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Released for the Gamecube in June 2003, Mega Man Network Transmission is a sequel to Battle Network for the GBA. Lan Hikari and his MegaMan.EXE must stop the WWW (World Three) organization from releasing the Zero Virus into cyberspace. He does this by battling through platforming levels and defeating bosses in a cyberspace which looks suspiciously similar to previous Mega Man settings in not-cyberspace. The game retains many of the RPG aspects of Battle Network, such as the use of battle chips for attacks.


Best Good Ending time: Single-segment 1:06:51 by 'doicm' on 2012-03-22.

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Author's comments:

For the past couple of years, I have been checking on this site for a speed run for this game. However, I never found any. I also searched Youtube and Google for speed runs of this game. Nothing. I didn't know this game was that obscure. I had played with the idea of doing a run for this, but didn't have the expertise or equipment...yet.

A few months ago, I searched on google once again, and I found that a speed run had been attempted for this game. I thought it would take 3 hours to do a speed run for this game initially, but I saw someone do it in less than 2 hours! I watched it and studied it. I then attempted my own speed run.

After the first run attempt (about 1:40:00), I checked on the forums here and found out that someone had almost sub 1:30:00. I was able to make use of the strategies posted on the thread. I implemented some of my own strategies...and here is the result.

Many thanks to SDA for providing a speed running community that provides so much entertainment and insight into my gaming life. Also many thanks to Zyre, Garlyle, Blkyoshi, and others who provided extremely helpful strats for compiling this run. Also, a HUGE thanks to nate for lending me the capture card (easycap) compatible with norichan for recording this run. I hope it doesn't disappoint too much.

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did running it.



----FireMan---- (4:48)

Before starting the first level, I preset the Bubbler chip. Automatically, you get Cannon and V-Gun chips in your first set, regardless of whether you have a preset chip or not. I need the 2 Bubbler chips to take off half of FireMan's HP. I also skip the HPMemory at the beginning (not necessary if I plan on not getting hit). MemUPs, however, are essential to have, so I pick up one on the way. FireMan goes down easy.

----GutsMan---- (10:13)

Preset Cannon. I take the upper path at the beginning, because it's quicker and I don't need the extra Zenny. However, I need 5,000 Zenny by the end of the level. To get the most Zenny, I need a good ranking against GutsMan. Better ranking = more Zenny. Skip another HPMemory to save time. Grab a MemUP because it's essential. Halfway through, I preset Minibombs to OHKO the Spikey. I preset the Minibombs and give myself enough time in between to preset Sword before or during GutsMan. I get my first PowerUP here. I use Sword to quickly dispose of GutsMan and get a good ranking.

----NeedleMan---- (13:47)

I use the 5,000 Zenny to buy an Unlocker and 5 Heat-V chips. I preset Cannon to use for most of the level. I also figure it to be wise to collect HPMemory's now, lest I get OHKO'd (most of the ones I get the rest of the game are on the same path as direct route). I use the Unlocker to get my second PowerUP. I then preset Heat-V (if it isn't already in my current chip selection) right before NeedleMan. 5 Heat-V's = NeedleMan deleted.

----IceMan---- (19:10)

I buy AquaArmr for 2,500 Zenny. If I don't, I run the risk of being OHKO'd by IceMan. It also protects against a majority of the enemies in his level. I also use two PowerUPs for my attack to deal more damage with my buster. I keep the 5 Heat-V's preset to collect DoubJumps from the flying penguins. I get quite a few upgrades here, including my first RegUP. I need three RegUPs before ShadowMan and LifeVirusR so that I can preset M-Cannon.
At some point before the Puffy miniboss, I preset ShockWav. This is as far as I know the cheapest and quickest way to dispose of it. Before IceMan, I preset MiniBomb to dispose of the ColdBear quickly (only takes two). IceMan goes down easy.

----QuickMan---- (21:49)

I preset Cannon, which is my main weapon for this level. I used to get the HPMemory and MemUP on the right side, but I feel it isn't necessary and wastes time. Turns out I don't need it. I do however get the RegUP here. Nothing too remarkable about the level. Dodge security beams. Kill QuickMan. Get another Roll and FstGauge from the emails. I save the FstGauge for the final level.

----BrightMan---- (24:33)

I specifically go to IceMan's and QuickMan's levels first because I need the two RegUPs to default both Spice1 and TreeBom1 for this level. I preset Spice1 for the first part. I pick up the HPMemory and the third PowerUP in this level. Normally, I preset TreeBom1 for BrightMan, but I was lucky enough to have it in my current selection already. I take safe strats for BrightMan. I think it's quicker overall to not die trying to time hitting him, forcing counter, dodging the attack, and throwing a bomb. It only takes three to take him down, and I do just that.

----ColorMan---- (28:45)

I equip and preset DoubJump to get the AquaCode quickly. I also collect my third and final RegUP. I switch back to HeatArmr for the remainder of the game, and I used my third PowerUP on attack. For ColorMan, if I want to deal extra damage, I preset my TreeBom1s. Those take off 400 HP, or over half of his life.

