, but that only costed me a few tenths of a second so I can live with it.

Everything from the front door of the castle to the Bob-omb Battlefield painting was ideal. I usually perform this part of the run without error.

The star Behind Chain Chomp's Gate was basically ideal. There was some hesitation after Mario went through the gate, but that's normal because the bob-omb explosion tends to give Mario backwards momentum for about one second.

After exiting the Bob-omb Battlefield painting, my long jump attempt failed. All of the text messages after Bob-omb Battlefield tend to disrupt my timing for this long jump, but I recovered nicely with a double jump dive flip to the door, so not much time was lost. Then everything else to the Whomp's Fortress painting was ideal.

The stars Chip Off Whomp's Block, Shoot Into the Wild Blue, and To the Top of the Fortress were ideal. These stars aren't as easy as they look. I'm glad I was able to do them so well on this occasion.

The only error for the star Fall Onto the Caged Island was my missed jump for the star. The triple jump wall kick onto the island is difficult for me. After this move, I relaxed a little bit during my star jump which caused my error. Fortunately, I recovered by jumping immediately a second time to get the star.

With the method I used, the star Blast Away the Wall was ideal. My cannon entry was rather clumsy, but no time was lost because I would have to wait for the rotating bridge to move into position either way.

There were two minor errors from the Whomp's Fortress painting to the Cool, Cool Mountain painting. In the Whomp's Fortress room, the dive flip after the double jump was mistimed. In the Cool, Cool Mountain room, I failed to perform a second long jump into the painting after my first long jump from the door. I recovered with a jump dive flip into the painting. I don't practice this part of the run that often because I tend to take it for granted. I would've benefited from extra practice in this instance.

In my opinion, both Cool, Cool Mountain stars were awesome and thrilling to watch.

My transition from the Cool, Cool Mountain painting to Bowser in the Dark World was flawless for the most part. This is another area of the run I don't practice as much and just attempt on the fly, so I'm grateful that it was executed this well when it needed to be.

Bowser in the Dark World, as well as the first Bowser Battle, were excellent. My strategy is risky with several death-defying leaps, all of which were successful. My masterful execution of this stage gave me a lot of confidence going into the basement.

The transition from Bowser in the Dark World to Shifting Sand Land is more difficult than it appears. The flames in the basement tend to get in the way, and overall this is a long distance to cover. I accidently touched the right wall before entering the lobby door beneath the two coins. Also, my angle approaching the Shifting Sand Land "painting" was sckewed to the right, but my jump kick recovery prevented a major loss of time. I can live with these two minor errors.

The two stars I chose for Shifting Sand Land were spectacular. These were the first of 8 excellent stars in the basement.

The two long jumps from Shifting Sand Land to Lethal Lava Land are easily done and I performed them well.

Lethal Lava Land was virtually ideal. My long jump onto the bully platform for the star Boil the Big Bully is very difficult and was well executed. 8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces is fairly easy and was done to perfection. These two stars were performed up to my standards.

After exiting the Lethal Lava Land painting, I ran to the edge and did a dive flip intentionally to avoid jumping into the flame on the nearby wall. Everything to Toad's star and my Hazy Maze Cave entry were ideal. This part went very well.

The Hazy Maze Cave stars were two of the best in the run. A-maze-ing Emergency Exit was just awesome. Watch For Rolling Rocks was flawless, but admittedly I was fortunate that none of the rocks got in my way.

With my selected method, the Mips section of the run was well executed. There are other ways to glitch through both doors using Mips, some of which may be a second or two faster, but this is the method I have the most success with for this difficult part of the run.

The star Board Bowser's Sub was ideal. I almost fell off the sub just before getting the star, which was definitely the most frightening part of the run for me. I took a deep breath after getting the star and entered Bowser in the Fire Sea nicely.

Bowser in the Fire Sea and the second Bowser Battle were wonderful. It's a shame I had to wait on the elevating platforms so long. The long jumps on the edge at the end were masterful, thrilling, breathtaking, etc.

My reentry of Bowser in the Fire Sea and use of the exit course option were done to perfection.

Everything from the lobby to my entry of Bowser in the Sky was great. More specifically, the quick initiation of my 50-star door and endless stairs BLJs was clutch. This area has ruined a lot of good runs in the past. These BLJs used to be my greatest frustration of the 16-star run... now they are my greatest triumph.

Bowser in the Sky was absolutely beautiful. Given the pressure I was under, I could not have done it any better.

With my hands sweating and my heart pounding, I reached deep inside of myself and found a way to heave Bowser into a bomb on all three attempts. Undoubtedly, the pinnacle of my gaming career.

