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Étranges Libellules S.A. made this mixedly received cartoon homage in 2002 as their second full production. The Panther has to find who holds the key required for progress through the metaquest and purloin it. The in-between is reserved for barreling headfirst down train tracks or finding unfortunate boss weakpoints.

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Single-segment: 0:14:23 by 'wesen'

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Author's comments:

Overall a quite good run.

Level comments (the numbers refer to the order in which I played the levels):

Level 1: No mistakes here, this level was played very good.

Level 3: No mistakes done in this level either.

Level 4: A few mistakes happened here:

1. Right at the beginning I needed to turn around two times to get through the box. It is possible to do it with only one time so I lost about a second at this part.

2. On the platform below the key, I failed to land on the small pillar which was a time loss of about 1 second.

3. Going back through the closed door after stealing the key can be done faster. Two turn arounds is possible, maybe even only one.

Level 2: Took the safe route near the end and lost 0,5 seconds at most because of it.

Level 5: A perfect pattern and good execution.

Level 6: Glitching through the stone block next to the beginning was slow and I lost 2 to 3 seconds there. Other than that the level was played very good.

Level 7: A lot of tripping, lost 0,5 to 1 seconds.

Level 8: Very good played, no mistakes here.

Level 9: No mistakes here as this level is only 5 seconds long.

Reach Level 10 door: This part was horrible. I failed the furnace glitch so bad that I lost 7+ seconds here. After that I was a bit demotivated which you might notice in the rest of the run.

Level 10: Got hit once and lost about a second because of that hit.

Level 11: Some small mistakes and I failed to jump from the bin to the upper platform once. Lost about 3 seconds in this level.

Level 12: Thanks to my slow furnace glitch I was able to stay calm here and got a ok time in this level. Some RNG based time loss because of the enemy blocking the way to the bomb.


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Level Time Date Player(s)
The Luxitania 0:01:41 2016-10-01 'wesen'
The Railway Line 0:00:57 2016-10-03 'wesen'
The Construction Site, Part 1 0:01:14 2016-10-04 'wesen'
Egypt 0:01:22 2016-10-02 'wesen'
The Greenhouse 0:00:27 2016-08-31 'wesen'
The Stone Age 0:00:48 2016-10-03 'wesen'
The Ice Rink 0:00:57 2016-08-28 'wesen'
Dracula's Castle 0:01:17 2016-09-10 'wesen'
The Dinosaur 0:01:01 2016-09-09 'wesen'
The Construction Site, Part 2 0:00:58 2016-09-09 'wesen'
The Gangster's Lair 0:01:04 2016-09-27 'wesen'
The Attic 0:00:50 2016-10-03 'wesen'
The Luxitania (0:01:41)
Touched the information sign accidentally. Will improve this level later.
The Railway Line (0:00:57)
Very good, no tripping.
The Construction Site, Part 1 (0:01:14)
Very good, sub 1:06,50 is probably possible.
Egypt (0:01:22)
Very good, the onliest mistake was when I went through the hidden door again and wasn't moving for a moment. Other than that the level was played near perfectly.
The Greenhouse (0:00:27)
I got the perfect pattern and the level was very well played.
The Stone Age (0:00:48)
Very well done.
The Ice Rink (0:00:57)
Very good, tripped only one time at a part where I have to jump anyways because of the enemy.
         The time loss was less than 0,1 seconds probably.
Dracula's Castle (0:01:17)
Very good record. Can maybe slightly be improved by jumping earlier from the wooden platform with the ghost near the end of the run.
The Dinosaur (0:01:01)
The Construction Site, Part 2 (0:00:58)
Very good, no tripping and perfect route.
The Gangster's Lair (0:01:04)
Glitching through the "Jack's Club" door was slow,I lost 2 seconds there. 
          I also know of a hidden window that can save about 8 seconds, unfortunately I don't know how to reach it consistently.
The Attic (0:00:50)
One jump failed which cost about 1 second. Everything else was fine.

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