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Released for the Nintendo Switch in April 2017, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a port of Mario Kart 8. This port exands on the original Mario Kart 8 experience by adding more characters, more options for Battle Mode, and making several tweaks and changes to the original gameplay.

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Best All Tracks, Single-segment, Hard Difficulty Time with 200cc: 1:35:36 by Jose 'UchihaMadao' Karica on 2017-05-06

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Author's comments:

Hi everyone and welcome to this installment of F-Zero TV where we—wait, wrong cannel. Where is that remote..?!


Another year is here and with it another Mario Kart speed run. I certainly didn’t expect to be doing a run at this point so far but things have kind of broken tradition lately. For one, a Mario Kart game got ported to a different Nintendo system. That’s a first since these games usually stayed only on their original hardware and the only re-releases were on VC, which, as we know, are emulation and not ports. That means there’s a lot of knowledge from the previous version that directly transfers to this new version and lets you cut a big part of the process of making a speed run which is learning the routes, especially since the only new level content is in Battle Mode and that’s not present in the category I did. There are also many tweaks to the old content and physics which make the games not directly comparable anymore and make them separate games when it comes to competition (similar to The Wind Waker Vs The Wind Waker HD for speed runs).

This is my third Mario Kart run for SDA but it’s also the one where the time between getting the game to having a good run was pretty fast due to the above considerations (game released on the 27th of April and this run was completed on May 6th). Since the game is still a lot similar to the Wii U version, I’ll only list the more significant changes and individual track impression this time around since you can check the old comments for specific things of that version (at least until someone else obsoletes that run)


Gameplay Updates

The first thing we’ve got as far as upgrades go is the stat tweaks for pretty much every part. I didn’t notice this right away since the first time I played I assumed stats would be identical and just picked a combination that was optimal in the Wii U version. Later I noticed stats didn’t match up and it’s when it became apparent that the optimal setup was completely different. The most important change to parts is that now the best wheels are the Roller and Azure Roller tires and you build your Kart combination around them most of the time. There are a few situations where other tires are better but, for a 48 tracks run, Roller tires are the best since they’re the best for the majority of tracks.

Another change is that the acceleration stat now works for every 0.25 increase. I don’t know if it was a glitch or not but in the Wii U version, the acceleration stat only gave you better acceleration if you reached the whole number (example: 2, 3, 4, etc.) and anything in between was rounded down (2.75 acceleration functioned the same as 2 acceleration) which means you wasted stat points if you didn’t optimize your kart combo and character. They fixed this and the stat now takes into account the extra fractions so you don’t need to follow that rule anymore.

One new thing to this version is the new Ultra Mini Turbo (purple). This happens if you keep a Super Mini Turbo (orange) and keep going around the corner to charge it further. It provides like one extra second saved each time you do one but the places you can do them without losing time or straying too much from the optimal route are few. They usually happen on long curves like the Water Park loop.

A change that probably impacts these runs negatively is the presence of 2 items. At first you think that you’ve got more options since you can now hold a reserve item on top of your main one but, in practice, it means you just get a ton more coins and get a lot more bad luck from the racers behind you. You can now be hit by 3, 4 or even 5 consecutive Red Shells and Blue Shells and Lightning Bolts are more common now. I’ve even been hit by double Lightning Bolts on the same race at almost the same moment. Overall this will hold back these runs from looking as clean as in the original game since RNG is a lot worse overall and you can’t really manipulate it. You also need to worry about some items such as the Boo since it can steal the Super Horn you’re saving to destroy a Blue Shell or just take away your defensive Banana Peel.

As far as improvements that make the run easier, we have that the game allows you to do all 48 tracks in one go now. This is pretty nice since you don’t need to worry about the menuing needed for a 48 tracks run in the original version and the run flows better overall. I suppose the original couldn’t have this since there could be people without the DLC and they’d need extra checks to prevent glitches but now that there’s no DLC, no worries about that. Another thing that’s nice is the load times since the Switch version has faster load time than the Wii U version even if you compare the fastest Wii U version against the slower Switch Cartridge version. For runs, the optimal version is the Downloadable one and the Switch doesn’t support external storage beyond the Micro SD Card slot so you don’t have to worry about HDDs and SSDs here. One last thing is that the optimal kart builds trend to have high acceleration stats compared to the Wii U version and this makes things a bit easier overall since you can recover from being hit a lot faster and that’s critical in certain situations. These builds also have better handling so you have nicer controls overall.


