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Mega Man X was released in December 1993. At the time it shocked Mega Man fans by not including Dr. Wily! The reason is that it takes place a century later than the NES Mega Man games, with 'Mega Man X' fighting the reploids, copies of his design, who have gone maverick, and their leader, Sigma.


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Single-segment 0:32:57 by Sattik Ghosh.

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Author's comments:

This run sparkles.

<@MrSparkle> I dont got useful stuff to say, so i will leave you all be

<@MrSparkle> I'd want to make a cool widget type thing like some keygens you see out there
<@MrSparkle> each time you hit generate outcome it would play the scream from when the sprout come up

<Vugmer> Who thinks it's a good idea to ship four NES games with manuals and maps in a fucking barely-big-enough bubble envelope?
<MrSparkle> whos thr shipper
<MrSparkle> the people that stuff item in wrappers all day
<MrSparkle> people down thier necks to shove that package
<MrSparkle> the kind of man that does not donate at charities would say that

<@MrSparkle> make a graph
<@MrSparkle> with each fram for the X axis
<@MrSparkle> y axis speed
<@MrSparkle> same with sidehopping, backwalking?, and SS on ice
<@MrSparkle> also how the values are effected with boots
<@MrSparkle> ive never tried a iron boots ss
<@MrSparkle> Cosmo you understand

<@MrSparkle> argh saw another smashed spider
<@MrSparkle> I told my dad I don't mind spiders in my room :|
<@MrSparkle> but still he goes on smashing tours through the house

<@MrSparkle> google is a hentai site
<@MrSparkle> no?

<@MrSparkle> [05:30] <@Jiano> to,mp[a
<@MrSparkle> wow dude
<@MrSparkle> you tend to type pretty well

<unreal> whos the ultimate zelda god
<@MrSparkle> me
<@ZFG> kazooie
<@MrSparkle> it take s agod to keep this room running
<@MrSparkle> with all you spammers

<LigerOfFortune> linktetra i think i speak for everyone when i say i dont get what you just said
<LigerOfFortune> lol
<LinkTetra> sorry it is just YaBB foten gives me a lot of trouble
<vgmrsepitome> Still not following you, Titra.
<LigerOfFortune> give it equal trouble
<LinkTetra> does it happen to others? Some days a strig works some doays it does not it seems
<LinkTetra> oh well
(LinkTetra = MrSparkle)

<LinkTetra> What did I do to make myslef appear feminin? Or is this not based on anything I did, nessesarily?

<MrSparkle> I can fit 6 quarters in my nose

<@MrSparkle> soon is less than 4 hours from now, most fo the time

<MrSparkle> bsidwell i said this before, that boob climbing has uses in speedrunning

<@MrSparkle> 'finely calculated dick dangle algorithms'

[05:28] <BUSHU> guys
[05:28] <BUSHU> ejaculating on your chest is a really strange thing to do
[05:34] <MrSparkle> do unto other as you would do unto yourself
[05:34] <MrSparkle> or something
[05:36] <ShadowJacky> ...
[05:39] <MrSparkle> work with me

<MrSparkle> new pants are nice, but not new zippers

<@MrSparkle> DO DOOOO
<@MrSparkle> DO DO DO DODODO
<@MrSparkle> DO DO DOOO

<MrSparkle> I got balls

<@MrSparkle> I'm jamming to WW music
<@MrSparkle> I'm jamming to dragon roost islabd music
<@MrSparkle> I'm jamming to hamtaro music Sad
<@MrSparkle> I'm jamming to gits music
<@MrSparkle> jamming to Cosmo's song
<@MrSparkle> jammin to dark world
<@MrSparkle> jamming to new st trailer again
<@MrSparkle> jammin to kratos theme
<@MrSparkle> jamminf to pm music
<@MrSparkle> jammin to st music
<@MrSparkle> I've been jammin to black eyed peas lately
<@MrSparkle> gonna startjamming
<@MrSparkle> I'm jamming to my 40MB flac atm
<@MrSparkle> I was jamming to a 40 MB flac earlier today
<@MrSparkle> jammin to geass music
<@MrSparkle> I'm jamming to a 500 MB flac
<@MrSparkle> jammin to flac symphonia music!
<@MrSparkle> jammin to rurouni kenshin
<@MrSparkle> jammin to death note music
<@MrSparkle> jammin to dark world
<@MrSparkle> jammin to bleach
<@MrSparkle> jammin to geass
<@MrSparkle> jammin to laputa music
<@MrSparkle> still a jammin
<@MrSparkle> jammin to water temple
<@MrSparkle> jammin to silversun
<@MrSparkle> jammin to oot rearranged
<@MrSparkle> Zero I'm jammin to dn muisc
<@MrSparkle> jammin to one wing angel
<@MrSparkle> jammin to dbz music

