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Out of This World is a unique game released in November 1992 for Super Nintendo and other platforms around the same time. The game was developed almost entirely by one person: Eric Chahi. Take the role of the physics professor Lester Knight Chaykin, who accidentally transported himself to another planet. Make friends with an alien slave, face death at any moment, and try to figure out the confusing ending.


Best time: 0:17:20 by Christopher 'Lokarin' Albert on 2006-01-24.

Author's comments:

My goal for this run was to finish the game with 1 death in under 18:30. This goal was easy to complete, but it didn't have the reviews I would have liked. So my new goal became no deaths in under 18 minutes... and happily I completed this goal... by a lot. This is my first speedrun and therefor my first commentary, so please send me any feedback on the run or commentary. Send using the Private message here at SDA or commentin the Out of This World forum here at SDA older or at GameFAQS...

Now, for in game tricks:
Section 1 (The Intro)
This section is very simple, I walk off the edges of the screen to use the screen change as a way to syncronize my jumps.

Section 2 (The Jail to the "vents")
There is a door right away you can jump through... I did so quite easily. There is another trick where you can jump into the wall, come back, and your buddy will spawn faster. This would have left the bounds and I didn't do that particular trick

Section 3 (The Vents and the Pit)
I use the sound of the vents, on the third 'poof' (because of audio lag) I hold left and successfully exit the vents. Section 4 is too short to have any real signifigance.

Section 4 (The entire caves section)
This area is quite hellish to run, due to how precise your jumps must be. However, which much practice I memorized the places needed to jump.

Section 5 (Infiltration)
This area is quite fun, after some combat zones I take a short swim and engages the dreaded GREEN MAN... I wasn't able to do the super jump available in the TSA, however I think you'll find my solution quite entertaining

Section 6 (Hasty Exit)
From the moment you drop into the tunnel and make it to the ship you run for your life. I use a game error to complete the last room without getting hit. The next sections I do near flawlessly. I didn't go as fast as I would have liked in the coleseum, but it's only a few frames of loss.

Section 7 (Finale)
This section is so hard that I turned the password to get here into an obsenity... I use the gun trick to keep from getting shot in the second room. After that its a clean run until the ending

Well, I hope you all enjoy watching this run as much as I enjoyed running it.


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