The Run

So, it’s time to get the ball rolling. I did a 48 tracks run in 200cc with Hard CPU and kept the default item settings (people seem to not like Frantic Mode and I wanted to compete evenly so I had to adjust). Considering that tracks don’t repeat in random track selection, I could have chosen random like in the Mario Kart Wii run but playing them in order keeps some consistency and is helpful to plan ahead what’s coming up. One of my objectives this time around was to get a perfect run before I submitted since I didn’t accomplish that on the Wii U version yet. Thankfully I got it this time but, due to RNG, it’s possible for a non-perfect run to be faster still (I’ve had that happen actually in other categories).

I picked Rosalina again because she’s a good character for this category and she gets enough acceleration to make most item hits irrelevant. Kart is the Streetle which got changed around a bit but turned out better and the Roller tires since they’re one of the top choices and pretty good overall. Glider doesn’t really matter much but I got one that gave a bit of a top speed increase.


Individual Tracks:

Mario Kart Stadium: went as good as it could be. The Boo was a close call but I defended on time.

Water Park: the Blue Shell got horned away and I even made a Red Shell break with track scenery. I had a few weak corners though.

Sweet Sweet Canyon: more like Sour Sour Canyon. The only reason didn’t restart was because the first 2 races were perfect and it’s very rare for races to go like that since you get at least one lightning or blue shell per race usually. You also get to see the new RNG in action.

Thwomp Ruins: went well except for that Red Shell that slowed down and my Horn missed it due to that. That’s something new to this version since Red Shells and Blue Shells can sometimes lag behind you and throw off your timing.

Mario Circuit: the Ultra Mini Turbos help a lot here. Also, hitting the Banana Peels made no difference since Red Shells were gonna hit me anyway.

Toad Harbor: Lightning + Blue Shell combo but that’s actually better since the Blue Shell’s action happens during the Lightning one and loses less time compared to both happening at different points.

Twisted Mansion: went okay but I ended up hitting my own Banana. Outside that, it was standard RNG with No Enemy Stand work.

Shy Guy Falls: this track went pretty bad and mostly because my driving took a huge dive. I didn’t even get to use the Super Horn properly since I fell behind when the chance came.

Sunshine Airport: went well overall (again). Only bad thing was the missed mini turbo at the end.

Dolphin Shoals: pretty standard race. No human mistakes. Timing of the rng was decent enough.

Electrodrome: I almost made myself Bite the Dust here by accident. Other than that it was a good race.

Mount Wario: went good except for that embarrassing section 3 crash.

Cloudtop Cruise: I was low on coins for most of the race and got hit by 2 lightning bolts. It was mostly unfortunate luck. Also, I didn’t use the optimal route since going right in the Airship is faster.

Bone-Dry Ruins: I still hadn’t trained this track much so it went pretty bad overall. Worst mistake was the sand on lap 1 near the end.

Bowser’s Castle: another track that went pretty bad. This time it was more due to rng but I did make my own blunders like almost falling at the swinging iron ball part and running into the banana peel. Also, I got hit by the rare Double Lightning Bolt I mentioned earlier.

Rainbow Road: Peach with her blonde envy was trying to mess me up but I ended up messing up on my own near the end. At least I didn’t fall in the braking parts.

Wii Moo Moo Meadows: went good but my driving was a bit spotty.

GBA Mario Circuit: went well overall. No big mistakes. Hitting the zipper on the side near the end is faster.

DS Cheep Cheep Beach: this track went well outside the usual suspects. They even did their time-saving combo.

N64 Toad’s Turnpike: I crashed with a car which makes this automatically bad. Also, the cars going at the same speed as in other CCs make it harder to dodge properly since they’re kinda in the way most of the time.

GCN Dry Dry Desert: going under the pokey is risky. I managed one but then the blooper made me mess up the second time. That trick on the fallen platform saves time by cutting a corner and is only possible due to 200cc speed.

SNES Donut Plains 3: this one wasn’t too hot, especially after the water part on all laps.

N64 Royal Raceway: it’s worth noting that holding a Bomb behind you and letting the Red Shell hit you won’t let the explosion reach you in 200cc due to the speed but it reaches you in 150cc so you have to release the bomb before it catches up to defend effectively in that cc.

