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In May 2002, Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the sequel to Arena and Daggerfall. Fresh from the Emperor's prison, you arrive in the port of Scyda Neen with nothing but the clothes on your back and a clean slate. It is up to you how you play out your role in Morrowind's history, if and how you choose to fulfill the Prophesies of the Incarnate.


Best single-segment time: 0:04:19 by Jānis 'Pendrokar' Lukss on 2010-02-06.

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Author's comments:


Here is what I can say about the run.

I used Morrowind version 1.0 for the 'constant item attribute bug' which I will explain later.

Also, I noticed that loading screens are actually animations, because when I record the game at 60 FPS the loading screen always is about 2.5 seconds long while normally playing, it is less than a half a second long(on FPS ~200+).

Constant item attribute bug: It is called "Sunder/Keening cheat" on a elder scrolls wiki, but they are wrong of how it works and also it is a bug not a cheat. You have to have a item with a constant effect and switch it with another item which takes it's place. Switching those items at rapid speed the constant effect will sometimes add up permanently. It is most easy to do with weapons because of weapon switch controls but it is also possible with any other equip-able item.

I use that bug on keening to gain an extreme amount of speed, agility, luck, fortify health and I also use it with sunder too(Strength, Endurance and Luck). With such amounts I can hit enemies with any weapon no matter the skill level and they can never hit me with a melee attack. Also sneak attacks have a high chance of succeeding dealing 4x damage. The Fortify health also protects me from damage done by 'mortal wound'.

Potions: No matter how much speed I have I cannot be faster than something that is instant teleportation with mark and recall. Levitation potion just goes along so I'd have better manoeuvrability.

Choice of weapon: In Odrosal I have a choice between four dwarven weapons - Spear, Halberd, Claymore and Battle Axe. One of which I need to kill Dagoth Vemyn and also to do earlier described bug. I choose the Halberd because it's closer, does more damage than spear, faster speed than an axe or claymore, and has a longer range of effect in case the target starts moving.

Sellus Gravius: I skip his office by jumping through the wall. Since I haven't given him the needed papers I don't receive the option to save games.

Vemynal: I cannot end levitation so I can't do a critical hit on Dagoth Vemyn which would lower needed hits by 4.

Dagoth Ur: Since levitation ends I just do one sneak attack to kill him. I could switch weapons some more until sunder has enough strength to kill him in one hit but the switching confuses me while doing it...

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