<MrSparkle> the ceo of mcdonalds works for mcdonalds

<MrSparkle> we are discussing
<MrSparkle> yeah
<MrSparkle> horrible human injustices back in my mother country
<MrSparkle> gtfo complain to them!
<MrSparkle> go hit your head on hard things
<MrSparkle> and don;t you dare get mad here, take it to the admins

<MrSparkle> adult activities
<MrSparkle> adults do some terrible things
<MrSparkle> more then most shootings involve adults
<MrSparkle> wars? mainly adults fighting them

<MrSparkle> change is what makes us grow, but also what destroys us

<@MrSparkle> I said this long ago, change is what gets a group big, change is also when ultimatemy destroys the group

<MrSparkle> the stream is still going
<MrSparkle> but more importantly, fire your bestemotional support at me getting this jar open
<MrSparkle> since thats all you can really do over irc

<MrSparkle> what travels faster, sound or the sunset
<MrSparkle> at what latitudes do they equal?
<MrSparkle> idk, assuming middle fo the summer for norther hemisphere
<MrSparkle> since day night times vary

Thanks to SDA! Listen to the audio commentary if you want more info.

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AIM - goldenlightning7
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100% 0:35:47 by 'Luiz Miguel'.

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Author's comments:

Hello this is Mega Man X 100% (99% luck + 1% skill) Speed Run
My main motivation to do this run was to beat Caleb's 35:53, which was the world record at the time and "everyone" kept saying it was unbeatable lol
So I didn't even change the route.
It took painful 4 months of attempts... Also the fact I didn't have game saver made it harder for me to practice Sigma Stages.

Now for the run commentary full of memes and bad jokes:

"pff wanted to see some full runs, only resets.. im leaving bye"

-Chill Penguin
the snowstorm was so intense I couldn't see anything outside of the cave/boss room

-Boomer Kuwanger
good stage, got all gap jumps I wanted (even though I have slipped in 3rd lol)
also missed a double kick and one dash in platform

-Storm Eagle
got good luck in eagle fight but did the worst execution ever

-Flame Mammoth
got hit intentionally on both shield enemies in the end, this was RNG manipulation for Sigma Stages :)

-Sting Chameleon
perfect miniboss luck, but after getting the heart I did so many extra wall jumps on purpose to waste my time

-Spark Mandrill
rip nrg hallway

-Heart Revisit
I was supposed to kill all bats to save lag frames, but instead I missed c.sting making more lag lol
and missed one dash before the last slope

-Armored Armadillo
ok just after heart was really shitty execution

-Launch Octopus
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

-Hadouken Revisits
lost some time missing the ice in wall then getting hit in bat lol

-Sigma Stage 1
tried to do 2 gap jumps and missed rip... also... "FRAME PERFECT SPIDER HADOUKEN HOLY SHIT! OMG! MOST EDGED PIXEL EVER! YESSSSSSSSSS!"

-Sigma Stage 2
dude nice gap jumps, I just missed the last but forgive me, this one is very hard
finally got good luck in "LAMBDA BAMBDA"

-Sigma Stage 3
good speedrun

the shield when I enter the door is for RNG manipulation

That's it... Expect a better run someday with another route and hopefully better luck on Octopus Fight.
Also for sure next run will not be that bright lol
But for now I just want forget the existence of Penguin and Eagle.

Special Thanks: Roderlump, Zewing, Akiteru, Vanderhoekx, Hetfield90, DaniHarpia, TwitchBaldo, CalebHart42, Inflames90, Allbeert, NRGZam, CrystalUnclear, Aldueaco, Babanimx, ColonelFatso, Domalix, Theherpderp88, StarvinStruthers, Laseki and, of course, the_sid aka THE_SIDSDÄSRL™©®

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