3DS DK Jungle: one thing that was fixed is that, in the original when a Lightning hit you, if you were carrying shells or bananas, they’d hit you again while you spun out and make you lose twice as many coins. They fixed that here and dropped items no longer hit you when hit by Lightning. Also, I messed up the ramp route twice.

DS Wario Stadium: rng wasn’t kind here but I also failed on my own with that bad lap 2 start.

GCN Sherbet Land: this went well except for that banana in lap 2.

3DS Music Park: this track goes worse usually but it was almost as good as it gets this time outside the lightning.

N64 Yoshi Valley: bad timing for the egg in lap 1 and I was too low on coins for most of the track.

DS Tick Tock Clock: that bastard Roy did a number on me with the red shells and lap 2 was dreadful.

3DS Piranha Plant Slide: this track was going fine until I did those blunders in lap 3.

Wii Grumble Volcano: nothing remarkable here. I guess I didn’t fall in lava…

N64 Rainbow Road: fell off on a corner and missed the zipper. That was pretty bad since there was not much else to mess up.

GCN Yoshi Circuit: the shortcut is doable without mushrooms in this version in 200cc since this kart combo has a lot of off-road handling but I messed it up on lap 1 and my line was very bad in lap 3 to take it.

Excitebike Arena: I got good ramp placement this time. The Green Shell basically replaced the Blue Shell since I was getting hit there either way.

Dragon Driftway: Peach’s blonde envy reaches new heights. Sorry Peach but I like Rosalina more. The shortcut went well 2/3 times but it’s an easy one so this wasn’t too good.

Mute City: Peach didn’t take that well and almost made me lose my winning streak. The shortcut becomes possible in 200cc without mushrooms in this version due to the better off-road stat of this kart combo again.

Wii Wario’s Gold Mine: having the Super Horn ready and succeeding makes for a Golden Experience. Something that I didn’t notice originally but noticed in this version is that the blooper makes the kart more slippery. I guess it’s more pronounced with the tweaked physics.

SNES Rainbow Road: I don’t know how I didn’t lose this with that lap 3. Also, the first fall was one of the few instances I felt I was going too fast in this game.

Ice Ice Outpost: this track might be as Cool as a Vanilla Ice Cream. I didn’t use the optimal route since it changed between this version and the Wii U version and I didn’t check on time. The race wasn’t something that would make you go Ice Ice Baby…

Hyrule Circuit: the shortcut at the end is doable in the original too. It’s easy to overshoot it here. Outside that the race was a bit bad since I kept getting blooper in bad spots.

GCN Baby Park: home of Baby Pink Gold Peach Experience Requiem Deluxe. You can cut the grass while charging a MT as long as others don’t crash on you or you don’t crash. The race was going well but went a bit bad by the end after the lightning.

GBA Cheese Land: quite awful race. I kept running into banana peels and driving bad. Also, the UMT isn’t good here since you’re on the ramp and it makes hard to align after the jump.

Wild Woods: this one went mostly fine outside some missed MTs. The optimal route is to go left on lap 1 for more coins.

Animal Crossing: as long as I don’t get winter version, I got a good version. This track went better than how it goes normally. The lightning had good positioning for recovery by a frame and the apples helped later. i wonder how Animal Crossing’s meaning changes due to running over anything that crosses my path.

3DS Neo Bowser City: the S turns are quite a problem in 200cc. Add in the rain and you have to brake there. I lost control in some other spots since this track is tight.

GBA Ribbon Road: Another Blue Shell Bites the Dust. Uh uh uh~. This track went well overall. No falls or hitting the obstacles.

Super Bell Subway: this one was almost as good as it gets. No train trolling.

Big Blue: driving was average and rng too. No falls at least. Optimal route is sticking to the left after the first refiller.

And that’s how a perfect run goes. All tracks finished 1st place despite all the things the CPU tried. For those that didn’t notice, the whole run was Bowser and his gang chasing Princesses and not being able to catch up and a Stray Villager in the middle of the battle.

There’s room for improvement, I plan to come back later when I’ve done a lot more time trial in 200cc to get a big improvement and hopefully better rng. Also, it gives me time to learn updated routes and details.

Just like the previous runs I’ve done, you can catch them in my Youtube Channel ( ) and leave a comment if you liked it or you can leave a comment on Twitter ( ).

As usual and to close off, thanks to the SDA staff for keeping the site running and providing a site with some high quality videos for so long.

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