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Released in 2000 by developer 3DO, Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer stays true to the formula that saw the series through the previous seven installments. Players assemble a band of heroes of various classes that must solve puzzles, navigate dungeons, collect items, and defeat an assortment of monsters to save the world from the denizens of the four elemental planes.

MightAndMagic8   MightAndMagic8

Note: The unofficial "Grayface" patch was used to record [some of] the runs on this page. It was accepted on the basis of being something of a compatibility fix and not introducing any clear/significant gameplay differences with extra options disabled. If it is shown there are some, this ruling may be revoked.

Best Segmented Time with Deaths: 0:14:13 by 'Snabel' on 2017-06-03 done in 16 segments appended to unknown files.

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