I've beaten the game countless times before, and I've collected Bowser's final star as many times in the process, but never has collecting this star meant as much to me as it did on this one special moment.

Once again, I thank everyone involved with making SDA the great entity it is today, I thank the TAS players mentioned above, and I thank Curtis Bright for giving me this distinguished opportunity.

*Myles praises God & Jesus*

70-star Single-segment 0:49:43 by Mike Sigler.

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Author's comments:

Hi, this is my 70 star speedrun. I've played mario 64 for 7 months. My only mistakes in this run were not getting early elevators in the fire sea, and getting into rainbow ride (lol). I doubt I'll ever beat this for a long time.

As of submitting this run, this is a world record, although it may not be anymore. Here's the 70 star records page for SM64:

We race SM64 often at, join the IRC if you're interested in SM64 speedrunning.

Thanks to:
All the SpeedRunsLive people who support me & watch my stream, Sicko, Jiano, Cosmo, Jape, Joe, TRV, Silentslayers, idunno, Gombill, Axon, Withhelde, Kaztalek, Hannaostepop, Shigeru!! (ichiban), Erumo, Batora, Honey, Tapioca, Hisu, Koburetti, and the SDA team for keeping this site running.

120-star Single-Segment 1:48:05 by Mike Sigler.

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Author's comments:

What's up this is my 120 star speedrun.

Records page for 120:

My youtube channel:

shoutouts to: Sicko, Jiano, Cosmo, Aevin, Jape, Joe, TRV, CPkaka, ssbmtwig aka twiggles, peaches, coolkid, carl_sagan, large_dildo, puchie d, ingx24, Gragledump, Tiki, Aphox, batts, petzergling, Trihex, Silentslayers, sonicpacker, idunno, Gombill, Axon, Withhelde, Kaztalek, Dragorn, Shadowofmyles, Pokey, Blechy, Raikerz, Toufool31, Pidgey, CriminallyVulgar, Nahoc, Hannaostepop, Shigeru, Erumo, Batora, Honey, Tapioca, Hisu, Koburetti, speedrunslive, SDA peeps

16-star PAL 0:21:26 by Philip Jensen.

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Author's comments:

It took me a long time to accomplish this. I wanted to get sub 22:30 which requires very few mistakes. I have had many runs ruined by the stairs and by MIPS, and I am glad that I finally have a good run recorded. I messed up a bit in Dire Dire Docks, which costed me some seconds. I may improve this time one day. I am thinking about getting sub 22 minutes, but then I need to use a very difficult route =) Enjoy the video.

DS 1:27:36 by Jordan Greener, done in 12 segments.

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Author's comments:

First of all I would like to say thanks to:

Tip for the viewers: For the best viewings on this run it's recommended to download the High quality MP4 files and play it on QuickTime.

The N64 version is more popular than the DS by nearly 2:1 so the text in Italics will be trivial facts to the N64 only players. WARNING HUGE AMOUNT OF TEXT AND I DO MEAN HUGE.

The playable characters:

Why an 80 Star run and not either a Glitched 50 star or 150 stars run?
*The 50 star run requires an out of bounds glitch in the 50 Star room (Tick Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride), you go on the stairs and perform a slide kick to the acute angle wall and you'll go out of bounds, it's actually quite difficult because you need to be precise with the angle and even when you get out of bounds there is a high chance of the game thinking you fell off the stage, counting as death. I first saw this on a video from Youtube, I managed to do this a few times but not constantly and many Youtubers (people who watch videos from Youtube) are having the same problem.

* The 150 star run however requires a complex route and also insane luck with one of the stars which is the 8 Silver Rabbits star. The 150 star run will also complete the tougher stars of the course and each segment could last for nearly 30 minutes long. The whole 150 star run would nearly be over 3 hours long thanks to extra stars and limitations on certain characters.

Here are my comments for each individual segment and star.

The run does have possible improvements mainly some slight star route changes and performing tougher time savers, but the recording setup made the run quite difficult to perform.

If Nintendo or anyone else releases any kind of Capture device equipment (official or Homemade), there is more of a chance that I'll improve the entire run.

Come on Nintendo release a In-Game Recording Application on the DSi that you can store it onto an SD card. Stop making Balance Boards, Pedometers and Wii Wheels just make something that we HARDCORE gamers will enjoy.

The PSP is easier to record thanks to the A/V outputs >:( come on Ninty don't break the play on big screen traditions now,

No one has the right to upload this speed run onto Youtube or any other video hosting site (other than Greenalink and SpeedDemosArchiveSDA). If you want to see it, watch it here or those 2 Youtube Channels. Anyone uploading my run will get flagged instantly.

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