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This is Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee all over again, but bigger and with 299 Mudokon slaves to free. It is definitely New and Tasty thanks to the new engine, and almost as broken as the original game.

NewAndTasty   NewAndTasty

Best Single-segment, Hard Difficulty Time with Deaths, Resets: 0:21:37 by Sam 'Samtastic' Locke on 2016-04-26

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Author's comments:

Welcome to my new and improved any% single segment with Deaths and Resets.

This run improved my published run here on SDA and this run managed to get a sub 21 in-game time and now the in-game time is 20:18. I checked the in-game times on Livesplit. 20:12 time shown at the end of this video was a run which I did in Decmeber 2015 but the RTA time was bad due to number of the re-starts in The Boardroom. My RTA time with loads for this run is 23:39.

This run introduces small improvements which include:
-A new way to skip the first screen transition in the Monsaic Lines.
-A new way to jump over the wall in Monsaic Lines.
-A teleport glitch at the end of the Paramonian Temple after completing all the rooms.
-A glitch in the Stockyards Return which takes you to a different location which saves time due to how close Abe is to the door.
-A better Boardroom time. Made a mistake towards the end but this run is smooth all the way through.

I am currently working on Single Segment Abe's Exoddus which the route itself will be slower than my current segmented run (because it's difficult to get perfect RNG all round) but it will be worth the attempts and worth the submission.

Thanks for watching my run. Any questions? You can contact me on the SDA Forums.

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