----ElecMan---- (32:21)

Preset DoubJump. I get my fourth and fifth PowerUPs here. DoubJumps REALLY save time here. If there is a point that I don't use DoubJump, that is because I am trying to conserve MP for ElecMan. Right before ElecMan, I preset TreeBom1. I use as many as my MP will allow. Otherwise, I use cheaper battle chips or regular buster shots to finish off ElecMan. This was probably the most difficult level to plan due to balancing MP and DoubJump skips.


Preset DoubJump. Enter Global Area 3 to activate the shortcut. Purposefully take damage to preserve MP for DoubJump. Use DoubJump to skip a majority of Outer Net. Go to Outer Net to buy last three PowerUPs. Fully upgrade attack and charge. Jack out.

Jack in to Global Area 3. DoubJump over the Spikey. Go down to collect the MystData. This is required for the Good Ending.

----SwordMan---- (39:14)

DoubJump allows you to skip half of the level. I use remaining DoubJumps to get other upgrades or skip other portions of the level. SwordMan goes down with charge shots.

----GravityMan---- (42:18)

Keep DoubJump preset. Grab as many M-Cannons as I can here. I will farm the remainder of the M-Cannons at ShadowMan's level. If I need a fourth RegUP, I can get one here easily. Use DoubJump on second half to skip small portion. I also miss out on MemUP, but I found it's unnecessary. GravityMan goes down with charge shots. He wasn't as nice on this run as he usually is, but I still do well enough.

----StarMan---- (46:00)

I don't know why, but I have problems with StarMan. I keep DoubJump preset to skip a good portion in the first part. In the second part, I preset Heat-V's to take out the Yart miniboss. StarMan goes down with charge shots. Sometimes he's nice. Sometimes he's...not. He...wasn't nice this time. Not my best, but the run is still going so well!

----Zero---- (49:01)

I was very happy when I discovered this strategy. The other speed run strats I saw relied on having the Z-Canon PA for this, but this often relied on getting Cannon, HiCannon, and M-Cannon all in the same current list. However, that takes a LOT of time unless you're extremely lucky. Instead of this, I buy 5 Barrier chips from Higsby for 2,500 Zenny total. These protect against the unavoidable super attack that Zero does. Otherwise, I lose 300 HP. =P

I preset DoubJump for entering Zero Account. During the Zero battle, if I see him prepping his super attack (during which he is invincible), I preset Barrier and use that ASAP. He only uses two here. I lose a little bit of time, but I don't die. He goes down with charge shots.

I've done runs where either he doesn't use his super attack or he used it as many as four times. 5 Barrier chips is safe to have on hand.


Read email from Yai. I don't read the email from Zero, since I don't need the Zero chip. Go to Undernet. Jack out automatically.

----PharaohMan---- (55:40)

Preset DoubJump. Get to Outer Net and talk to NumberMan for whatever remaining upgrades Zenny can buy. Use remainder of DoubJumps to get through beginning of PharaohMan. Preset Barrier (since I have them) to save time and damage. PharaohMan can either be nice or ugly. If he doesn't summon Rattys, he's nice. Otherwise, I hope I have something to take out the Rattys quick. Fortunately, I do. The reason the Rattys are a pain is because I rely on charged buster shots to take down PharaohMan, but the Rattys attack interrupt the charging.

----ShadowMan---- (59:04)

Preset DoubJump. This is where I farm the remaining M-Cannons, since there are two Canodumb3s right next to each other. Pretty straightforward. Preserve MP before ShadowMan to preset M-Cannon and destroy ShadowMan.

----Undernet, part 1----

Buy HalfEnrg's and whatever else I can with remaining Zenny. Preset DoubJump. Use FstGauge and skip first bit of Undernet 1 with DoubJumps. If I have Barriers also in my list, it makes getting through this first part much faster. However, I don't have the luck to have them here, and I end up taking time to use HalfEnrgs. Preset M-Cannon and equip it (Custom Gauge should be filled right now because of FstGauge). On the Firewall, I destroy the top cannon with M-Cannons, and I destroy the bottom with buster shots. Destroy core with mix of charged shots and M-Cannons.

----Undernet, part 2----

Boss Gauntlet...well, it could've been better, but I mainly use charged shots on these.


M-Cannon is essential for this. It's easy to collect, and it is helpful in taking down LifeVirusR's barrier. The Core's bubbles reduce HP to 1, regardless if you are at 1 HP or not already. However, direct contact with the core deals 300 HP damage. Taken down with charged buster shots.


Enjoy the good ending!

I kept this run because of luck in some levels in my chip selection and not having to take time to preset.

Can it be improved? Certainly! If you have very good luck in chip selection and can avoid taking time to preset, there is your ace in the hole. If someone else can get sub 1:00:00 on this game, I would very much enjoy seeing it. Good luck!

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